11 May 2009

Mohammad Nizar is the MB; BN vs Rakyat

The High Court finally decided Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as the legally legitimate Menteri Besar of Perak and for those having legal knowledge and with no political inhabitant in their mind welcomes the decision.

In the first place please remember that the rakyat had not given the BN to rule the state, however little the margin is and anyone shouldn’t have brought in the court to interfere in the legislature.

Zambry Kader, even though is allowed to appeal, it is morally unbecoming to do so as the rakyat has the final judgement.

It is not about who has the legal right to be the MB but it is the government which rakyat has the sole right to decide when political might of the Federal leaders has made the state to be in shuffle.

Morally whoever in the Federal, responsible for the attempt to topple the government of the rakyat should step down as we should give all regards to the moral of democratic system.

Mohammad Nizar has promised to advise HRH the Sultan to dissolve the State Assembly, if consented, to let the rakyat choose a government they want in a fresh State election.

If this is what is going to happen, Mohammad Nizar is going to have massive ground support as he has been perceived as the victim of wicked politicking of somebody with strong power in Kuala Lumpur.

Mohammad Nizar will definitely bring in the masses to support him against what the public perception as the BN agitation has made the State in serious adversities…and subsequently the mood on the ground will be a contest between the rakyat and the BN.

BN’s misadventure in Ipoh is the priciest lesson that we have witnessed with our naked eyes for a long while.

Anything less than the dissolving the Assembly, and calling for fresh State Election will not bring in political stability to the state.

The rakyat has the final say and I hope nobody with politically perverted mind should deny this crude fact. BN should have built up some pride and accept accountability for the fiasco.

Remember that the Sultan decision to replace Mohammad Nizar has not been followed through by vote of no confidence and Tuanku should not be blamed for all those.

Tuanku has done what he has to do that’s it. DS Najib should now come out with restful statement as he has to face the people soon after the dissolution of the Assembly.

He does not only face the rakyat of Perak but he has to face the whole Malaysian within the Federation as his disposition has to be magnanimous.

There is another point to ponder; is BN prepared to face the people with clear conscience? Is BN going to have some apprehension like it has for the Penanti by-election?

If there is a fresh State Election, the result is already predictable. The feelings of voters in Perak have been totally mutilated by the unfriendly and robust attempt of BN to gain power.

So to pen off I just want to ask a very simple question; can BN pull down bantings and banners which display ‘Rakyat vs BN’ or of that sort when the state election comes by? The answer is predictable isn’t it?

Thanks…………………………………………………………Aspan Alias.


Unknown said...

BN terlalu gopoh sangat untuk mencuri peluang, akhirnya BN terjerat oleh tindakan gopoh itu.

Mungkin BN tidak mempunyai banyak pilihan.

Tke Pasar Malam said...

BN gila kuasa. Bila tak dapat undi yg mencukupi, dia curi org punya.
Itulah buday BN.Sekarang bila kena macam apa yang berlaku diMahkamah tadi, tentu dia cari jalan lain untuk berkuasa.
Kalau nak melalui undi rakyat UMNO dan BN akan tewas teruk.

how said...

pakcik aspan,

saya bersetuju dengan fakta-fakta yang telah ditulis oleh Aspan.
fakta-fakta ini adalah mudah, senang difahami oleh sesiapa yang tahu membaca ABC. malangnya mereka yang berkuasa telah hilang pedoman dan menganggap malaysia ini adalah sdn bhd.
persoalannya, BN tahu mereka akan kalah jika DUN dibubarkan dan muslihat apa lagi yang akan digunakan untuk membolehkan mereka terus berkuasa?

salam sejahtera

master said...

Why is Rakyat always synonyms with Pakatan Rakyat? Is it because the word 'Rakyat' in the Pakatan Rakyat?

BN is not pro-rakyat after all. If BN can prove otherwise, BN can save their remaining days.

