11 May 2016

Stop resting your laurels on Sarawak Elections victory, Najib should leave

It has been two months that I have not touched this writing machine for reason personal to me. There were lots of happenings politically that need to be mitigated with full accountability and assurances; some need true sacrifices by those people in power to get the nation back on proper and appropriate track of democratic nation. We are in slaking and in thirst of living in a nation that is decorously managed like we used to experience in the seventies.

We have been living in a wrongly cultured nation in almost every turf and arena and that has become the norms of the day. Corruptions have been the culture in our multiracial society and this practice seems to be accepted as part of live in the country for more than two long decades. Any attempt by like minded and leaders to address this dangerous culture will be deemed as anti-national. Saying a right thing is forbidden and those who were openly in support of the struggle for change were apprehended and not a small number have been unfairly be brought to courts of justice.

Some have been sacked and fired from their jobs and taken over by the hunger sycophants around the leadership for their personal monetary and social prominence. This situation is very normal for any distraught and distress of government and leadership. Najib has destroyed all democratic institutions and to rebuild all these institutions is needed as instantaneously as possible.  

Today will be another day that is interesting to observe. We want to see whether there will be a second default of payment of the coupon on the $ 1.7 billion bonds on 1MDB. This is a very crucial observation and if it’s going for another default any logical mind will conclude that we are on the fast track to devastation. 1MDB is the brainchild of Najib the PM, an investment arm for the Ministry of Finance that Najib leads with initial paid-up capital of RM1 million with initial amount RM42 billion loans and debts of various forms.

Now the amount has climbed up to RM52 billion with 5.99 percent coupon rate for today’s scheduled repayment. We were made to believe that the amount will be no less than $52.24 million as the bond is traded with higher yield these days. Whether IPIC will pay as agreed in the back to back agreement with 1MDB is yet to be seen today and by next week all of us will be able to know the whole story line on this issue.

Somehow by the end of the day the government is put at a great risk of bailing out the whole loan and debts in various forms that we have in hands. While Najib is resting his laurels on the Sarawak State election victory everyone knows that he was just riding on the popularity of the Chief Minister Adnan Satem. It was Adnan Satem’s marvelous presentation that it has very little contribution from Najib for the big win.

Najib must own up the fact that he has done too much debauchery compared to all mistakes and misadventures of all previous PMs lumped together. He has to quit without delay as he is able to untie all his misadventures that will ultimately bring Malaysians to disaster.

We have to be conclusive in our opinion that Najib has proven to be too undeserving to lead the nation any longer. He has momentously failed as a leader of our grand nation noticeably. He has been destroying the country to an unimaginable magnitude to an extend that his misappropriation of public funds is now under global investigations.   


Anonymous said...

Lets start kicking the Boogeese Warrior Pirate assess by giving victory to PAS in the coming PRK in Sg Besar and Kuala Kangsar.

Anonymous said...

On the authority of Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

"Allah (Almighty and Most Sublime) said: "Pride is My cloak and Greatness My robe; whoever competes with Me in respect of either of them I shall cast into Hellfire."

(related by Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah)

Najib believes the God of Cash has crowned him King of Malaysia...

Anonymous said...

Only UMNO can remove him, however, UMNO never has the intelligence and the culture to understand the circumstances of what Najib has done to the country with this complicated 1MDB issue. UMNO as usual is dancing to the tune of feudalistic music of loyalty and the rhetorics of the leader. It does not see the need for any show of integrity and uncorrupted values required in its leaders. Their argument is that all leaders make mistakes but that doesn't mean he has to stepdown. The country has made so many mistakes but progressed well. UMNO does not see the need to change its political conscience and lifestyle. Their poltical sight is very shallow and intergrity values is a matter of perception and not required for its leaders as long it is perceived as doing for the good of its people. They cannot see that they have been used for their blinded loyalty. Somebody need to campaign to the UMNO members that they need to change and be brave to change and remove this Najib and set it as an example for their new direction. Without this change, they may still win the next GE with their manipulations, but the nation and the Malays are doomed!

Anonymous said...

Why are you so unkind to Najib? If a Chinese girl can buy RM$300,000 hand bags, why not Rosmah. She has to keep up the appearances. Of course the money is from her own family. Yep, not from that Saudi Arab RM$2.7 billion or from 1MDB, OK?.

All the money is still in 1MDB (according to the Government -- I did not see it) even if the Swiss government have closed down its BSI bank and the little red dot tutup BSI branch in the republic for money laundering.Why? Ask Najib. He will tell you cleanliness is next to godliness. He has both - he is clean and has god's money (from Arab). Hidup Najib!