04 October 2015

Dr Mahathir says it again, Najib is afraid of criminal charges

Dr Mahathir said it again yesterday at a packed hi-tea function in De Palma hotel that Najib is afraid of criminal litigations against him if he quits  his position as a Prime Minister. So what do we do? Are we going to keep quiet and allow the pillaging and plundering of the state wealth and keep on the centralising of power to the PM's office?  Why are we allowing him and his wife (as perceived by the public) to become toll collectors on all big and gigantic and massive projects the government undertake? 

Of course Najib will be clinging to power to avoid all possible criminal charges against him. The best for him to do is to stay in power until his death to disallow any kind of litigations against him. He has to stay in power and die while in office. 

So what are those laws and the existence of democratic institutions for? If we have mandated him to manage the nation wisely we are also provided with institutions that can pull away the mandate from him for his failure to manage the nation with reasonably high moral standards. 

What is the Legislatives doing about this? Are they dumb and deaf? Can't they hear and see what the pranks and shenanigans shamelessly commited by Najib and his cabinet in the open? Can't the members of the Legislatives feel the pulses of the people who are desperately wanting to see that Najib to go and retire and disallow him to get near to vicinity of  the government especially the government treasury? 

What Dr Mahathir mentioned yesterday was the true and actual reason why Najib wants to cling to power. As I have said few times in this blog, Najib is riding on the back of the tiger and not able to dismount. He hopes to ride on the tiger until the tiger dies. Dismounting from the back of the tiger will endanger him and may cause him life. 

He has no time to think about the people he leads as he is fully focused in saving his own funeral. He knows that the world is shying away from him but he doesn't care what the world think about him. He has only one thing to concentrate on, i.e. his own life. He is expediently using the residue of power that he has to barricade any move to oust him as he has only power to save him from criminal charges against him for his wrong doings to the nation. 

He has to keep on lying to cover all the previous lies. He does not only tell lies in his country but he tell lies up until the United Nation in front of almost empty hall. No one believes on what he says any longer but he doesn't care a hoot about it. He is now a known orphanage leader in the world. 

He will keep on ruling the country with the IGP and may be with the AG. He will keep on forcing his Cabinet members and the Mentris Besar to support him and will displace all leaders and civil servants that he distrusts. 

His life is always in fear and that is why we see him going around town with dozens of body guards. He has only himself to guard and he does not care to guard for the safety of the nation. He has a slogan to guard for the people, that his 'rakyat didahulukan pencapaian diutamakan'. In practise the slogan results the reverse, 'aku didahulukan pencapaian aku diutamakan'. 

Now let us take care of ourselves. We have democratic institutions that can resolve and mitigate the leadership problems if we have the courage to work on it. We have the members of the Legislatures and the constitution has provided the Malay rulers to sack and to replace the Prime Minister. 

Najib has to go and let him retire together with his staunch supporters like Rahman Dahlan, Salleh Keruak, IGP and the rest like Zahid Hamidi and the AG. Let the rest of Malaysians take care of this nation and rebuild it from the disaster that Najib has done to the country. It's not too late if the change is done now. It's better late than never as the adage goes. 

We need an astute and a technocratically abled leader to formulate strong planning and transformation of the country. We must remember that as long as we are divided along racial line, this nation can never be called a nation. Racial issue have been polarized without hindrance and this is due to poor leadership under present leaders without leadership. We want a strong system to administer the nation and not ruled by the whim and fancies of the sitting leaders. 

I have a suggestion if we succeed in our efforts to find an astute and technocratically abled leader takes over this devastated leadership. Do away with all the useless and ungainly slogans that have sprouted since three decades ago. Let us go back to our old slogan which have been long forgotten, i.e. MUHIBBAH. That is our ultimate for our multiracial nation with diverse ways of life.  

01 October 2015

We don't know how it happens, but changes will soon be a reality

The unusual happenings in Malaysian politics will hopefully results in new environments and situation in Malaysian political facets. As much believed by people with high thoughts and believes the worst of situation that we are in now should be followed with huge blessings. It should end with promising closure and that situation would be the best premise for good planning and building the nation for the future of the country with new and leader who is more familiar with plannings, thus subsequently restart the nation anew. Nothing good can be achieved without going through rough and tribulations. That rough and tribulation will usually results in good happenings that we can subsequently rejoice.

