25 May 2017

Najib truly believes that we Malaysians only have either sand, mud or dried cow dungs in our heads

Our Najib's ruling leaders claim that there is no mismanagement, no corruptions, not swindling no cheating and of course no stealing of funds in 1MDB, SRC and other agencies that lose money in tens of billions of dollars. But 1MDB, SRC Felda and the rest of used to be cash-laden agencies were losing heavily and their money evaporates through thin air in tens of billions of dollars.

Now, where are those huge sums of money have gone to? Why are there too many banks officers in various banks those handles the workings on 1MDB cash were all found guilty and went to jail and have to pay hefty penalties for dealing dubiously with 1MDB goings-on? some were losing their jobs in the banks for conspiring with the world's most famous state sovereign fund steered and managed by the PM himself.

Why were they being charged and convicted for the dealings dealing with the 1MDB and SRC dealings? Now let us Malaysians do just a light introspection with ourselves, do we believe the denial by Najib and the rest of his foot-soldiers claims that there were no wrongdoings surrounding 1MDB issues?

No wrong doings, 1MDB is making money as they claim and there is no corruptions and what not. Then why are the rakyat being burdened by these dubious decisions by 1MDB and their leaders? Why do we have to pay 1MDB debts if there is no loss and plundering in the so-called Malaysian wealth funds?  

Najib and the rest expect us to believe everything they say. They perceive that all Malaysians especially the Malays don’t have even a bit of gray matters in their heads. They think we Malaysians are having only mud or sand in our heads. To some others among their supporters even think that we Malaysians have only dried cow dungs in our heads. Even leaders young and old in his Cabinet graduating from first-class universities in the world succumb to his whim and fancies and amuse the undeserving PM without a qualm. 

That's why the robbing and plundering of Malaysian coffers were perpetually practiced by these leaders.

07 May 2017

No more pest-like leaders please, enough is enough

I earnestly believe that the PPBM is making inroads in most of the Umno stronghold and the chance for the newly minted party to succeed is looming. However the success is very conditional. If Umno knows how to arrest the advancement of this party as the alternative to Umno, the party will find its chances to be vulnerable.

If Umno maintains the current crop of ruling leaders the advancement of the party chaired by Dr Mahathir will progress unhindered. Hence the survival of Umno is dependent on how the party manages its own presence in the current political ambience. Right now Umno is at its lowest ebb that the party will parish if nothing is done to arrest the problems and glitches of this ruling party.

Umno can circumvent the progression and encroachment to the nerves of the Malays and Malaysians in total by getting their scandalous leaders out of our politics absolutely. If Najib instantaneously resigns together with his mediocratic colleagues and foot-soldiers both in the Cabinet and the highest governing body of the party (Supreme Council), Umno will regain the confidence of the voting public and the new PPBM with crash before taking off.

For the Malays once they join Umno they will remain Umno at heart albeit the massive migration of its members to other legally existed parties in the country. Most of them left Umno because the party was hijacked by unscrupulous, deceitful, dodgy, corrupt, and devious leaders with many other dirty and murky superlatives labeled on them by the people. Their dispositions and presence are no longer exciting and worthwhile to claim trust and faith from ordinary Malaysians. The watchful Malaysians are looking at them with misgivings and unredeemable cynicism.

The crooked and kinked image of the Umno ruling leaders is at its pinnacle and there is no other way to retrieve the previous clean and mighty image of the first three PMs of this country other than to move out from the soiled perception by the people. Umno must come out clear from the grimy atmosphere to more satisfactory environment.

The people want different atmosphere absolutely and the only way is to move on to this new environment. However as long as the current leaders are still hanging around on power there won’t be any change of the situation. Malaysians of all races would be perpetually in the environment of improbability and uncertainty. This feeling of inconceivability would certainly be followed by perennial split among the ordinary people like we have to-date. We are splitting in every turf and arena. The fragmentations have been so serious along racial and religious lines as well as inter and intra-parties in political fraternity and we are now lowly perceived by international community who recognize us as a hub of corrupt and fraudulent goings-on nation.

As a result Malaysians are now active in soul-searching and introspection and it was lot easier to believe that the current ruling elites will be sidelined via dumping the ruling party to ashes in the coming General Election than to self-coaxing and made-believe that the ruling party is still raptly formidable. There are limits to patience and endurance as such that the people have to chuck away the party just to do away with the obstinate and their adamantly stubborn and desolate leaders.

Hence the future of Umno and other ruling parties within the BN coalition is fully the responsibility of the current leader Najib. It’s conclusive that Umno will have reasonable chances of surviving without him but if he chooses to bring along the party falling together with him he can fix himself tight to the premiership.

BUT for certain majority of Malaysians do not want a pest-like leader who is backed by loafers to rule them any longer. Enough is enough. 

19 April 2017

Menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu, dendam kesumat jangan dibawa mati

Teruja pula untuk menulis sambungan kepada posting saya semalam kerana keadaan dan situasi politik negara terlalu meruncing disebabkan pimpinan masing-masing parti politik tidak mempunyai keupayaan untuk memimpin secara baik dan berdedikasi dengan perjuangan parti pimpinan mereka. Baik disebelah kerajaan dan pihak alternative masing-masing parti dipimpin oleh pemimpin utama yang bermasalah atau parti-parti itu sendiri yang bertindak tidak menyerupai apa yang mereka sebut dan laungkan sebagai perjuangan mereka.

Itu sebab acap kali saya menyebut dalam posting-posting saya yang lalu bahawa perjuangan rakyat sekarang bukan perjuangan mana-mana parti politik yang mahukan kuasa atau mempertahankan kuasa tapi perjuangan sekarang adalah perjuangan budaya buruk parti-parti politik yang lebih besar lagi masalah nya ialah dengan pemimpin utama mereka.

Umno bermasalah dengan pucuk pimpinannya Mohd Najib yang disertai oleh pimpinan tertinnginya baik dari Timbalannya, Naib-naibnya serta keseluruhan kepimpinan tertinggi parti itu. PAS bermasalah dengan pucuk pimpinan Hadi Awang yang amat dicurigai kemampuan untuk melaksanakan apa yang partinya perjuangkan.

PKR akan lebih mantap lagi jika Anwar tiada lagi memimpin parti itu dan terus bersara kerana Azmin secara relatifnya boleh dan berkemampuan untuk memimpin parti itu dengan lebih efektif lagi. Masing-masing parti terlalu sibuk untuk mempertahankan individu pemimpin dan pertelagahan yang begitu serius menyebabkan parti-parti tersebut sentiasa mempunyai masalah dan itu menyebabkan rakyat yang serius dalam membuat pilihan tidak begitu mudah untuk membuat keputusan.

Kita harus mengakui bahawa imej sesebuah parti itu bergantung kepada pucuk pimpinannya. Parti-parti politik dinegara ini terlalu sinonim dengan nama pemimpin utama mereka. Dalam bab ini setiap parti tanpa ada yang terkecuali mempunyai masalah peribadi yang sangat besar maka ia menjadikan politik itu menjadi kelam kabut untuk mempertahankan imej parti masing-masing disamping membuat serangan terhadap parti lawan yang juga mempunyai masalah dengan pucuk pimpinan masing-masing.

Itu sebabnya saya berulang kali menyatakan yang pucuk pimpinan mana-mana parti wajar wajar mempunyai imej yang tidak tercalar dengan rekod buruk dan rekod criminal yang besar bagi memudahkan rakyat membuat pilihan yang betul. Rakyat sudah jemu memilih pucuk pimpinan yang mempunyai rekod negative kerana masalah yang telah diselesaikan akan diganti dengan pemimpin lain yang mempunyai baggage yang besar walaupun baggage itu dalam bentuk yang berlainan.

Kita wajar mencari pimpinan yang ‘upright’ yang sedikit sebanyak boleh diterima oleh semua pihak bagi membawa situasi politik negara ini kepada ‘ambience’ dan ‘environment’ yang berlainan agar rakyat dapat melupakan masalah-masalah yang besar yang lalu.

Merintasi pertelingkahan yang besar tidak akan menghentikan perpecahan. Jika kita ceduk kata-kata Dr Mahathir sendiri satu ketika dahulu, ‘yang menang tidak akan menang semua dan yang kalah tidak akan kalah semua’ itu membawa kita berfikir yang situasi politik dini hari wajar mencari calon kompromi untuk menggantikan Najib yang amat wajar bersara kerana ibu kepada masalah negara sekarang adalah disebabkan oleh beliau kesalahan ayng beliau lakukan sendiri.

