28 July 2009

"Cross over" is game of the day

I received many text messages from friends and my readers regarding the party-switch by former MIC Deputy President Dato’ S.Subramaniam to Parti Keadilam Rakyat (PKR) days ago.

One of the text messages I received says, “All leaders from BN component parties who failed in their bid for top party positions will cross to PKR!” referring the recent cross over by Chua Jui Meng, S.Subramaniam and the rest who are thinking of defecting in this few days and weeks.

This is not coincidence as the other side of the fact is that all good leaders in all component parties in BN would eventually be side lined initiated by their own leaders with power craze and forced the members to endorse the move.

All leaders of BN component parties are perceived to be the mediocre while the real and relatively better leaders are all on the side line. This is particularly so in UMNO.

After a decade or so the parties were led by unscrupulous, stained as well as faked leaders who were all out to keep their personal politics above the party struggles and hence it has come to a point that the parties looses reverence from the voting public in both the General Elections (GE) and by-elections.

I am not wrong to say that S.Subramaniam was a better leader than Mr Samy. In fact the oppositions are very contented, for as long as Mr Samy leads MIC as they need not have much exertion to entice the Indians to support them in any election.

In essence Mr Samy is serving and giving good favor for the opposition if he still tries to cling to the top MIC position.

Few of my Indian neighbors and friends say, “We are voting the oppositions until Mr Samy is done with and in the meanwhile led the Indians choose their leaders without fear.”

UMNO had contracted this disease for an extensive while and the consequence of that disease had made the party looses their potency and might and soon to be in destitute and insolvent.

Dr Mahathir started his political move to sideline all budding and potential national leadership the moment he became the Deputy President of the Party in 1976 and his move became more evident since he assumed the Party President position in 1981 and 22 years of his reign saw a line of mediocre becoming leaders.

By the time he retired in 2003 there were already a huge blankness in the leadership and Abdullah succeeded him only to find the nation was under the was under weak and indefensible leadership.

The pressure for Dr Mahathir to resign was too evident as such that the weak Abdullah was given 90% mandate in 2004 GE. People then just wanted Mahathir to go as they wanted new political ambience.

In actuality Abdullah was never a good successor and people gave BN thumping mandate in 2004 GE was purely made up by the relief feelings of Mahathir’s resignation.

Mahathir’s greatest failure was not being able to prepare honest and capable successors as he was too obsessed in strengthening his personal politics and all current political insanity derived from his leadership.

Mahathir suspected everybody and trusted nobody. To him one can behave as he liked as long as he or she supported him.

Along the way UMNO and BN was infested by crimes like corruption and abuse of powers by the big and tiny leaders at all level and he condoned it to the fullest.

Mahathir blamed Abdullah for not taking some leaders to court for the corrupt practices committed during his (Mahathir's)reign.

Defections have been a median for current political circumstances. Mahathir defected from one UMNO to a new UMNO bringing along with him millions of members from the old one just because to side line few leaders who he considered to be a threat to his personal politics.

All the 22 years of his reign was for his personal and had nothing to do with protection of his race which he chose to be.

Samy Velu has been the MIC President for more than 2 decades and the position is for his personal selfish interest. If it is not than it’s for what?

MCA has been laden and impregnated with corrupt perception. The 12 billion PKFZ issue is the issue centered on MCA leaders of the past and present.

MCA lost heavily in the last GE to DAP and PKR and defection of their leaders seemed imminent as the split within the party has come to a breaking point.

Most of the ordinary members have defected to the opposition in the last GE, so the defection by their leaders is just the follow through of their members who defected massively in 2008 GE through the ballot box. So there is nothing new at all.

In actual essence political parties do not serve any purpose any further if they were to talk about starting a fresh for the nation as all the parties are suffering from unmitigated corruption issue.

So do their leaders. How a corrupt leader could promise us to combat corruption? How could the leaders take that sodomy is more heinous that corruption?

When come to leadership issue sodomy and corruption do not have a breath of different. If we have to punish a person who commits sodomy we should also punish the corruptors the same.

