20 January 2009

The support for opposition was REAL

“It is just a minor setback,” says Najib in denial when asked to comment on the BN defeat in Kuala Terengganu.

What else can he say? It’s a political answer and we understand that too well.

The result is the follow through of 8th March 2008 General Election and proved that the good support of PR in that election was no coincidence. That was an actual support and it was no fluke.

Our party leaders are like mad dogs barking and wailing aloud without knowing even a bit of what they are saying when being confronted with humiliating defeat like this.

On the other hand, PAS has leaders who are more level-headed and call for its members not to celebrate as it may injure the feelings of the losing party and their followers.

That quality statement by PAS leaders really reflects to the eyes of the voting public that the party is already well-prepared and fit to be the alternative for the Malays and the Muslims who are in the search for the party which can be their political sanctuary.

All Malays need an alternative party since UMNO is just an exclusive club meant for the rich and the famous where they conduct business with easiness and solve their business tribulations at the expense of the people in particular the ordinary members.

Too many Malays think that UMNO is already a pest to them. Their beliefs in UMNO are fading as they are not consulted for whatever the party wants to do.

Too many UMNO leaders are getting rich far too fast and too massive and that was the reason why there were too many sirens whistling around in Kuala Terengganu which made the voters feel disgusted.

“Menyampah aku, orang UMNO yang datang dari luar bukan nak kempen tapi tunjuk kereta besar dan bercakap besar. Anak saya pun ada kereta macam tu kat KL,” kata seorang yang sebaya dengan saya melalui telefon.

“Apa dia orang pikir kita orang Terengganu ni bangsat sangat ke?” tambahnya marah.

They believe the money spent lavishly by outsiders especially from KL is all their money which they solicit through corrupt practices and misuse of power.

They know those leaders who drive big and fleshy cars in Kuala Terengganu have tiny brains but have to be showy about what they have to cover all their defective else.

UMNO leaders were more focused on campaigning for party elections than campaigning for the by-election and some UMNO leaders themselves were saying in the open that chances for us to be defeated in Kuala Terengganu was promising.

The visible presence of over 4000 police personnel was another contributory factor that made the voters having contemptuous feelings towards the ruling party.

All in all BN committed fumbles after fumbles in the effort to retain the seat which they won slimly in the last General Election which in the end brought the tides against them.

One of Najib’s supporters today calls everyone not to blame Najib for the defeat as Wan Ahmad Farid was nominated by Abdullah Badawi.

What kind of statement was that? It only shows how shallow his political acumen is. But I have been told that even if Najib managed to put up his candidate he is going to lose as well, because the rejection of the voters is because of UMNO itself.

This statement clearly reflects UMNO does not have the fitting attitude towards its struggles. Now we can hear members in Terengganu blaming each other for the defeat and that is UMNO of today.

They cannot accept that Wan Farid was UMNO’s candidate and they should be collectively responsible whoever nominated him. This attitude has been the norms these days and that brings UMNO to this unmitigated problem as they are not united.

My opinion that UMNO should be reconstituted is conclusive. That is the only choice available to save the party, or else UMNO is certain to become history.

It may sound hurting, but what else can I say? Trust me, I am saying it with my heart.

Thanks……………………………………Aspan Alias

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