Semua pihak akhirnya akan keletihan berperang mulut dan kata mengata yang tidak ada penghujungnya. Calon kompromi amat perlu dalam keadaan sekarang ini. Apa yang rakyat perlukan bagi meredakan keadaan dan situasi politik sekarang ini ia memerlukan seorang pemimpin teknokrat dan berpengalaman dalam politik serta mempunyai sifat bertimbang rasa kepada semua pihak.

Kalau kita mahu mendengar nasihat orang tua-tua dulu-dulu, ‘kalau tua itu tunjukkan tuanya, kalau muda tunjukkan mudanya’.

Kita tidak patut menafikan yang pilihanraya kali ini merupakan pilihanraya yang paling sengit yang kita belum pernah melalui nya dan ia lebih berbahaya lagi dari pilihanraya 1969 yang telah membawa pergaduhan antara kaum yang merupakan titik hitam dalam sejarah merdeka negara kita.

Apabila dua pihak yang berperang dengan hebat nya tidak ada sesiapa yang menang; yang menang hanyalah nafsu itu sahaja yang berjaya memporak perandakan kita sesama kita. Yang menang menjadi arang dan yang kalah menjadi abu, kata perbilangan melayu kita yang tidak lekang dek panas dan tidak reput dek hujan itu.

Maka mahu tidak mahu negara perlu mencari seorang pemimpin yang boleh meredakan suhu politik yang terlalu tinggi hari ini dan ia akan terus tinggi walau siapa dan pihak mana yang menang sekali pun atau kalah sekali pun.

Jangan ambil ringan dalam hal perpecahan yang amat meruncing pada hari ini. Slogan ‘untuk bangsa agama dan negara’ yang dilaungkan oleh pemimpin kita tidak membawa apa-apa makna kerana bangsa-bangsa di negara ini sudah berpecah, agama sudah hilang kesuciannya oleh kerana politik sempit pemimpin-pemimpin yang berjiwa fakir dan dan membawa negara dalam keadaan yang terumbang ambing.

Kepada ‘warlords-warlords’ politik, jangan meninggalkan dunia ini dengan membawa sekali sifat-sifat dendam kesumat yang amat kotor itu bersama kamu ke liang lahat.

Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada gunanya lagi…..

18 April 2017

Umno berniaga bermodalkan negara PAS berniaga bermodalkan agama dan serbannya

Malaysia adalah satu-satunya negara  dalam mana sebahagian besar rakyat yang bercakap politik setiap masa dan di mana-mana. Tidak kira di mana, di rumah ibadah, di majlis kenduri, di kedai-kedai dan warung-warung kopi dan di setiap pelosok negara.  Mereka yang bercakap dan berdebat politik itu terdiri dari setiap golongan masyarakat, sama-ada penyokong-penyokong parti-parti politik, penggerak-penggerak NGO, anak-anak dara dan janda-janda, yang tua dan yang muda atau yang masih bergigi atau yang sudah rongak, malahan semua nya bercakap dan berdebat hal politik yang tidak berkesudahan.

Di tambah pula dengan kejatuhan ekonomi negara sekarang ini dalam mana yang berniaga sudah ramai yang tutup kedai dan gulung tikar dan sudah mempunyai banyak masa untuk bercakap tentang politik untuk menghabiskan masa sebelum pulang kerumah untuk tidur. Besok sambung lagi kerana malam sebelumnya sudah cukup tidur dan sudah mempunyai tenaga baru untuk bercakap politik laghi.

Tetapi tidak kurang ramainya rakyat yang sudah jemu dan mual dengan keadaan ini. Gulungan ini menumpukan masa mereka untuk duduk diam diri dan hanya mendengar setakat yang mereka mampu mendengarnya dan kembali juga kerumah dan mereka ini tidak ada siapa yang tahu apa yang mereka lakukan dirumah. Gulungan ini selalu amat membenci dengan keadaan dan situasi yang membosankan mereka ini.

Mereka dari gulungan ini sentiasa memerhatikan gelagat penggiat politik dan pemimpin-pemimpin mereka, tidak kira mereka dari parti kerajaan mahu pun dari parti-parti pembangkang. Dalam waktu yang sama mereka melihat secara ‘parallel’ nya banyak NGO bercambah dengan melakukan kegiatan-kegiatan yang berbaur politik dan mengtahakik isu-isu ekonomi dan social negara serta menyelitkan elemen keakuan dikalangan mereka untuk mendapat perhatian ramai.

Apabila sampai situasi di tahap ini kita melihat dengan jelas yang parti kerajaan sekarang begitu terdesak dan pemimpin-pemimpinnya terutamanya Perdana Menteri Yang bercakap tidak berpandukan kepada sifat kepimpinan yang sepatutnya berciri ‘magnanimity’ yang tinggi tetapi sebaliknya membuat kenyataan yang dibenci rakyat dan di selangi yang berbentuk komedi yang menggelikan hati mereka yang sentiasa berfikir dan memerhati tindak tanduk mereka.

Perdana Menteri pun tidak bercakap tentang kepentingan rakyat terbesar tetapi hanya memberikan tumpuan kepada mereka yang menyokong mereka sahaja dan ini menunjukkan betapa terdesak nya mereka ini untuk terus di beri mandate memimpin bagi mereka terus bercakap dan menunjukkan kelucuan mereka dihadapan khalayak ramai dan di media-media letronik milik mereka.

Akhirnya situasi sekarang sudah sampai ketahap yang amat memalukan rakyat dan mereka sudah tidak lagi mampu untuk memilih yang mana satu yang betul dan mana yang salah.

Bayangkan sahajalah yang melakukan rasuah dan rompakan sekarang bercakap tentang agama dan adat serta budaya. Yang telah merompak hasil negara untuk kepentingan isteri dan keluarga mereka bercakap tentang dosa pahala serta berbicara tentang isu-isu memajukan negara dan kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Rakyat. Mereka tidak menyedari yang perasuah yang tidak tahu berhenti melakukan nya adalah penderhaka (treason) kepada negara.

Parti yang berlandaskan agama tidak lagi mahu menentang keaiban pemimpin-pemimpin yang berkuasa yang sedang begitu ghairah berasuah malah mereka bekerja sama untuk mempertahankan penggiat rasuah dan mereka yang menyalahgunakan kuasa sekarang ini. Dulu mereka menganggap Umno itu kafir sekarang sudah disucikan mereka. Umno pula dulu menganggap PAS itu parti ‘terrorist’ tetapi sekarang parti itu parti yang baik untuk orang Melayu dan Islam.

Landskap politik sudah berubah begitu jelas kerana DAP yang dianggap sebagai parti komunis oleh sesetengah pihak sekarang sudah menjadi rakan ‘seperjuangan’. DAP pula yang menganggap Umno itu juga parti rasis dan sekarang Umno sedang berlembut dan mencari rakan yang boleh dianggap sebagai pengganti Umno itu, dan membawa obor

Justru PAS yang berlandaskan kepada agama dan syariat yang sedang melanggar syariah dan undang-undang agama dengan mempertahankan kerosakan yang dibawa oleh ‘rakan baru’ nya Umno. Umno sedang merudum sokongan rakyat terhadapnya dan PAS dalam waktu yang sama sedang menghadapi krisis keyakinan ramai dikalangan orang Islam sendiri kerana lidah pemimpin yang bercabang itu. Tiada apa yang diharapkan dari PAS lagi dan jika ada pun tuntutan kita terhadap PAS itu ialah untuk meminta mereka membuka mulut mereka luas-luas untuk melihat apakah jenis lidah yang mereka ada di dalam mulut mereka itu.

Jadi kerjasama Umno dan PAS ini sesungguhnya adalah kerjasama antara dua parti yang sedang kehilangan sokongan dari rakyat ramai. Kedua-dua parti ini sedang menlaungkan sentiment perkauman dan agama dan menakut-nakutkan rakyat yang jika mereka dianjak dan dialih maka rakyat akan mengorbankan agama dan bangsanya kerana kononnya DAP akan berkuasa di negara ini. Laungan ini tentunya merupakan laungan yang menunjukkan sifat desperado UMNO dan rasa cemas parti agama yang entah mana agama yang diperjuangkan mereka.