I think a clear solution for this week scenario is let go Perak for Pakatan Rakyat but mantain the 31 BN's Aduns in the State Assembly.

Prevent any fresh by-elections. Of course the Sultan must been warned to deny any election.

Propagandas must be played continuously until BN grab Perak handsomely.

Sometimes you have to move one step back and BN has to do it very fast as tomorrow.

Aspan Alias said...

what you just said is good techs. Moving a step behind is leap far forward. But can BN swallow it? That is the question.

Anonymous said...

Politic is about gaining power which one use to execute his political agenda. Gaining power can be via ballot, engineer defections or other means, illegal or legal.

In the case of Perak, I believe the strategy is correct but the tactical execution is not. We miss one important element as TDM said "Vote of No confident' in the Dewan to sack Nizar.

If we intend to go to war; We must assess our weakness and strength and also the enemy strength & weakness. In the current situation, if BN go to the ballot we will lose it, for sure.Once gone I believe it will take years to recover Perak back.

Why then we go to war if we are going to lose? Chairman Mao once said "Know yourself, know your enemy, 1000 battles 1000 victory. Sun Tzu said 'Like water flow according to the terrains.., we must always adjust our strategy and tactics'

My humble view 'Go back to the dewan and court' to fight the battle... If we manage to get power through this even though 'illegitimate' through the eyes of the public..Implement policies that are friendly to the people and the next General Election , people will generally forget about the 'illegitimate' government.

Orang Kampung

evilcooler said...

Assalamualaikum Mr. Aspan,

In the first place I could not apprehend why would BN resorted to such vile tactics to gain power in Perak?? Is 4 years time is such a long wait for u UMNO goons to wait and strategise 4 the next election??
And to some of these commentators in here, it is so typical of your blindness to the fact that your beloved ruling party is in decline and it is 100% due to your corrupted leaders,inept administration of the country and outdated thinking that BN will prevail in an election regardless of the candidates.
Bear in mind that these UMNO diehards are those born in the post-Independent days up to the end 70's.They were indoctrinated with the mentality that UMNO equals everything right and might in this country. HOwever these breed of people are getting old, fading out and dying too.
I was born in the 80's, educated in M'sia and graduated in the UK. And I am one of those politically enlightened due to the diverse educational surroundings and the liberated media that shows both sides of the story unlike the pre-Internet days. And we are in the majority...

Aspan Alias said...

Evil cooler,
I appreciate your apprehensions with UMNO and I like your comments and your comment can be our crude input for UMNO to learn.
Your comments are representative of the younger breed of Malaysians.
There is nothing wrong for you to support any legally registered party as we are democratic nation.
Like me I am an UMNO member who is going through thick and thin to see our meandering leaders to to for straight path.
It hard to walk straight in a crooked path as along the way my own party members think that I am an opposition.
But that does not wave by stand wanting to see that UMNO can be corrected, but if it can't be done
so be it.
I or any individual cant change the world.
To a young breed of Malaysian like you, we put our hope on you.
Anyway I am always having uninterrupted relationship with anyone of any party whom I know.
Politics wont split me with anybody. Thanks

evilcooler said...

Mr. Aspan,

Thank you for your feedback. We agree to disagree on the path our country shall take and this will be seen in due time.

In my mind, you need to take a firm stand on your principles and engage your adversaries in intellectual debate. By all means, espouse the virtues of having UMNO as a focal and rallying point to the younger Malay generations if you deem it necessary. Educate them on the history of the country and the importance of UMNO in its so called struggle for independence from the British imperialists. Get them to understand that the survival of this country hinges upon the solidarity and might of a united Malay, them being in the majority and wields the political power of our beloved nation.

I on the other hand, do not subscribe such ideals and would not even entertain such thoughts above. Education enlightens people and the only way for UMNO to survive in this new world is to admit that they are only a part of the changing political scene. Significant thay maybe, but dwindling in the eyes of the modern progressive Malaysians nonetheless.

