24 October 2008

Musa wants new maladies

Tun Musa Hitam (TMH) came up with too general a statement saying that UMNO should be led by the young and do away old leaders who are still singing old maladies which misfit the current politics.

In actual fact, TMH was one of the main person who contributed to the initial destruction of UMNO culture but let us not read so much of his dubious history in UMNO. It’s sickening.

Let us just let us flick through the statement he made yesterday but promise not to take his opinion seriously.

What does he mean by young leaders? Young at age or young on ideas and political inventions or anybody as long he or she is young? Or does he mean young at heart as he is reputed to be?

To my mind, the person justified to lead is person who does not have any negative public perceptions, Malay at heart as well as a person who is magnanimous.

Even before he ascend to the premiership that person must be free from allegations of misconduct like corruption, murder, abuse of power and a good image of close family members which are cardinal to ethics of good and sound leadership.

Further to that, the person must have experience in a strong government and has gone through and overcome big National Crisis and have passed through all the mills of politics.

He must be a chap who has the experience in performing social, political and economic engineering which is the basic tenet of our multi-racial, multi-religions and multi-cultural like Malaysia.

He should be a technocrat in capacity and a person who is able to come up with strong and long term policy which is applicable in long decades of time.

Now I am asking TMH a direct but very simple question to answer; can anyone in line for leadership like Najib, Muhyiddin, Hishammudin Husein, Ali Rustam, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Muhammad Taib suit to the cap?

Do they really up to the mark and can they comprehend what all that mean? To them it’s either language of Greek or French and too risky for the country to have them as leaders.

TMH must resign to the fact that it is the young who are the group who do not appreciate the workings of UMNO because of the misconduct of the set of leaders who are now at the top in the party and the government.

That is the main reason why I always emphasize that it is not the work of Pak Lah alone but also the work of Najib and the rest; so it is too uncharacteristic to get Najib to succeed Pak Lah as Najib should withdraw together with him (Pak Lah).

One does not need to be a genius to answer; they do just not know the clue of what leadership is all about.

They just know how to solicit votes through dubious means in order to be up in the hierarchy.

You may not like my guts but shortly I shall emerge with prove that what I am now saying is full of truth and wisdom.

I suggest TMH just enjoy life as he normally does as he is not updated with real needs and wants of the people.

To those who know him well will admit that he is forever young and he does not intend to be old.

Thanks………………………………Aspan Alias


Col Roseli said...

I cannot quarrel with you on this.
I used to admire TMH and always thought that his political outlook was beyond the reach of others. But ever since he put all his eggs in Pak Lah's basket, and destroying Pak Lah in the process, I begin to give a second thought of what that came from him.
Now I realised that he was just another follower who only says what his boss wants to hear.
If he (TMH) could have given a balance view on Pak Lah's style of governing before the March 8th election, the result could have been different today.

Anonymous said...

dear aspan,
TMH is irrelevant. You probabbly waisted your time interpreting TMH's remarks. He may have been a DPM only because he was voted deputy president of UMNO (in your words 'tiruan') These people come and go but when he was deputy what was his vision? What did he actually contribute to realize the need for the young? Hahaha.........
today the young, the old and the ugly are vying for positions and these people potray themselves as leaders of today and tomorrow,yakyakyak........
Will UMNO ever be relevant? wich UMNO?
you may not have said it in its supposed context but i too would like to ask how will we survive and live should people with all kinds of mockery and scandals lead our nation? I WONDER......

pakbelalang said...

Tun Musa ni ikut sedap cakap je. Kononnya orang boleh terima lagi apa dia cakap. Tun Musa bolehlah diumpamakan produk barangan yang dah lapuk di kedai runcit terperuk di belakang stor. Sesekali bela ada pelangan nak produk itu maka keluarlah dari bilik stor. Tapi tak laku juga. Barang dah expired !!! Itu lah Tun Musa Hitam THE ELEGANT SILENCE.