Akhirnya agama entah kemana, kerana Islam tidak pernah memerintahkan penganutnya membenci dan mengkhianati bangsa-bangsa dan agama lain kerana mereka wujud itu juga kerana kehendak dan kejadian dari Allah tuhan semesta alam ini. Di sogok sahaja dengan wang ringgit luruh segala iman yang dilakukan mereka.

Dalam kata yang pendek Umno dan pimpinan nya berniaga dengan negara nya nya  dan dan PAS pula pemimpinnya berniaga dengan bermodalkan agama dan serbannya. Tiada langsung tindakan hasil dari gerakan Qalbi yang suci dan luhur.


16 April 2017

Malaysia Chronicle, Please stop uploading my articles!

This is a special article and message just for Malaysia Chronicle. I am deadly sick and fed-up with the conduct of Malaysia chronicle for diverting my real attention of writing. While uploading word by word of my articles Malaysia chronicle have been changing the titles of my articles it uploads, don’t know with what intention and motive stored in their mind.

I have been unable to get reached to Malaysia chronicle as such I have to resort writing it openly through this blog that you are fond of manipulating.

Malaysia chronicle…please stop uploading my articles from now on as you are very mischievous with depraved intentions.  What I have been writing were on my own views not the opinions of any other than me, let alone the opinion of any other leader or camps in the country's political fraternity. I don't represent any camp or any organisation. I am on my own.

If you want to have your opinion read by the public write your own articles and create your own editorial column but not to divert and ride on other people’s writing by toying around with the titles and headings of anyone's writeups. You may do it to the rest but not to me please.

I am exceedingly displeased with the unjust and unbecoming conduct of Malaysia chronicle by taking my softness and friendliness as weaknesses.

So Malaysia chronicle…..just stop uploading my articles from now onwards. I am just sick of your unethical disposition. I am not a hired killer (paid blogger) like few others that I know. Just leave me alone.

15 April 2017

Ganti dgn Hisham atau Zahid terus menjadi TPM akibatnya sama sahaja

Sekarang ini terlalu hebat spekulasi yang didebatkan di tempat-tempat awam: di kedai kopi, di masjid, di surau-surau dan di mana-mana tentang perlantikan Hishamuddin sebagai Menteri tugas-tugas khas di Jabatan Perdana Menteri baru-baru ini. Ada yang berpendapat yang itu merupakan satu tindakan yang lakukan untuk ‘circumvent’ Ahmad Zahid Hamidi untuk mengambil alih jawatan Perdana Menteri dari Najib. Katanya Hisham akan menjadi Perdana Menteri selepas Najib dan sebagainya.

Ramai yang berkata yang tindakan Najib ini telah membantutkan tindakan beberapa orang pemimpin yang bercita-cita besar untuk menjadi Naib Presiden dan di antara yang disebut-sebut di khalayak ramai sekarang ialah Ismail Sabri Yaacob, Khairy Jamaluddin dan Mahadzir Khalid. Yang kesemuanya adalah dari kumpulan Zahid yang akan menonjolkan Zahid sebagai Timbalan Presiden yang kekosongan dan sebagainya.

Bagi saya itu tidak mempunyai apa-apa ‘consequence’ yang besar kerana siapa pun di kalangan menteri-menteri kabinet yang akan mengambil alih Najib Umno tetap akan menghadapi cabaran yang paling getir dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang ini. Ahmad Zahid amat kuat di kalangan Umno tetapi beliau tidak mampu untuk menaikkan sokongan ramai terhadap beliau dan ia akan membawa padah kepada Umno dan BN itu. Jaguh kampung hanya berjaya menjadi kuat di kampungnya sendiri sahaja.

Hishamudin pula tidaklah mempunyai kekuatan di kalangan Umno dan tidak juga mempunyai pandangan yang tinggi dari masyarakat awam yang besar. Tetapi seperti yang saya sebutkan dalam posting saya yang lepas pimpinan Umno dan negara ini ditentukan oleh beberapa kerat ‘warlords’ dalam negara ini sahaja. Yang kuat dalam parti tidak semestinya mengambil tempat yang utama negara itu.

Sejarah telah melengkapkan pandangan ini. Hussein Onn merupakan Naib Presiden nombor tiga dalam kepimpinan parti seketika dahulu tetapi beliau akhirnya dilantik menjadi Timbalan kepada birasnya Tun Razak. Lama sebelum itu Tun Dr Ismail merupakan pemimpin yang lebih berpengaruh dari Tun Razak tetapi Tunku telah melantik Dato’ Abdul Razak untuk memberitahu Umno yang selepas beliau Razak lah yang akan mengganti beliau.

Jika terjadi pertandingan yang telah diura-urakan di antara Tun Razak dengan Tun Dr Ismail pada perhimpunan Agong 1952 dahulu ramai yang berpendapat yang Tun Ismail akan menang dalam pemilihan itu. Tetapi Tunku yang baru mengambil alih kepimpinan dari Onn Jaafar sebagai Presiden Umno telah memainkan peranan untuk tidak ada pertandingan dan akhirnya tiada lah pertandingan yang diura-urakan itu.

Dr Mahathir juga merupakan Naib Presiden yang berkedudukan yang ketiga telah dilantik oleh Hussein sebagai Timbalannya pada tahun 1976 dahulu. Begitu jua Musa Hitam merupakan Naib Presiden yang nombor tiga apabila beliau dihantukan oleh Dr Mahathir untuk bertanding dengan Tengku Razaleigh pada tahun 1981 dahulu.

Kedudukan nombor tiga di antara Naib Presiden ini, adalah satu kedudukan yang telah menjadikan seseorang itu menjadi Perdana Menteri. Abdul Gahfar Baba dan Tengku Razaleigh merupakan Naib Presiden yang popular. Ghafar dan Tengku merupakan Najib Presdiden yang nombor satu dan kedua begitu lama.

Apabila Ghaffar Baba jatuh ke tahap ketiga pada perhimpunan agong 1984 dahulu maka beliau menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri apabila Musa meletakkan jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri pada tahun 1986 dahulu kerana tidak bersefahaman dengan Perdana Menteri Mahathir.

Apa yang hendak dihujahkan kerana samada tempat dan kedudukan yang pertama atau ketiga tidak menjadi masalah jika Perdana Menteri mahukan mana-mana di kalangan Naib Presiden untuk menggantikan beliau.

Sekarang ini jika Hishamudin dirasakan perlu untuk kepentingan PM Najib untuk menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri itu bukan masalahnya. Jika Zahid akhirnya tidak terus menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri itu buka perkara yang pelik dalam sejarah Umno samada Umno asal atau pun Umno Dr Mahathir yang kini beliau tinggalkan itu.

Tetapi yang harus diingat keadaan sekarang bukan lagi seperti dahulu. Umno tidak lagi parti yang dihormati oleh masyarakat pengundi. Umno sudah dianggap sebagai musuh kepada orang Melayu kerana parti itu sentiasa memilih atau melantik pemimpin yang tidak semenggah untuk memimpin kita. Rakyat sudah jemu dan sudah meluat dengan tahap dan nilai kepimpinan Umno itu setiap peringkat di negara ini.

“Umno is already a pest to the country!” kata seorang pemimpin Umno sendiri yang memanggil saya untuk minum kopi di sebuah kedai mamak baru-baru ini. “If Umno is still led by the current chunk of leaders like Zahid and Hisham alike I am not going to continue on with the party. I am watching who leads the coming election first. At best I want UMNO to survive but not with Zahid, Hisham or anyone among the current Majlis Tertinggi. I am sick and fed-up with this incurable Umno.” Kata nya terus.

Saya bertanya tentang PAS dia lantas menjawab “Ok bro.. PAS promised everyone heaven, but that stupid party is driving us fast to hell now.”

Saya mendengar komen-komen seperti ini hari-hari. Umno sudah tidak relevan lagi kecuali ada pemimpin yang boleh membawa imej baru kepada parti itu untuk berhadapan dengan rakyat dalam pilihanraya yang akan datang. 

12 April 2017

Let's do serious soul searching, get back our lost identity

The issue of who should alternate Najib seems to be debated in public and polemics on it is slowly but surely on the rise.  There have been incessant effort by the opposition in the open to oust Najib and in the quiet there are also moves by his own Cabinet members to put Najib at his right place, but that was done in a very discreet fashion.  It is very usual that if a Prime Minister retires there will be ripples among the aspiring and ambitious but undeserving leaders to replace him.