Respect begets respect, and if UMNO could not admit they are on a down curve and are due for wholesale changes, mark my words,UMNO will soon be dinosaurs, a relic of the past..Once the political master of the land, soon they will be ensconsce in the annals of the Malaysian political struggles.

As for me, Islam begins all and ends all. It is not just a theology, it is a complete way of life. Which is ironic considering I spent my best years in the infidel land of UK... :)

how said...


we the ordinary m'sian always celebrated a bit early and it cannot even last 24 hours.

the way the appeal court rush the way with only a single judge is the "TURKEY OF THE YEAR".
when there is a slightest light appear, it was quickly put off by the same dinasours.

Dinasours as history teach us will extinct one day.

Stay cool m'sian

Aspan Alias said...

I have been writing very near to the whole truth in past weeks.
Now you see with your blinkered eyes the consequence of having untruthful leaders in the executive who encroached the Judiciary 2 decades ago.

Aspan Alias said...

I am fascinated that we agree to disagree and in a civil mood of interaction between us.
I am just doing what you have just suggested. As an individual UMNO member I am trying my best in a very small and tiny way to make my friends and acquaintances in the party to know why we are all in UMNO.
I am always making my small self to offer some input like the importance of knowing at least the recent history so that whoever becomes a leader to chart the future in at least basic do's and dont's.
I have been always an UMNO member and there is nothing that can part me and persons whom I know well even though we have different political affiliations.
Occasionally I am faced with retaliations from the dogmatic party members as they dont feel comfortable watching me doing introspection for the party. Quite a number define loyalty by being yes men and not to saya something negative against their leaders.
To them leaders are always right and they dont want to admit that the current adversities in UMNO is because of their leaders as there is an adage that sounds 'fish rots from the head'.
You have rightly said that your path is Islam which by my own admittance is religion of universality. It can be applied even in UMNO but since UMNO is deviating too far, a number of thinking members are in despair seeing the party meandering towards catastrophe.
Hey, we should meet and talking meaningfully on issues pertinent to the nation's future.
Time and space is too limited to interact through my blog.

Good day evilcooler..Assalaamualaikum.

Gov.Retiree said...

Why is it too hard for BN to call for fresh state election?
The fiasco in Perak is polical in nature, so why not settle it a political way?
If at all BN think the are right, there shouldn't be any worry to face the people.
Actually in essence BN has predicted a massive loss for them. That is all.

Aspan Alias said...

Alias Mohd YTusof,
Your view is very short but covers all essentials of an answer to Perak impasse.
You are right bro.

Saudagartelor said...

Apa khabo, teman diPerak ni dah SELLAMAAT! Udah ancor habis.
Nogori camno? Ancor jugak ke?
Deme main politik kucin kurap. Kami yang merana.

toksiak said...

Sdr aspan,
sdr pernah menulis dengan menggunakan perbidalan 'keruh dihulu keruhlah dihilir'.
Sekarang beru saya faham kerana isnya sudah berlaku.
Kalau pemimpin diatas itu karut maka karutlahlah lah mereka yang dibawah.
Najib yang cuba melakukan pintasan untuk mendapat nama dan kuasa diPerak, maka inilah hasilnya.
Rupanya lagi tinggi kedudukkan lagi kotor mainan mereka.
Gila!gila! DS Najib perlu undur. Dia mesti ambil accountability.

tapahboy said...

Kepimpinan dan ahli-ahli UMNO masih menafikan hakikat bahawa mereka dan partinya sudah tidak lagi dihormati oleh rakyat.
DS Najib berjanji untuk berubah, TS Muhyiddin juga berjanji begitu tapi mereka sudah tidak diyakini.
Tidak seorang pun dapat dan layak dihormati dan dicontohi.
Pemimpin yang diyakini rakyat sudah 'bungkus' di ketepikan oleh Mahathir semasa beliau memerintah untuk kepentingannya.
Beliau hany mahu nama beliau yang cantik molek. Akhirnya namanya tak cantek juga.
Yang tinggal dalam UMNO hanya boneka dan tidak akan dapat membuat keputusan yang baik.
Nasib lu lah UMNO!