As I have repeatedly been saying that we are now truly in the darkest part of the night and the darker the night is the nearer we are to the dawn. I strongly believe that we are already near to the dawn and let us all rejoice and count all the blessings that God bestows upon us then. 

Going true the rough and tribulations will build maturity in us especially for our leaders, the past, the current and the future. As fondly believed  by people with high spiritual value in their inner selves, every great evil that occurs, great good follows. The period of tribulations is the time when everyone does his own soul searching and that was the period when good fortune will emerge for the country as everyone has learnt his lessons which sometimes may be an expensive one. 

We may not be able to know how the good things going to happen but somehow it will happen as God works mystically and mysteriously which most of the time beyond our comprehension and computation of our mind..

We are not short of leaders who can act swiftly to  transform for the country that set to put us in new political ambiance . However these leaders or at least one of them have been on the side line for many years due to personal political game by leaders for the past two decades or more.

The carelessness of our leadership by not developing budding leaders to inherit leadership for this country was the main reason why we are stuffed with undependable leaders who are all out for their personal politics who are self serving and do not take the interest of the nation above everything. Now we have learnt enough that to depend on self serving leaders that we have now is damaging for the country. If not mitigated instantaneously will bring the country to devastation.

As I have said in my earlier posting the ousting of the sitting PM is one issue, but more crucial than that is replacing the outgoing PM with untainted leader with sterling records of contributions to the nation is of utmost importance. The crucial decision is to decide on who is the fittest to lead and exercise the much needed national correction. The conventional manner of alternating leaders have proven to be futile when the ungainly cultures that have been ingrained among the top governing leaders are already not beneficial to the nation any longer. It will only perpetuate our pains and disillusionment towards the government.

One thing for sure the ordinary rakyat are waiting impatiently to see and witness the needed change if possible instantaneously.

29 September 2015

There's a formula to get answers in leadership change, it's like maths

Where do we stand as a nation at international political arena of late? With all certainties many of us feel that we are not positioned like we used to be.  We used to be observed upon as the most progressing nation with fast and speedy development that was managed by astute leaders of yester years who did nothing more than just to see the nation keeping abreast with other developed or developing nations of the world. We were ahead of Korea and many other nations in the region as well as many others in the world but sadly in just over two decades we were far trailing behind Korea in all traits and facets of a truly well managed nation.

We are even trailing behind new emerging nations like Vietnam and to some hints that we were slowly overtaken by Myanmar and few other nations within the vicinity of the region. We were led by astute leaders with strong cabinet lineup who did not compromise their dignity with the love for money and wealth that were ill gotten. Leaders of those years were fully geared to see the nation was managed appropriately and they were all out sacrificing their souls for the nation right from the day we achieved our independence.

There was less rhetoric those days with highly charged slogans. As far as we can reminisce we only had a slogan, MUHIBBAH as national unity was the sole and ultimate eventual that were focused to arrive at. However since the eighties were impregnated endlessly with high sounded slogan which in the end did not materialize organic results for the nation and its people. We have been stuffed with unyielding slogans while the country was managed from already bad to an unacceptable level.

Corruptions become the culture and way of life of leaders with hefty slogans. Leaders with too much slogans are found out to be leaders with weak attributes just to cover-up their serious leadership deficiencies. While the clean and amazing slogans were heavily publicized through mainstream media, leaders were actively doing the opposite practices for their personal recompenses through huge ill-gotten money in unbelievable sum from tax payer’s money without qualms or guilt.

We know that leaders with the culture of corruption and abused of power will never make proper decisions and obviously we are deep in it currently. As I have said in my previous posting ousting Najib is one thing but to get proper replacement is another crucial issue that we are going to face. This blog have emphasized with strong assertions that changing leadership with the ones who was in the system and culture will never do any change but just prolonging the ungainly culture that has been ingrained in them. This is a natural consequence and if that happens we will be in perpetual problems with evil and harmful leaders for a long while that follow after that.

