12 June 2015

Dr Mahathir is enjoying being the man-of-the moment

Our politics are too soiled and mucky. It’s at the worst situation and unimaginable state of affairs that rocks the nation to shamble and the consequences of it are not small. There are too many issues that surround around losses of public funds and misused of power from the reckless leaders in the government and the ruling political leaders. Now we are witnessing the quarrels among the old and young undependable used-to be and the current leaders.

Each of the quarreling divides claims more legitimacy of their sides while in actual fact they were the one and the same kind of leaders who used to bring losses and harms to the nation and their acts of greed are protracted by the current set and horde of leaders.  The originator of the evilest culture in leadership and the inheritors are in confrontations. They were used to be one and the same. They were all political sinners and their contributions to the dishonesties are beyond computations and comprehensions.  

Mahathir the originator for the misplaced culture in Malaysian politics today admitted that he causes for the present crisis which he claims was done for the sake of the nation. He has to tell all what Najib has done to the nation through 1MDB. Mahathir said the crisis has to surface as he has to tell the people what people don’t know. Mahathir says that if he is not telling all Najib will carry on pillaging the country through 1MDB without hindrances and the people and the nation will suffer.

While the reasoning from Mahathir is more than fair and should be supported, we should never forget that Mahathir was the one who put up these weak leaders to lead the nation. Mahathir as I have mentioned in my previous posting is by nature unable co-exist with virtuous and astute leaders as he wants to remain relevant and sought-after leader all the time. All the best crop of leaders were systematically ostracized by him during the twenty-two year reign of power. 

The unblemished weaknesses of Abdullah and Najib make Mahathir continues to be relevant and this fascinates him as he would still be looked upon as man-of-the moment all the time. Being surrounded big congregations of supporters is the greatest compulsion for Mahathir under the guise of doing the needful for the nation.

This cost the nation cripplingly as weak and deluded leaders will contribute more harm than good to the country like we are currently experiencing under Najib. It’s so expensive to retain Najib as our leader and that is natural for weak and mendacious leader. We cannot rely on the Cabinet to bring him back on track as the Cabinet themselves are confused leaders as they are not familiar with their role and functions as cabinet members.

We don’t know how Mahathir takes the present situation watching his lines of leaders who inherit him are all undependable and untrustworthy. I think that serves Mahathir right. He is responsible in promoting undeserving leaders to inherit him. If he is now genuinely concerned with the fate of the nation his choice will be the choice of Malaysians of diversified races and religions as well as way of lives and not just to fit in his personal preferences.

The clue of finding an appropriate leader after Najib is not to take in anyone among the current members of the Cabinet and the Supreme Council members. They are one and the same. Taking one of them is no change. If there is any it will be a change for the worse.

Do remember that if the sovereigns commit evils the ordinary people will suffer. 


Anonymous said...

Saudara AA

Mahathir owes it to Ku Li, but again his pride is too big for him admit it. If Dr M is honest with his assessment of Najib, he should unequivocally endorse Ku Li. Period.

Anonymous said...

Anon above,

It was not pride but big and huge ego

XUMNO said...

Sdr Aspan. Your assessment is correct.The man who started all these mess is no other than Mahathir himself. He destroyed every system of good governance during his tenure as PM to suit his alter ego and wrong doings.He was responsible for destroying every fabric of the system and laws of Malaysia, the judiciary, the police, finance, education, religion and above all the position of the Sultans. At that time he thought he is the all-mighty, and no one is as good and cleaver as himself.Now he is actually reaping what he sowed. What utterances that he is making now is actually a manifestation of his overpowering regret.

bruno said...

What not Mahathir enjoying every second of the moment?This is really his time,especially since making hay after his retirement.With such big wailing crybabies like Rafizi,sec gen of PKR begging for Mahathir's help in sueing EPF and GLC's,and other opposition leaders begging to share a bed with him,hey,who can blame Mahathir for having a tail like a peacock's.

Anonymous said...

The hopeless political leaders we have now are the end products produced by TDM . It is right time now to make ethnic cleansing of hopeless political leaders starting from PM . PM must realised that the current worst financial situation of the country created by him and it is proper if he loves the country he must give way to his deputy to lead the country. We hope the new PM must carry out political ethnic cleansing of the hopeless ministers and slowly clean up all kind of corruptions starting with investigating all politicians and retired goverment servants that lived beyond their means.
I am confident the public will support this effort to bring back the country to normal . If new PM doesnt have the courage to clean up the corrupted people it is better to let KU LI to take over as PM since he has not been associated with corrupt practices .
The ringgit depreciations will affect not only people in the streets but also businesses and our children studying overseas. It really doesnt make any sense to force DPM to resign for not supporting someone who have made the country suffer .Our ringgit now is moving into a situation during japanese occupation of Malaya where Japanese yen lying every without any value.
TDM correctly said that BN will definitely be defeated by knock out in PRU 14 if the current political limbo not immediately rectified...No one in the street especially UMNO member openly supporting current PM. It is extremely risky and shameful to admit that he or she is UMNO member because you will become the subject of humiliation and be made laughfing stock...
The only viable political restructuring now should be the PM must go ...if not what ever proposal will not work and waste of time and money...