They are all in the current Cabinet but too little that they know they were equally calamitous and unfit to alternate their ‘world famous’ (you what) PM. They forget that they themselves were in that depraved and debauched system of the current government.  As this blog have mentioned quite regularly, that what the people want to replace is not just Najib but the degenerated culture that has been entrenched in our political and government system since thirty years ago.  

The issue on the government is too serious that depending on the party that wins in the General Election to replace the sitting PM (Najib) is definitely not going to solve the problems and glitches of the country’s encrustation. If Najib is replaced by one who was part of the awful culture, we will be perpetually going through the same political problems and interruptions. There will be another long haul of political demonstrations and outbursts country-wide.

We are witnessing Malaysian across the board moving grossly to topple the current perceptibly corrupt and oblivious of moral value government but Najib just can’t be replaced by any Tom Dick and Harry by the victors just because their identifiable positions in their respective parties within their winning coalition. We should not be just replacing Najib and Umno but we are supposed to reinstate and restore an impeccable political culture that we used to joyously go through before the eighties as an example.

We want to be assuredly being having the opportunity to be governed by leaders with lucidity and saneness to ensure the country and the generation living in civil background and atmosphere. We have enough of deceitful and higgledy-piggledy leaders that we were with for past three decades. They were not serious in building the nation fittingly.

By any calculation Najib is justly harmful to the nation. He has to give up everything and owns up his serious misdeeds to the nation. He should now focus on finding means and ways to leave without having to face serious political and legal harassments, agitations and implications in his life after retiring. This is the most important part of life for anyone living in this world. Abundant of money and wealth can’t guarantee happy ending for one’s life.  Let’s admit that ill-gotten money and wealth will not sustain good and happy life especially while passing through the old and retirement age. There is no scientific explanation to this notion but it’s truly and crude fact that is faced by many who creates ill-gotten wealth through illegitimate means.

We have seen life-proof of wealthy and rich former leaders of nations going through unworthy life as fugitives and perpetually on the run. We don’t want to see this to happen to our ex-leaders and it’s up to the leader, in this case Najib to find inoffensive manner to exit. The longer he procrastinates the more danger faced not only by the country but his own self will be in perilous situation. The ball is at his feet. He should know to kick the ball.

As this blog has been saying repeatedly Najib has to show his sincerity by helping to resolve the country’s excruciating problems before he leaves and that will be his great contribution to the people and the country. Najib’s contribution to the country is by resigning honorably and help to place the nation in a truly different ambience for as long as he is replaced by leaders of the same culture and value we will be in the same boring and distasteful ambience don’t know for how long more.

Najib should leave this country to a more responsible and accountable leader and for this time everyone should forget about inheriting leadership through party positions that we usually practice. We need a leader who is able to get everyone together with one ultimate motive i.e to put our nation into new and fresh ambience and leave the old painful political period far behind us.

All Malaysians have to come with strong will to circumvent the improvident manner of searching for the country’s leadership at least for this time around. Let someone with sterling record of excellence restart the nation anew by reformulating the critical path towards nationhood right from the embryonic stage and we move on towards modern and up-to-date nation comparable to advanced nations intertwined with some extra transcendent spiritual and Asian value.

In actual fact must be focused on soul searching to get back our lost identity as a democratic nation.

08 April 2017

Listen to the plea, Malaysians want a clean government with spotless leader

Umno is going through rough and slippery political terrain as if that there was no other course but to knock into an inevitable fall. As this blog has mentioned quite regularly Najib is riding compactly on the back of a tiger that he is not able to dismount safely.  He is going to plunge together with his party vindicated by the open public court during the forthcoming General Election if he still leads the mother of all elections. We have to admit the fact that Umno's success is conditional. The party has to go for the GE without Najib if the party was still desirous to be re-mandated as the ruling party.

The ‘cash-politics’ is not helping the party he leads any longer as the cash that he splashes through the divisional heads is not going to reach the ground. In the coming GE the cash allotted to the division’s heads will stop flowing to the ground and it will stay put in the accounts of the division heads or their safe deposit saves. I have bumped into many Umno divisions’ leaders lately and they admit that no amount of money can save the party from falling apart and the insecure feelings of the Umno leaders at the divisional level are very prevalent. “The divisional heads might as well keep the money for themselves as their chances to win are much reduced. So why must waste that money?” says one divisional leader to me.

However some of these leaders were still hopeful that Umno could still survive if they destroy the bad cancer cells in Umno and of course the mother of these cancer cells is Najib. There were some evident revolting feelings but some of the party leaders, some in the cabinet while some others in the Supreme Council of the party. They claim that there were still good cells in the cancerous Umno and these good cells are revolting to fight against the bad cells in Umno.

God knows what the consequences would be after these revolts come to the surface. There exists combustible issues that are not sustainable for Umno and the split within it is perceptibly noticeable. Najib is obviously unable to focus on his duties as the chief administrator for the nation as he was so captivated in trying to circumvent the unremitting explosive issues that surface against him every week and month since 2014.

For the oppositions, we are yet to be convinced that they have workable solutions to address the mess that Najib and company have built up for almost a decade. They have to come up with the alternative leader who is magnanimous enough to lead as the leader that alternates Najib has to show his technocratic knowledge intertwined with wide national political familiarity and acceptable by all Malaysian from every race and religious proclivity and faith.

The leader that they need to support should not necessarily from their party echelon as every party has its own idiosyncrasies. It has to be an individual who can understand problems the country is facing up to specific. As long as the reliable elected Member of Parliament he may even come from Umno or any other party in BN or the oppositions. The leader has to be an individual elected Member of Parliament who wins the confidence of the House of Parliament.

For all intent and purposes we must now acknowledge that politics of this country is not entirely dependent on the rakyat across the board. Politics have been seen to be played by few influential individuals in the country. Most of the ordinary leaders from every party at all levels were pure cheer leaders for their leaders and their parties; hence they were not the ones with huge consequences in coming up with the decision as to who should lead and who should not.  

In this situation the most important prerequisite for the settlement of the afflictions and despair of the country is the wisdom word i.e. sacrifice. It means that the sacrifice must also come from Najib and all the individuals that play the politics of the country. Najib should sacrifice if he has the intention of being held as responsible leader which he is yet to bargain. His contribution is by withdrawing from politics as he won’t be able to find the novelty in his life as a leader. He may have his preferences of whom to replace him when he retires.

He can find his replacement with other individuals or leaders have after his much needed retirement. All leaders who play the Malaysian politics need to have wealth of soul and pride. The extent of sacrifice should also come from the current sitting leaders who aspire to be the PM. If it needs be leaders like Zahid Hamidi and others should also come out with pride to withdraw any kind of contesting efforts to be the Prime Minister for the sake of rebuilding the already devastated government of the country. The leaders must come to term that the problems faced by the country is created by the leaders and nothing from the people. The ordinary people were preys of the deceitful and roguish leaders since at least two decades ago who came and go without deterrent.

I have been mentioning the issue of power inheritance at length many times before this was with one reason; alternating the current 'satanic' leadership with a person with questionable moral and values will be a disaster. Changing with immoral and hopeless leader is no change. We are going to be certain that the people are going for another long haul of struggle and it will be going to be facing endless national issues. It is insufficient to put up great efforts and courage but more important is the ultimate purpose of the struggle. 

Let a dignified leader leads and please answer the plea and the entreaty of the desperate Malaysians who are in dire need for a clean and unsoiled government ruling the land. 

05 April 2017

Mana lebih afdal, selamatkan Najib atau selamatkan tiga puluh juta rakyat

Yang selalunya membunuh politik seseorang itu ialah pemimpin yang rapat dengan seseorang itu. Sudah menjadi lumrah yang paling hampir dan menyumbang besar kepada mereka itu lah yang akhirnya menjadi korban politik mereka.