We can now smell that there are efforts by some parties to replace Najib with leaders that have been working hand-in-glove with the kinds with Najib for many years and still believe in changing leadership from within the UMNO highest body, the Supreme Council. They believe it is sufficient to change Najib with the ones who are within them and this will help us to have another unexceptional mediocre to lead us. That formula of leadership change has proven to be faulty and has never given us good answer. Problems persist through and true and we have to be drastic by having another formula of leadership exchange this time around.

This blog has said uninterruptedly that only a leader who is not within the current system and culture will give a good and correct answer to all the glitches that the nation has faced for past decades.

Like mathematics correct answers to the leadership problems can only be found with correct formula…and it’s nothing less.  

28 September 2015

Let's alternate Najib's leadership carefully and will have peace and security

Malaysians are just like any other nation’s nationality. They want life of peace and security and to secure that life the governing leaders must be of high dignity and free from ungainly perceptions from the public both national and internationally. Politic is a game of perception and any leader who loses the good and high propriety the nation he leads will normally tumbles eventually.

The nation with leaders of upright dignity will give good impulse for the nation to grow in all turfs and arenas.  We can assertively take words of dignified leader as a bond without many queries and one will be easy to deal with this kind or leaders as they are normally a gentleman and place his self-possession high above other things in life.

That was why we are now grasped in the situation that we are now facing with peculiarities for a democratic nation as we often claim. We have been fed with leaders oblivious of democratic morals and conned characters that put the country into a fertile ground for corruptions and misused of power to prosper unhindered. Who to be blamed for this to happen? Was it the mode and the manner selection of the PM that we usually practiced are already out-dated? Or what?

Since we achieved independence UMNO president has been the automatic choice of the PM and that creates heavy competition in the race to be the leaders of UMNO. As time passes the money politics became too overpowering as a result UMMO was laden with leaders who move up in the party’s hierarchy through money politics and that has gone unchecked until we face the current height of problems and if not checked it will bring the nation to kaput. UMNO has failed to produce leaders of self-respect and as such they become too questionable and doubted when he comes to power. 

Most of them were not there because of his or her dignified qualities but because of money politics and sycophantic moves to the top. If the self-dignity has been the consideration of leadership choices many would believe that Abdullah Badawi and especially the current sitting PM would not have been there in the first place. The culture of apple polishing and money politics compounded by personal inferiority complex feelings of the top leadership put away all the budding leaders to stay within the party’s top leadership echelon for the past almost three decades. In UMNO remains the sanctuary for uncouth and confused leaders spending all the time they have to create the culture of apple polishing for the top leadership.

This has been going on for decades and now the group of weak and deluded minded leaders are the once to inherit leadership of this country.

Now the question is will the ousting of Najib solves all the problems we now face? If Najib is alternated by wrong choice of leaders again, than we are on the way to another long haul of leadership problems that we are now fed up with. The choice of the alternative leadership of the country is accurately crucial material and issue.

As this blog have emphasized for a long while, alternating leaders by the manner and mode that we used to practice will in the end resulting in we getting another more mediocre to lead us. As it is we are now facing with the current most meritocratic PM that we have in our independent history.

Dr Mahathir has expressed regrets over his relentless efforts to put up the current sitting PM to the position he holds now. The question now, was his choice to put up Najib was the proper and appropriate move? Was his effort to put up Najib then was truly for the sake of the nation? Certainly it was not. So did his choice to put up Najib’s predecessor Abdullah Badawi.

The grand public knew that these two personalities do not hold the cut to lead the nation to face the current competitive world. It’s only Dr Mahathir who can answer this question even though we knew why he needed these two leaders to inherit his leadership.

We do hope that we especially Dr Mahathir now realized that a weak successor will only bring him disappointments and disillusions to him. But let’s us forget and be assured that our decision is not based on vengeance and revenge. Let us put aside our personal taste but instead get the feel of the public’s taste and flavor. Dr Mahathir knows the best person to lead the nation and he needs to own up his mistakes and be what a Malay fond of saying, ‘jadilah seorang yang berjiwa besar, hargai negara dahulu dari menghargai diri sendiri yang berlebihan’.

Then he will sleep well and die in peace. We will then sleep well too, and die to leave this country in peace and security for next generations to come.