07 November 2008

UMNO, the detestable party

I have been trying to bring to a halt talking and writing about this loathsome and detestable party, called UMNO, but I am in vain.

The deterioration of the party has become too unambiguous and it’s already a pain in the ass to everybody, men and women, Malays,, Chinese, Indians, businessmen and unemployed and everybody who at least have an unclothed grey matter who can think.

I have also heard some calling UMNO as a pest to the country.

Malaysians are watching very closely all the shenanigans and the pranks of top leaders and quite frankly the subsequent comings and goings of the party and the government is very predictable.

Everybody knows that UMNO is despicable in the eyes of the voting population as the party is ruled and managed by corrupt, untrustworthy, criminal prone, compulsive and impulsive liars, and clownish who are under the watchfulness of the people.

All the leaders are caught in a tight web of top leaders who in turn have unseen influence from dubious foreign power or even from their influential spouses which may endanger the national security.

No one among us should stomach this dangerous state of affairs as we are the ones who are going to suffer if not mitigated in one way or another swiftly.

Mohd Najib can’t even handle his own race or at least one of his family members and one can envisage how he is going to manage other races other than to concede blindly all their demands and quests at the expense of his or our own struggles.

Weak and playful leader like Najib would certainly not have the ability to strike the conciliatory balance on matters pertaining to the intertwining interracial complication which is now at a critical stage.

Parallel to this local political impurity we are already facing mountable international economic and financial crisis and his brief enrolment in the Nottingham University would not help him (Najib) to address this gigantic scale crisis.

The finance ministers of the European Union just concluded their emergency meeting in Brussels and they are serious in finding solutions to the financial crisis and to prepare cohesively for summit meeting of the G20 when they congregate in Washington next week for real serious meeting.

Conversely we are still talking about trivial matters centering on uncharacteristic images of our top leaders and the wickedly perceived future first lady of the country, the subject that is widely gossiped at every corner of the nation.

This has got to be stopped, and if need be Najib should morally resign to keep the mind of all Malaysian at peace to focus on rehabilitating the nation to the level we used to enjoy with
We are not interested in listening to personal matters of anyone, as the economic stimulus actions by every nation, big and small in facing the economic upheaval, do not receive positive response.

The well received election results in the US fail to be the stimulus for economic recovery and stock markets in American continent and Europe are tumbling with no positive signs of improvement.

Lowering of interest rates which usually boost the stock market does not strengthen he industry and so far the application of the entire conventional economic correction formula do not auger recovery even at marginal rate.

The crisis of this range has not been experienced by our generation and we need real technocrat and expert to handle this sickening environment.

It is too unfair to think that Najib can handle this unimaginable scale of economic meltdown and this opinion may offend his lieutenants, but a fact remains a fact and let us all accept this basic truth.

We have no time and space to amuse anyone as our generation is at stake. If UMNO cannot come up with viable and trustworthy leaders to lead the party, it will be an exhibit in the National Museum, at Jalan Travers in just few years.

It is enough for the day…and before I pen off can I have just one person to agree with me?

Thanks………………………..Aspan Alias


pakbelalang said...

Too little too late, Pan. We can keep on ranting hingga ayam berkokok. Nothing could be reversed. He is destined to be the next President of UMNO and Prime Minister-in-waiting.

We will have to watch the good, the bad and the ugly side of Najib in the coming years.

It is not a matter of agree or not to agree with you. Lets hope for the best that he will be better than Pak Lah !!

SFGEMS said...

I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

UMNO is as good as dead. Nothing can save it anymore.

The vilest hypocracy is that UMNO uses the excuse of doing things for the Malays for their own selfish ends. UMNO yang menghinakan orang Melayu sendiri!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 300%! Thanks for describing UMNO sooo well. Najib should resign! To have a person so strongly suspected to be linked to murder, lead a nation... Shameful

Anonymous said...

...it is jan 2011, all you have said is proven correct....may you do well with dap...pls make sure to keep to your most esteemed high ideals....may peace be with you.....