Yang menaikan Najib sehingga ketahap ini adalah orang-orang yang beliau ingin bunuh politik mereka sekarang ini. Dr Mahathir begitu ghairah menjatuhkan Abdullah Badawi untuk memberikan laluan kepada Najib untuk naik menggantikan Perdana Menteri yang di persepsikan seorang Perdana Menteri yang lebih banyak tidur dari berkerja. Ke hulu kehilir Muhyiddin ingin menjatuhkan Abdullah bagi memberikan Najib peluang untuk menjadi Perdana menteri dan untuk beliau sendiri mendapatkan munafaatnya dengan menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

Sememangnya Abdullah itu sepatutnya tidak dijadikan Perdana Menteri dari awal lagi jika diambil kira tahap kemampuan beliau sebagai seorang pemimpin. Tetapi Dr Mahathir bermatian mahukan Abdullah menggantikan beliau yang akhirnya beliau sendiri seperti yang dijangkakan oleh ramai orang menyedari yang Abdullah bukanlah seorang yang benar-benar layak dan berkemampuan untuk menerajui kerajaan.

Akhirnya Mahathir sendiri bersama Muhyiddin telah kehadapan untuk menjatuhkan Abdullah sedang Najib hanya membiarkan sahaja kerana beliau tahu jika Muhyiddin dengan Mahathir berjaya menjatuhkan Abdullah beliaulah (Najib) yang akan mendapat munafaatnya.

Ternyata apa yang dilakukan oleh Mahathir dan Muhyiddin itu telah memakan diri Mahathir dan Muhyiddin. Lain-lain perkataan yang amat sesuai untuk Mahathir dan Muhyiddin ialah “Mahathir dan Muhyiddin sedang menelan racun mereka sendiri” Najib tidak mempunyai kemampuan untuk menjaga moral beliau sebagai pemimpin yang dimandatkan oleh Umno dan BN untuk mentadbir negara dengan jujur dan transparent. Seperti Abdullah Najib juga merupakan pemimpin yang susah untuk diiktiraf sebagai pemimpin yang mempunyai moral kepimpinan yang sesuai dengan kehendak negara yang inginkan rakyat hidup dalam keadaan aman dan makmur serta dalam ketenangan.

Yang jelas Mahathir telah gagal untuk mencari pelapis kepada kepimpinan negara. Yang beliau berjaya hanyalah untuk membina barisan pelapik yang gunanya hanya untuk memberi keselesaan beliau tanpa diganggu gugat oleh pelapik-pelapik beliau itu. Pelapik-pelapik ini hanya mengangguk dan mengiyakan sahaja apa-apa yang dilakukan oleh Dr Mahathir tanpa mempunyai kudrat untuk berkata benar kepada Mahathir.

Tetapi tidak boleh juga kita salahkan pelapik-pelapik ini tidak berkata benar kepada Dr Mahathir kerana mereka hanyalah pengampu dan mereka tidak memahami yang mana yang benar atau sebaliknya. Mereka-mereka ini termasuk Abdullah dan Najib hanyalah ibarat burung balam yang tugas mereka untuk mengangguk sahaja.

Akhirnya inilah yang kita semua dapati sekarang ini, iaitu sebuah negara yang tidak tentu arah tujuan dan matlamat serta ‘ultimate’ nya yang sebenarnya. Penganggok-penganggok ini hanya mampu untuk menjadi ketua-ketua tetapi ketua-ketua yang tidak berkepimpinan dan disaluti pula dengan niat dan matlamat untuk diri mereka sendiri. Seandainya ada walaupun sedikit niat untuk kebaikan negara dalam memimpin kita semua negara tidak akan berhadapan dengan apa yang kita hadapi sekarang ini.

Kita amat keliru dengan orang rasuah yang bercakap tentang agama dan menggunakan istilah-istilah agama dan Quran dengan begitu fasih dan lancar. Pemimpin berbohong tidak ada batasnya dan mengeluarkan kenyataan yang mengelirukan dan mengaibkan agama, bangsa dan negara.

Benarlah kita sedang berada diakhir zaman. Yang benar dikatakan salah dan yang salah dikatakan benar. Yang bersifat hina dijunjung sedangkan yang benar-benar mempunyai kepimpinan yang bersalutkan spiritual yang baik diketepikan. Yang berserban melakukan kemungkaran terhadap agamanya dan yang bercakap tentang bangsa dan negara itu adalah mereka yang telah membinasakan bangsa dan negaranya sendiri.

Sesungguhnya kita tidak boleh merasa was-was lagi kerana sifat was-was adalah sifat yang sangat hina disudut pandangan agama dan ketuhanan kita. Najib perlu mencari ‘face-saving device’ untuk berundur dan jangan lagi mendekati politik negara ini selepas persaraan nanti.

Najib hanya boleh berbakti terhadap negara dengan berundur bersama apa yang beliau telah lakukan terhadap negara kita ini. Pengunduran beliau wajar disertai oleh semua Jemaah Menteri nya kerana itu adalah amalan yang diguna pakai oleh negara demokrasi yang telah maju dan berjaya. Ahli-ahli Jemaah Menteri yang wajar mempunyai nilai dan sifat accountability terhadap apa kesalahan ketua kerajaan yang mereka berada bersama dalam kabinetnya.

Bersara nya seorang Perdana Menteri kerana kesalahan dan jenayah yang dilakukan harus dan wajib di pikul bersama oleh Jemaah Menteri nya kerana kesalahan serta jenayah itu adalah kesalahan bersama.

Kesalahan Najib bukannya kesalahan yang kecil yang boleh diabaikan begitu sahaja. Ketagihan rasuah adalah identiti kerajaan bawah Najib dan ini perlu dibenteras habis-habisan tanpa was was lagi.

Hanya pilih satu dari dua pilihan yang ada, ‘either we save Najib or we save all Malaysians’

28 March 2017

Pinggan mangkok yang sumbing dan retak seribu itu tidak boleh dipakai lagi, dibuang sahaja

Saya telah memberikan pandangan kepada rakan-takan fb semalam tentang budaya dan kepercayaan yang kita selalunya tidak akan menggunakan lagi pinggan, cawan atau piring yang telah sumbing dan retak seribu. Jika kita dihidangkan makanan dengan pinggan mangkok yang sumbing ia menunjukan betapa kurang sopannya atau dhaifnya kita tentang adab dan budaya bukan sahaja kepada kaum Melayu malahan kepada banyak bangsa dan kaum di dunia ini.

Setengahnya percaya bahawa jika kita menggunakan pinggan mangkok yang sumbing dan retak seribu itu ia akan membawa sial dan berbagai-bagai lagi yang tidak baik untuk kita semua.

Kesemua yang memberi respons itu bersetuju dengan pandangan saya itu, malahan ada yang memberikan bukti keyakinan mereka dengan mengeluarkan hadith Muhammad saw yang mencegah kita menggunakan pinggan mangkok yang sumbing itu. Kata mereka yang sumbing dan retak seribu itu patut di buang sahaja dan jangan digunakan lagi.

Yang lebih menarik lagi ada yang memberikan pandangan apa sahaja yang sudah retak dan sumbing itu kita patut jauhi nya termasuk lah parti-parti politik yang sedang menghadapi keretakan dan sumbing itu.

Keseluruhan komen dari peminat politik yang memberikan respons itu rata-rata berpendapat yang Umno sudah retak dan menunggu pecah sahaja. Malahan sumbingnya Umno itu sudah lama kelihatan dan semakin jelas hari demi hari. Terlalu banyak puak dan kem dalam parti itu sekarang ini. Di sana sini ada retak dan sumbingnya.

Sesungguhnya Najib akan menghadapi masalah keretakan dalam parti pimpinannya hasil dari rasa tidak yakin terhadap kepimpinan Najib dikalangan pemimpin-pemimpin setiap peringkat dalam parti itu sekarang. Semuanya sedang menjolok Najib agar jatuh dan mereka akan berebut untuk mendapatkan buah yang dijolok mereka itu. Ramai yang tidak tahu yang menjolok itu tidak akan dapat menyambut buahnya.

Akhirnya ramailah yang berpendapat yang parti itu tidak akan dipakai lagi oleh orang yang memahami hakikat yang retak seribu dan yang sumbing itu seharusnya dibuang dan jangan di dekati lagi.

Yang sumbing itu akan pecah dan yang retak itu akan jatuh berderai. Telah diyakini oleh banyak pihak termasuk yang berada dalam Umno itu sendiri yang parti itu sudah tidak boleh di harapkan lagi. 

Benarlah perbilangan yang berbunyi 'the good is for the good and the bad is for the bad' Tidak semema-mena PAS pulak yang terikut-ikut Umno dan parti itu sudah mula jelas sumbing dan retak seribu nya. Bersungguh benar PAS ini menempah mautnya.

