23 September 2008

Power transition : Facts and Fallacies

The harsh global economic crisis has already reached our shore and that will be another occurrence that would be destructive to our political subsistence if not appropriately mitigated.

As it is now we are already in ruthless situation struggling vainly to manage life with the increase in prices of essential items needed for basic living.

So, to this point there are loads of ideas that come from everyone and I am sure it takes nothing to find the reconciliatory approach towards solving this disastrous economic quandary.

Right in front of us, the political situation seems very much unsettled; it is going to be terminal for this oldest party.

It’s not just being an economic graduates, one can guaranty and can claim having the capacity to decipher this massive and testing economic disorder.

What this country needs is a real and quantifiable planner, a technocrat and has solid political will with vast experience in using economy to re-engineer national unity which is the ultimate struggle of this nation.

I am not hating or attempting to sideline any aspiring leader to rise as alleged by few of my readers but telling the truth is an evident ingredient to achieve ultimate struggle.

Certainly a baggage carrier is an automatic disqualifier to ascend to power house. There are many among the aspiring individuals who should disqualify themselves and they themselves know why they should do so.

All the negative elements have percolated the leadership line-up and UMNO with the current bunch of leaders up there have to resign to help in mitigating the mountable tribulations UMNO is facing.

Many do not understand as to why the accountability only have to be held by Abdullah; in actual fact the whole line-up have to be responsible for the defeat of BN in many states in the last General Elections.

Najib was then the Director of the Elections and surely he is equally accountable for the defeat.

I am far from supporting Abdullah, and have never been, but for all fairness why just blame him when the faults were committed by everybody up there?

This is the basic moral of democracy, joint accountability.

Let us all ask one blunt question: Why was Najib not sharing the blame, as he was the Director of the GE?...and worst of it all he is now made to be the automatic successor in the transition plan!....it is totally ridiculous.

Najib should resign together with Abdullah instead of replacing him, and please respect this cardinal rule and ethics of democracy.

Let us emphasize that once a Prime Minister resigns due to catastrophic election results, the whole cabinet line-up should resign.

What transition plan are they talking about? What kind of invention is this? They should face the grassroot members and allow them to elect whoever they feel suitable.

Everyone is talking about democracy, but they adulterate the basic principle of democracy with wild fallacies.

It’s hard to say this but what choice do you and me have. Our nation is at stake. Let us all open up our minds and do the needful.

Please remember, our generation depends on our wisdom and sacrifices.

Thanks………………………………………Aspan Alias


pakbelalang said...

Tun M dah bagi backing kat Ku Li ! So apa nak lagi. Keep on fighting and fight it out to last. One thing I must caution, please don't use Mat Rempit like some UMNO youth members do.

Get rid of Najib and Pak Lah.

Unknown said...


sempena hari lembaran akan akan menjelang tiba, izinkan saya mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri , diharap kemaaafan yang dipohon akan mengeratkan lagi perpaduan supaya kita akan menjadi satu rumpun bangsa yang utuh dan harmoni kerana jika satu bangsa telah mula berfikir, tidak ada satu kekuatan pun yang boleh menghentikannya.

Kemaafan mungkin amat berat untuk diberikan
kepada orang yang pernah melukai hati kita.
Tetapi hanya dengan memberi kemaafan sahajalah kita akan dapat mengubati hati yang telah terluka. Kemaafan yang di beri secara ikhlas umpama pisau bedah yang boleh membuang segala parut luka emosi.

Keikhlasan yang dipohon ,keikhlasan jua diberi walaupun keikhlasan itu umpama seekor semut hitam di atas batu yang hitam di malam yang amat kelam. Ianya wujud tapi amat sukar dilihat.