27 July 2017

The aura against Umno/BN is at its height, mayday for Umno

The political goings-on currently is very fluid. BN and Umno, in particular, are facing the toughest trial in the decades of their history and the ultimate of the Malays to see Umno to be alternated by another Malay based party is soon be realized if Umno doesn’t have the will to make a serious and drastic revolution to reposition the party to its proper place again.  It’s too apparent that PPBM is taking the place of Umno and the new party is now dissecting the hearts of the Malays including those in the traditional Umno bastions country-wide.

The members of PPBM are mostly from Umno and they’re very large in numbers and the remaining members of Umno are the once who are going to deceive the party’s leadership in the coming GE. As I have said umpteen of times the Umno turn coats in the ballot boxes will be much bigger in number the coming Election as compared to the last 13th GE.

All the efforts by Najib and his close advisers will go to waste as the debauched perception on his leadership can’t be expunged from the minds of the people both the local voters as well as the international community. The whole globe is now against him and what can the political novices within his corridor help him to clear off his badly dented image as a leader. Najib’s advisors around him are pure and crudely the group who are joyously fishing over troubled water. Each and every one who is politically conscious believes their pulses that beat in them will not deceive them this time.

Umno with Najib at the helm will not be able to beat the aura against his leadership. What Umno is facing now is the gigantic move and the aura against it. When this kind of aura prevails Umno has the best chance of being in the opposition bench with its splinters of Federal Legislative members sitting on it. The current prevailing tsunamic aura is piercing through the hearts and minds of the voting public. Everyone does not believe that the giveaways that the government has announced will not be that effective defence for Umno any longer. 

What are the moves that PPBM on one side and UMNO/BN on the other should do? The real politics of this country all the way were played by few Warlords of parties from both sides of the deep divide. The warlords will be much in the play and right down on the ground are purely cheer leaders.

This issue now is, who gets more cheer-leaders? We shall go for simple deliberations in the next postings that will follow.

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