26 March 2017

There is no truth but fallacies from our leaders

Najib just need a tad of common sense to feel and realize that he is already a nuisance, an irritant and uninterruptedly becomes the enemy of the people and the land. To all sensible and civil minded Malaysians he is looked upon as a serious nuisance that will ultimately fails the state to an unadulterated scale. He is not just reducing himself to infuriation of the people but he brings down the image and appearance of the entire nation to the eyes of the world.

We are described and labeled with numerous kinds of insulting ‘superlatives’ both by the world community and civil  minded Malaysians that were hard to swallow by any race with a bit of pride and self-importance. Our leaders were totally domineered by devilish leaders who were oblivious of sacrifices for the people they lead to the extent that we conclusively believing that the devils are in full control of the land. There is no more saneness in the government administration. Everything is intertwined to each other, corruptions, abuse of power; thieving, looting, plundering, racial and religious misapplications so on and so forth are all tallying to our actual situation in the country.

Now we are stuck with distressing issues of 1MDB, SRC, FELDA so on and so forth. These were oversize issues that really becoming the pains of our ass but these issues are just the compounding to the already painful issues for decades to Malaysians that we have elapsed from our memories.

Since mid-eighties Malaysia have been going through colossal losses through government misadventures and misfortunes by the tens of billions of ringgit plus the unashamedly malpractices through massive systematic corruptions via big direct negotiations on both necessary and unnecessary crony motivated projects for umpteen of years. Now that culture has progressively turned to culture of lootings and thieving through 1MDB and all other used-to-be cash flush agencies. These agencies that used to be free from financial problems are now almost dried up by the milking of their resources without shame by the board members and their senior staffs and operators.

All the rhetoric and the lofty talks to make this country a truly high income nation by the actors and political performers are wide-ranging fakes and counterfeits. The nauseating statements issued by leaders like Najib and the rest of the Cabinet members were of no importance and do not deserve any attention.

PM Najib himself is unable to erase the image of a playful and careless leader who is not resourceful enough to weather through the global economic downturn to enhance the nation’s revenue as he only see the ordinary public as the source of revenue for the country led by the boastful and the injurious leaders of the day. He was the PM who withdrew all the subsidies the people had enjoyed before his premiership. We had the petrol subsidies withdrawn completely and at the same time forced the people to accept and consent the introduction of GST, the immediate executioner to the livelihood of ordinary Malaysian as a whole.  

Now let us deliberate the tough position that the ordinary Malaysians are facing in a very simple and humble manner with simple words that is real and practical state.

Firstly the group that suffers the most is the middle-class. They are not reachable to the government assistance which the lower income group themselves are having great and huge trepidations to the policy shout about by the leaders of the day. The lower income group themselves are facing huge glitches in their lives with high and expensive basic goods and services for basic living in this country which they used to joyously experience before the current crop of leaders rule this nation.

Parents have to continuously assist their working children for they do not have enough disposal income even to own simple and cheap houses for them to live. Fresh graduates who earns less than RM 3000 do not have enough even to keep their lives reasonably afloat as everything they need are all expensive and not within their reach.

Hence we are not just apprehensive about our future generations but we have a great fearfulness about our own current generation. Right now Malaysians are in anguish to meet up the basic needs and necessities with the extended family responsibilities via the responsible towards our adult children and their siblings.

Can one imagine how the newlywed couple with insufficient income compounding with one whose able bodied parents are dead and no more living for them to lean their mind bogging life problems? How are these young generations going to progress with this kind of situation that engulfs our entire nation?  

There are now hundreds of thousands of young working group losing their jobs as their employers could not sustain their progress with the serious economic problems they face. Companies and conglomerates are bleeding economically that they have to terminate jobs in thousands each month countrywide.  The business entities are just unable to main the number of staffs they used to employ. There have been massive losses of their businesses with millions of ringgit to be paid to the government in the name of GST and what not.

The consequences far reaching to the young generation and that is part of the reasons why this group is suffering and interruptedly facing bankruptcy proceedings everywhere in the country.

The rhetoric by leaders that the economic policy is on the right track and we are going to unquestionable successes in achieving the higher income nation by 2020 truly irritates and exasperates the younger generations and the ordinary Malaysians on the whole.  

They take the rhetoric of these leaders are all fakes and misjudgments. Those words from their leaders are all impregnated by fallacies, falsehoods and canards.

Najib and the whole Cabinet should resign instantaneously. In fact they should have resigned long months ago.  

13 March 2017

Soon we'll be in Zimbabwe with different name if we don't change

We can witness noticeable and strong migrations of Umno members to Bersatu in most constituencies in Peninsula Malaysia and unmistakable erosion of Umno support in Sabah, the party’s traditional stronghold since the party’s presence there in October 1990. Hence Sabah will cease to be Umno’s fixed deposit in short due. In actual fact Sabahan do not want Umno to exist in the state any longer and their flavor is now for local parties in control of the state government.

I don’t know for sure whether the migrations of Umno members to Bersatu and other parties can break Umno, but the situation is much worse than it was in the last General Election. In the last GE Umno and its component in the peninsula performed the worst when the coalition won just 133 seats out of which Umno won 89 seats which now have reduced to only 80 seats with the sacking of some of its MPs and resignation of few others who crossed the floor for the opposition bench.

In the coming GE, I am more inclined to believe the findings of some serious political analysts that Umno will maintain only 50 seats while the rest of the BN component in the peninsula will be wiped out clean.

With a bit more workable and doable efforts, Johor will be another state that will cease to be the party’s fixed deposit. Johor and Sabah in recent few GEs was the strong bastion for Umno that keep the party in a marginal control in the Federal Legislature. For Umno to claim Sabah and Johor still as its fixed deposit is a severe error as Umno will be humiliated in Sabah while in Johor the party’s support is assuredly waning. Do remember Sabah and Johor was the savior for Umno and BN in the last few elections and with the current glitches in Sabah and the dwindling support for Umno in Johor the chances of Umno to be in the opposition bench after the GE is seriously promising. 

There are still reasonable numbers who are still in the party at all levels but most of them are merely dormant members and splinters of supporters who stay in the party to see who will lead the party in the forthcoming General Election before they eventually decide which side to support. There are also some splinters of supporters who write in the social media like fb who we should not pay any devotion to these political novices. These inactive Umno members are in reality very vulnerable and tendency for them to sway and turn coats in the ballot boxes in the coming GE is conceivably expected.

At ground level Umno is already trampled psychologically and not many of its members don't even have the courage to wear their party’s t-shirts (the blue Umno t-shirt) and other merchandises in the open to evade being cackled at. The party’s traditional activists are either working against the party in favor for the oppositions or stay as dormant observers because they have lost their confidence with their contemptible party leadership. Umno leaders at the grassroots are in defensive genre and more often than not they are feeling inferior to the relatively more calculable oppositions.

They are in reality not tallying up with the replicated strength of the party. Umno is just left with the few elites who are having the exuberant life with the personal doles they gain being appointed to positions with high social standing together with few noisy cheer-leaders who are oblivious of what Umno is all about but audaciously active in court-jesting themselves wanting to be paid attention at in the social media in particular the fb and some by highly paid bloggers.

However there are some who are still in denial that Umno is fast dwindling in support from the people of all races. Umno itself gives everyone reason not to be supported any longer. Umno has failed to prop up leaders who are incorruptible with high magnanimity and truthfulness. Umno has cultured corruption to an inconceivable level and power has been abused brazenly without hindrances.

Any quarter that is critical towards the government will be ostracized and detested from their positions. Some others were victimized of their livelihood and this is nothing more and nothing less similar to the manner a communist managing its country and people. Every power is centered in the hands of a PM ever since the unabashed raping and disbanding of separation of powers in this faked and distorted democratic nation.

The consequences of scattering the separation of power in managing the country were too injurious to the country and we are now going through perdition beyond any civil mind can compute. What is left in Umno-led Cabinet is just their inane ego and the party is consistently in denial that is in grave danger of infinite loss of power.  

However the only setback that the Bersatu led opposition is that they don’t have serious and viable leader to alternate Najib. The opposition has the similar problem with the current Cabinet lineup. To choose among the present Cabinet lineup to replace Najib is a real effort. For Zahid Hamidi or Hishamuddin to replace Najib is another grave error while choosing one of the main leaders among the Bersatu-led opposition is equally another threatening initiative.