Hashim said...

You were an Andersonian in 1965/66 wasn't you?
I remember you spent briefly in Anderson school and you went back to NS days after your father's death.
You were quite a neighbor to me near Lapangan Terbang Ipoh.
I shall write to you through you e-mail.
Just discovered that we were neighbors. I see as a fat man now looking at your photos.

batugajahman said...

Betul tapahboy,
Kita ashik dipermainkan oleh pemimpin besar kita Mahathir.
Baru saya sedar yang politik ini macam main taik.
Saya sudah ambil keputusan tak nak UMNO lagi.
sama samalah kita

Hashim said...

Sdr Aspan,
why are you supporting UMNO? I see that you are being possessed by that party and suffer watching the mischief of UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Banyak orang tak rational dalam isu ini. Kenapa Nizar mahu bubar Dewan di sebabkan dua tiga orang nya cross over? Salah ke bagi ADUN cross over?
Apa kata itu hari 16 Sept anwar dapat curi 30 MP cross over dan selanjutnya Speaker/PM lepas tu bubar parliment( Dengan Perkenan DYMM Agung)makna tak sempat untuk vote of no confident? Sudah tentu puak puak mereka mengamuk.
Jadi mesti kah setiap kali MP/ADUN lompat setiap kali kena bubar Dewan?

Tok Jantan said...

After reading all your articles in your blog and analysing the contents of all your articles I can safely draw into conclusion that without the slightest shodow of doubt I think you are just trying to be an impressionist. Politically, you are also an opportunist but failed miserably to be in the political limelight until today. Maybe you are not in the right camp at the right place and at the right time.

Anonymous said...

Saudara Aspan,

Yes I fully agree with most of you friends, go back to the voters, win or lose, that will be the rightful and final verdict.

Democracy is not all about numbers only..it is about human being too!!

Ramli DAP
Alor Setar.

Aspan Alias said...

Dear Tok Jantan,
In all humility I am thankful to you for posting a comment that is very personal in nature to my humble self. I do admit that I am not within your league and wave length to impart ideas through writings.

I shall just respond in brief as I am more focused in illustrating contents if there is of any value and I am not taking it personal out of your comment.

Me being opportunistic? I am not sure, but for certain I have never being able to be an opportunist because I have never been able and a chance to be one.

Right camp or wrong camp is not in my political life vocab as history has proven that a right camp or struggle does not necessarily end up a victor.

Saya tidak pandai main politik macam resmi air, 'dimana lekok disitu berhenti' and I don't blame you if you practice that brand of politic as that is personal to you...and I have to respect you.

I have answered you very briefly but I think I have covered all essentials as an answer.

Good day Tok Jantan, and in my answer there is nothing personal bro.

See you if there is any chance bro.

yindanyan said...


Agak pelik bila bercakap tentang
Rakyat Vs BN atau Vs apa saja tanpa kaitan dengan Raja.

Perkataan Rakyat timbul/terikat dengan perkataan Raja. Maka Rakyat vs BN boleh membawa makna Raja vs BN kerana Raja pada hakikat makna adalah mewakili Rakyat.

Nampak zaman keliru apabila orang gila menyebut perkataan Rakyat untuk tegakkan apa sahaja tanpa faham bahawa perkataan Rakyat tidak hidup dan tidak bererti tanpa wujudnya Raja.

Apabila orang sudah keliru maka patutlah kera, siamang dan ungka dari parti mana sekalipun nampak ramai dalam dewan ADUN yg mulia di Perak pada hari itu.

Cuma bila Raja Muda datang barulah kera2Raja yang kononnya membentuk kerajaan (kera Raja -an)diam seketika.Kenal juga kera pada tuannya.

Daulat Tuanku.