Islam says a corrupt person is as good as a person who eats the flesh of his on siblings and family.

So how do we find the basis of saying that corrupt person is less sinful than the person who commits sodomy?

I wish some religious scholars can convince me on this. To my simple mind if a person is thrown into the prison for sodomy, the corrupt must also be caged.

Quitting BN seems to non exertion effort as there is nothing left for one to stay on in that coalition.

For the Malays they feel they have no more reason to struggle in UMNO as all the struggles for them have been shelved away with that beautiful slogan the current leadership is propagating.

They were in UMNO to struggle for a purpose; that is to strengthen the Malay existence but all those are thrown away in the ditch by their leaders. Their existence in the party is of no more relevant.

This is the group that has the potential of defecting to find a party which they feel having the purpose of their existence.

Lastly my question is: what is so heinous when a person defects from his party as opposed to corrupt leaders and a person who commits sodomy?

Defecting from BN component parties will soon be a daily affair and there is no solution for the circumvention of the move.

As Tengku Razaleigh has loudly said, it has to be an entirely new deal to effect new political circumstances for the betterment of the country and in particular the inter-racial issues which is at a very worrying state.

I trust this great veteran is the solution to the whole and entire problems we are facing.

Anything less would give all of us the chance to witness the unkind tribulation in Malaysian politics.

Trust me, we will see that happening if we are still in denial. Don’t believe me only when the circumstance becomes reality.

I am saying this not only to UMNO and BN but it is also for all the opposition parties.

Political parties seems to be of no relevance at this point of time any longer but most importantly everyone has to have the nation’s problem to be of priority to be addressed.

Thanks……………………………………………………………..Aspan Alias


hjmuhammadawal said...

Yang memilukan ialah UMNO sudah tiada manusia yang berdaya kepimpinan yang sebenarnya.

Mereka telah diketepikan oleh pemimpin UMNO yg tidak mahu mana-mana individu yang berkalibar untuk memimpin partinya.

Akhirnya kita dapat pemimpin yang menyerahkan semua hak Melayu kepada bangsa asing.

Melayu sudah hilang segala-galanya sejak kita dapat kepimpinan baru ini.

Saya amat kecewa. Benarlah kata orang kita tidak payah sokong UMNO lagi kerana UMNO sudah jual maruahnya.

johnwayne said...

UMNO is ruled by irresponsible beings headed by Najib.

He does not have the cut as a Malay and people's leader.

He is a betrayer, he is non starter and he should consider resigning.

lebaikudin said...

Sedang UMNO menuju kehancuran,akibat dipimpin pemimpin yang tidak berwibawa,ini akibat: i.mengisi tembolok yang tidak pernah kenyang ii.mengumpul harta yang tidak pernah cukup iii.gila kuasa yang melampau..talkin untuk UMNO..

Orang Tua said...

You know, Me and my friends will support Any leader from UMNO to lead this country of ours So long as he is Not corrupted, Fair, and Look after the ALL the peoples interest - Not Just UMNO members !
Dont our leaders realise that Malaysia is a multi-racial country ?

From a patriotic Non-Malay Citizen.

James said...

Dear Sir,

I certainly agree with you that Tengku Razaleigh is the solution to this nation's problem.
But alas, that will never come to fruition as long the current genre of UMNO leaders are in power.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Tuan Haji Muhammadawal,

Apa yang tuan katakan boleh kita menoleh balik kepada sejarah pertandingan UMNO tahun 1987, bagaimana UMNO lama dibiarkan mati ekoran keputusan mahkamah tahun 1988 dan memahami mengapa UMNO(baru) ditubuhkan.

Ketandusan pemimpin dalam UMNO(baru) hari ini adalah kesan dari tindakan TDM untuk memastikan musuh-musuh politiknya dalam UMNO lama tidak dapat menyertai UMNO(Baru) dan bakal-bakal pencabarnya juga berada diluar UMNO(baru). hanya kaki-kaki pengampu, yesman, pemimpin-pemimpin HP6 dan mereka-mereka yang ada kepentingan peribadi sahaja yang diterima masuk UMNO(baru)

hakikatnya, penubuhan UMNO(Baru) adalah satu platform baru untuk TDM mengekalkan kuasanya dimana dia boleh menentukan peraturan-peraturan baru dan dictate halatuju UMNO(baru) sekiranya dia merasa dirinya tercabar dan dimana dia boleh control perjalanan parti 100%.