Malaysians on the whole have yet to come out with a serious solution to their soul-searching exercise. The fact remains that we have to restart, reshape and to reorganize this nation anew with new political ambience if we are still in need of a proper and fitting government to govern us and our generation.

Right now we are in the fast lane to be in Zimbabwe with different name. It's frightening!

23 February 2017

Najib can be well remembered if he owns up his mischiefs, Mahathir has done it

Current leaders of UMNO are interminably schmoozing about the past history of successes of the party and they expediently claim as theirs. The successes of the current leaders especially those in the ruling party elites and the government are only to contribute pains and miseries for the people. They are all out to destroy past efficacious records of our fore fathers who built up this nation through sweat and tears.

Since the eighties all the solid democratic institutions were invaded by unsecured and spiritually weak leaders who only think about the security of the positions and power they joyously in love with. Usually these inferiority complex leaders will never want to see good and budding leaders to be around in the hierarchy of power and instead choose to bring together contemptible sycophants to amuse and to keep his or her position without disturbances and feelings of insecurity. 

The unsecured leaders will never want to co-exist and accept the concept of separations of power as the inferior feelings in him will see the separation of power may bring him down when he commits offenses and encroachments on the system of government. He would take pre-emptive actions by dismantling the system and takes all powers centrally into his own bare hands.

He can now have all the power with him without fear of being disturbed by the check and balance system that is practiced in all advanced and matured democratic nations. We were deeply thrown into this environment when the Judiciary was raped by the executive in 1988 and the Judiciary has been on trial ever since and has never recovered till today. The dismantling of separations of power was the root cause for the current environment and to retrieve and to go back to the true democratic system will be a massive enterprise for us Malaysians. 

Dr Mahathir maybe recognized leader who could manage his own system of democracy without the sound democratic institution. He himself was a system. BUT that system can’t guarantee works well by others who lead the party and the government after him. That was the reason why a nation must have a standard manner of managing a country and that is practiced in all advanced and matured countries. AND part of the system is to respect the separation of power.

Now Najib is taking the dismantling of the separation of power expediently for his advantage as Mahathir had inherited the system where the PM controls everything. The PM has the power and influence to put anyone in prison as he wishes and he can free anyone out of prison. The power that is vested on Malaysian PM is much more than the power of US President. That is the reason why Najib Rule-by-Law instead of following Rules of Law. Najib displaced the investigation team on 1MDB by sacking the AG to cover-up the heinous 1MDB scandal. In actuality Najib like Mahathir used to be, has the power of  an emperor.

Mahathir didn’t abuse the power he had absolutely; Najib is taking every law in his own hands. Najib is the judge, as well as the AG. The new minted AG whether we like it or not is perceived to be a rubber stamp of the 'cash' crazy Najib. Let us not talk about the rest as every thinking Malaysian can add two and two together regarding Najib's tales of power abuses and his corruptions related issues.

Umno and Najib are having day dreams as they are in denial that Umno will be dumped. The issue is Umno is keeping irresponsible leaders to lead them and therefore Umno has to be done with in order to stop the menace done by the party towards the country. Compounded to their political madness the country is now facing inconceivable economic and social complications beyond restoration for as long as the current line of leaders are still dawdling shamelessly in Putrajaya.

We are facing serious economic problems as our domestic demands are too small to weather the now stunted growth as well as unsustainable household debts across the board. The plunging of exports with the fall of tourist arrivals together with the plunging of government revenue and ringgit depreciation against the green belts are very severe. Without a respectable alternative leadership to the eyes of the economic community internationally the country will be on the perpetual pain and aches.

Umno has only one choice in order to remain relevant; that is to have the entire leadership line to go off. The ever hungry leaders must have some common sense to admit that Umno is already at the edge of high and slippery cliff. Once it falls it will fall heinously and the party will be history. If Najib wants to be remembered as a responsible leader to his party, quitting from every position is the only sensible thing to do. OR else he will be remembered as the person who was responsible for the dreadful demise of his party and that will be boldly transcribed in many history books read by our coming generation.

As I have said in my last posting Najib must find some kind of face-saving device and leave after which to live in repentance ever after. Let’s find the most decent leader to start the nation anew as this blog has regularly said since years ago. Najib should come to term those human beings, more so for those believing in spiritual life elements would want to live in solace at the end of one’s life. Leave the nation to someone who can bring everything on the drawing board and restart the nation anew for fresh ambience and environments.

If Najib owns up all the misdeeds that he has committed to the country he has the right to have that soothing life in the end. If he is unable to show could cause for the country he still have the chance to be remembered as great leader by sacrificing all positions that he is currently in love with. He must think deeply for the sake of the country and more noble for his mother and family and his own self. He must be strong in his inside self to take up the challenge that he fails to do till to-date.

It’s tough enterprise for Najib to own up his failures but if he succeeds in taking up that challenge and find the face saving device and retires he will be greatly remembered by all Malaysians and our generations.

Just be like Doc Mahathir, he admits and owns up his failures and now he is all out to do all the repair jobs on all his mistakes to the country, the government and its politics. He will be great again if he succeeds, which I think he will.

(To be continued)

20 February 2017

Let's support the repenting Mahathir to oust Najib

Different nation has different definitions of Nation Building. Nation building is not just physical development with the highest twin-towers in the entire world or the tallest flag post like the one we used to see in Dataran Merdeka OR just having the biggest Gong that we had in the premise of Angkasapuri. Those are just a very fractious proponent of nation building. Our country has different ultimate in nation building. Our ultimate was National Unity.

As a multiracial country the highest testimonial of successful nation building is when Malaysians of all races and religion with respective religious practices and way of life live in harmony with peace and security. If any race especially the bigger majority was not equitably participated in economic goings-on in the country for example, the indisputable consequence would be instability.

If we were to reminisce the policies formulated by our forefathers like The Tunku, Razak and Hussein the ultimate for nation building was National Unity and we ought to remember that we had only one national slogan, that was Muhibbah. That was why we had the new economic policy and that policy was attested to only one ultimate, which was National Unity.

Bear in mind that the new economic policy for instance was not the ultimate. NEP was just the process to achieve the National Unity. Everyone, the lawmakers and the civil servants alike were dead serious to see the policies that were formulated for this ultimate was implemented successfully. AND above all these policies formulated by the government were well accepted by Malaysians of all races. The Chinese especially were more than happy to accept the policy as they know that unstable Malaysia will costs the business and life dearly.

The policy believes that identifying a race through their economic functions had got to be done with. The Indians did not want them to be seen as just laborers in the estates and the Malays wanted them not to be identified as small holders or just government servants who were oblivious of the modern culture of trade and commerce.

The harmonious culture was seen developing very well and we saw that many big public (listed) companies were having executive training programs popularly known as management trainee program to help the government policy in preparing the Bumiputras for management functions in the commerce and industry.  

The policy went smoothly implemented and the Bumiputra equity rose to 18.4 percent in 1984 from meager 2.7 percent in 1970.

However the marginal increase in the Bumiputra wealth ownership was only at 19.2 percent meaning since 1984 there was only less than a percent marginal increase.

What was the reason for the ‘too little marginal increase’? The reason was obvious. His management did not focus on achieving the goal of the new economic policy with its ultimate i.e the national unity. He did not mark the year of the 1990 as the final year for the NEP to mature. That was the time when the department of Bumiputra participation in most departments and Ministries were dissolved.

The setting in of the new Bumiputra economic hulks was the ones who hampered the achievements of the Bumiputra partipation policy.  The rent seeking Bumiputra economic goliaths were in control of all the economic allocations of the Bumiputra. Dr Mahathirs believes in creating a few billionaires at the expense of many bumiputra to become millionaires. Mahathir didn’t focus on distribution of opportunities as he was engrossed in mega projects via direct negotiations where rent seekers were inflating costs of projects and by 100 to 200 percent and that was when corruption in mega scale set in and become the business culture of the elites within the corridor of power.

In the meantime the Malays were hammered by Mahathir as having dol mentality and the special privileged for the Malays should be done with and the ‘tongkat’ for the Malays should be thrown out forever. Prof Ungku Aziz came back with a response and he said, “kalau tidak mahukan tongkat itu, disimpan sahaja, jangan dibuang, mungkin satu hari nanti tongkat itu akan kembali berguna."

In short, Umno that was led by Mahathir was the one to change from the attribute of nationalist party to party for the taukehs and the materialistic elites. By the time he retired in 2003 the overly materialistic culture was solidly entrenched in the party as well as the Malaysians at large.

