25 May 2017

Najib truly believes that we Malaysians only have either sand, mud or dried cow dungs in our heads

Our Najib's ruling leaders claim that there is no mismanagement, no corruptions, not swindling no cheating and of course no stealing of funds in 1MDB, SRC and other agencies that lose money in tens of billions of dollars. But 1MDB, SRC Felda and the rest of used to be cash-laden agencies were losing heavily and their money evaporates through thin air in tens of billions of dollars.

Now, where are those huge sums of money have gone to? Why are there too many banks officers in various banks those handles the workings on 1MDB cash were all found guilty and went to jail and have to pay hefty penalties for dealing dubiously with 1MDB goings-on? some were losing their jobs in the banks for conspiring with the world's most famous state sovereign fund steered and managed by the PM himself.

Why were they being charged and convicted for the dealings dealing with the 1MDB and SRC dealings? Now let us Malaysians do just a light introspection with ourselves, do we believe the denial by Najib and the rest of his foot-soldiers claims that there were no wrongdoings surrounding 1MDB issues?

No wrong doings, 1MDB is making money as they claim and there is no corruptions and what not. Then why are the rakyat being burdened by these dubious decisions by 1MDB and their leaders? Why do we have to pay 1MDB debts if there is no loss and plundering in the so-called Malaysian wealth funds?  

Najib and the rest expect us to believe everything they say. They perceive that all Malaysians especially the Malays don’t have even a bit of gray matters in their heads. They think we Malaysians are having only mud or sand in our heads. To some others among their supporters even think that we Malaysians have only dried cow dungs in our heads. Even leaders young and old in his Cabinet graduating from first-class universities in the world succumb to his whim and fancies and amuse the undeserving PM without a qualm. 

That's why the robbing and plundering of Malaysian coffers were perpetually practiced by these leaders.


Wizard said...

Never so few stolen so much from so many ... wc

lufang said...

Kasi ledha saja lah , apa bolih buat maa aa ,lain tempat itu buat atak salah lea aa ,tapi lalam Malaysia tatak salah maa aa .

Anonymous said...

When there is no trial, definitely 1MDB has no wrong doing. Just wait after PRU14. If PH wins, we will see the UMNOk MP guys rushing for a oversea holidays. I bet some of the guys will only watch the results from oversea.