Ingatkah Tuan haji keputusan-keputusan: Undi bonus, kuota pencalonan, jawatan presiden dan timbalan tidak dipertandingkan,politik wang dsb.

Ketandusan pemimpin-pemimpin yang berkaliber, berkualiti dalam UMNO(baru) adalah kesan jangka panjang dari tindakan TDM tersebut yang dirasai hari ini.

Bila bercakap tentang UMNO(Baru) dan pemimpin-pemimpinnya hari ini, kebanyakannya oorang akan fokus kepada perkara-perkara negatif: rasuah, sombong, kakai songlap projek kerajaan, kronisme dll.

Tindakan yang paling berani yang telah diambil oleh TDM dalam untuk mengekalkan kuasanya ialah dengan membuka keahlian UMNO(baru) kepada semua bumiputra dalam tahun 1992 dulu apabila dia mengembangkan UMNO(baru) kesabah.

Ini brmakna UMNO(Baru) bukan lagi PARTI MELAYU 100%!.Tindakan beliau membawa UMNO(baru) kesabah juga adalah atas kepentingan politiknya.

Sabah dan sarawak sekarang menyumbangkan 56 buah kerusi parlimen kepada UBN.Dengan 56 kerusi ini, UBN dan TDM pasca 1992 tidak lagi mengantung harapan besar kepada kemenangan besar di semenanjong untuk mengekalkan kuasanya.

Dalam PRU2008 yang lalu, BN hanya mendapat 44% undi popular disemenanjong. Kalau tidak disebabkan oleh 56 kerusi yang disumbangkan oleh sabah dan sarawak, keadaan UBN khasnya UMNO(baru) adalah lebih tenat dari hari ini.

Oklah UMNO(baru) melalui UBN msih memerintah tetapi at what cost kepada kita orang melayu?


Anonymous said...


pemimpin muda dan pelapis yang berkualiti kebanyakannya berada dalam PAS.

Bukan tidak ada pemimpin-pemimpin muda yang berkualiti menyertai UMNO(baru)-ada. Tetapi mereka ini tidak mendapat tempat yang sewajarnya dalam UMNO(baru) dalam setup sekarang.

Apabila ada pemimpin-pemimpin baru yang berkualiti, mereka ini awal-awal lagi dicantas di peringkat cawangan atau bahagian.Lainlah jika mereka ini adalah anak atau saudara mara pemimpin dalam UMNO(baru) sendiri.

Inipun tidak akan kemana-mana kerana apabila pemimpin-pemimpin muda ini memasuki gelanggang yang lebih besar, mereka ini akan dicantas oleh pemimpin-pemimpin lain yang lebih established.


mak jun yeen said...

Like it or not cross overs are part of the democratic process.

Churchill cross from the Toris to the LDP and then to Labour and then back to the Tories.

My LDP auntie will tell you how many LDP councilmen and Councilwomen she help elected into office have either crossed over to the Tories and Labour.

What happened in Sabah and Perak are part of the Democratic process we inherited from the British.

master said...

I agree with Bat8. Many of talented Malay leaders are with PAS.

We have weak leaders leading our country.

Many of them are not so convincing leaders but they get a helpful image manipulation through the mainstream medias.

Najib is tarnished by many scandalous corruptions even at certain extend a very high profile Mongolian case. Though he has many ideas to improve our country.

Long story short, Tengku Razaleigh or Anwar Ibrahim should be the Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

I can bet that Najib, Muhyiddin and all up there will only drive us and UMNO to the grave.

If Anwar or Tengku are the bet, do something and it should be shouldered by every Malaysian.

OK brothers and sisters, let us do something real organic to get these 2 leaders up there.