Now Mahathir is swallowing his own poison as both leaders, Abdullah and the internationally famous Najib were doing more disservice to the country. If Mahathir had commited mistakes by allowing the menace of corrupt practices in the government and getting the taukehs to control the party his most much-loved protégé Najib’s administrations are worst off a it is not just corrupt but impregnated with looters and day light robberies. As popular Malay adage goes, “kalau dah bapak kencing berdiri anak kencing berlari”.

Najib is the ultimate enemy of the rakyat and Mahathir himself has disowned his used-to-be most beloved protégé. Mahathir is now the most disappointed leader and now touring the country to get the people’s support to oust Najib Razak from PM's office.

“In essence Mahathir condones corruptions to some extent but he just can’t take someone stealing and stashing away cash owned by the rakyat in front of our naked eyes,” says one political observer to me. “Najib ought to find face-saving device to exit as early before he’s routed out together with his party,” he continued.

I agree with him that it’s good to follow persons in repentance like Dr Mahathir especially when comes to his efforts to oust Najib from power.  

(To be continued)

19 February 2017

Umno is beyond recognition

In my posting three days ago I mentioned that Umno is no more a protector of the Malays and Malaysians as it does nothing other than to ruin the nation to this inconceivable state. Umno had cultivated serious damage to the nation’s political and governmental and human value. Umno has damaged the total rule of law and decadence of all democratic systems that our fore fathers had built.

We used to be the nearest to the level of the first world mentality during the first three PMs but the inheritors after those three PMs were not able to sustain the good governance that the Tunku, Razak and Hussein built and maintained. We have digressed wayward and seems not being able to arrest the situation with the crop of mandated leaders that we have at the moment.

After Tunku, Razak and Hussein era, were no more politics but pure politicking and personal politics that slowly but steadily brings our politics to this current ludicrous and preposterous state. The corrupt culture is now the biggest disorder; however this is just a fractious of the bigger disastrous malady that the nation is facing. Now we have leaders who schmooze and dissertate on issues on moral, religions and governance but sadly none of those who talk about those issues understand the issues they joyously raise.  All leaders from all sides of the multiple divides talking to each other with different languages that results in deeper misunderstand among them by the day.  

Those warring sides have missed all their points as they don’t understand what the real problems facing the nation including those who talk about transformations and reformations they shout about. Rightly or wrongly, nothing can be solved unless one understands what the real problems are up to specific. How are we trying to solve problems if we do not understand what the problems are?

If we try to choose and pick among those law makers who are now enjoying the executive positions in the ministries and government we are going to be disappointed as they are the ones responsible and the agents for the current state of devastating politics. They were the ones who break everything to ashes and it’s suicidal in asking them to fix everything back.

I have lavishly said repeatedly that UMNO and its undeserving leaders are the ones that break all good systems and we can give them the responsibility to fix it back if we have intentions to make things go worse.  I am conclusive with the perception that alternating Najib with among those in the current Law Makers in the ministries is as good as no change as no body among them can get to show the difference.

What make the country turned into corrupt heaven? There is a simple answer i.e. nobody is overseeing that heinous and nauseating acts of corruption in every ministry and department.. The Ministers and the law makers who are in the Ministries who were supposed to oversee that all policies are implemented appropriately by the implementer were not exercising their duties honorably but instead conspire with the implementer to practice corruptions and power abuse.

To the Umno leader’s corrupt practices are already deeply ingrained in them and they take that every project that the government decides the personal interest of the Law Makers and the civil servants will automatically be attested to the projects and usually the project will be given out at inflated prices as kick-backs and commissions for the corrupt decision makers as well as the law makers were factored together in huge percentages that turn every project especially in the infrastructure related projects to inflate copiously.

These systematic corrupt practices were done via direct negotiated tenders and it was very easy to factor in the interests of the corrupt individuals involved in projects. In short all leaders since the mid-eighties the Umno-led government has been forsaking the economic and social engineering policies purely to demonstrate fast physical development as an indicator of leadership successes. We wanted to have the highest building in the world, the longest bridges and the tallest flag-post in the entire world. The media was at one time even taken to pride that we had the biggest ‘gong’ located in Angkasapuri compound.

I remember vividly the then Deputy Prime Minister Tun Dr Ismail said it clearly at the Umno General Assembly a year before he died that “we could have double-digit growth but we choose to slower down the development in order to see that no race(s) would be left behind in the fast development of the country. We want no one to be left out in the development of the country”.

Tun Dr Ismail emphasized that if there were any race being left out economically the country would be unstable and the May 1969 incidence was the real proof that equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities were very vital in achieving the national unity.

Where have been those values gone to? Now the country is not just a corrupt country but the country is looted by the elites in Umno to the extent that were are rated to be the most corrupt nation in the world.The country has been entirely vandalized to ashes by the ruling elites without guilt and qualms.

(Let’s continue in the next posting)

16 February 2017

Umno, don't rest your laurels on the past successes, you are now a corrupt addiction party, worse than drug addiction

Umno has lost all attributes and characteristic of a nationalist party. The slogan ‘Umno itu Melayu, Melayu itu Umno’ is now an ancient history. Umno has also lost the credibility as the leader of other parties within Perikatan and subsequently Barisan Nasional (BN) is already in oblivion. In actual fact MCA and MIC, the two major component of BN in the Peninsula Malaysia were the victims of Umno’s mischief-maker image and perception.

Now MCA has lost all moral to represent the Chinese community after the party has performed well to build up Malaysia and succeeded in building up the Chinese community to greater height. In fact the structural successes we now see in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and all major towns in the peninsula were contributed by MCA together with Gerakan by working together with UMNO the lead party for Barisan Nasional.

MCA was very successful in providing high standard of education to Malaysians and the Chinese. I must commend and acclaim MCA leaders like Lee San Choon and his entire previous MCA presidents for the obvious and testimonial successes in building the Tunku Abdul Rahman College and other educational institutions that has contributed enormously to the development of Malaysia specifically for the Chinese community at large. Those good times we saw how Umno and the rest of the parties in BN were focusing every effort for nation building without much news of waywardness of the parties within the coalition. 

The last respectful leader for Gerakan was the late Lim Keng Yaik. After him Gerakan was lost in the woods as the party like UMNO did not have any more quantifiable leaders to inherit the party leadership with high ethics and moral to lead. MCA and Gerakan wouldn’t have been sidelined by the Chinese had Umno was able to maintain the credibility as the component leader like it used to be.

When Umno deviates from its struggles it brings the components to deviate too. Umno was in command and the component parties had to chart their activities in tandem with the political culture of Umno which has deviated wayward and grotesque of their struggles and moralities. Hence it was Umno that brings MCA and other component parties to this current inconceivable state.

It’s not inaccurate to say that Umno has ceased to be an effective leader to the BN components but more apparent to be more of a pest instead to the BN. Umno, as I have been saying repeatedly has failed to choose and front trustworthy and inheriting the leadership to Najib and gang was extremely a severe and grave error and that costs the nation dearly. As Umno leadership has all the way been decided by the party elites and warlords the persons accountable for placing Najib to the helm of power were all the few warlords in particular our great Mahathir who at one time could walk on water.

Now Mahathir is the most enraged and disillusioned leader watching all the pranks and the shenanigans committed by his used to be most lovable protégé Najib. Najib is more absorbed to care for what he gains from Mahathir and he now takes Dr Mahathir as his number one enemy when his former mentor wants him to resign. Najib wants everyone in Umno hierarchy and in the government to lend him undivided support and allow him to take everything by his whim and fancies.  

Najib and his Cabinet take their public offices as their business premises and in every decision by the government they usually attest their personal interests in huge and momentous projects especially in the infrastructure related undertakings. In each and every project announced there is corruption and corrupt practices are already an addiction to almost every law maker who holds executive positions in the public offices. They usually conspire with the civil service and that’s how government servants at all levels succumb to corrupt addiction. Bear in mind that corrupt addiction is more devastating than drug addiction as it brings the government and the country to unadulterated sufferings.

Umno should stop resting its laurels on the old successes of the party. However the current Umno and its leadership fail to maintain the successes of the previous leadership but instead have become synonymous to corruptions and power abuse. Current Umno is saddled by plunderers, thieves and unbearable corrupt leaders and compulsive liars. 

(To be continued)