04 June 2009

Sultan Mizan Stadium collapsed - Corruption is the cause

Another living prove that corruption kills the nation and civilization is the issue of ill-fated Sultan Mizan Stadium in Gong Badak, Kuala Terengganu.

The scale of dreadful consequences is not small if corruptors and thieves are involved in the massive development of the sports complex, which is supposed to be the pride of Terengganu.

Last week I wrote on the corruptors and the thieves and 2 days ago the consequence of thieving and corrupting surfaced live in front of our naked eyes.

I was shit-scared to imagine the mishap were to happen in the presence of Tuanku while watching sporting event in the stadium which is named after him.

The question now is, what drove the contractor to cut corners and resulting in delivering shoddy workpiece and putting people especially the sport lovers at risk of losing their lives.

Cutting corners must be the immediate reason for the stadium to collapse, and it can never be other reason. As I have been fond of saying, there must be a cause to a cause.

The last administration of Terengganu Government was the most glamorous administration where we saw people and friends who used to smoke cigarettes suddenly became big cigar enthusiast which cost very dearly.

We could see cronies within the corridors of power smoking cigars while golfing and meetings and discussion done abroad with first class traveling trotting every corner of the world.

These were the ways to dispose themselves different from the rest of the people around them; they had to make sure that people looked at them differently now as they are already in the rich and the famous society which must be respected and amused.

As this issue involves the government, politicians, consultants, contractors and the relevant state authorities, they have to be jointly accountable for this mishap.

Corruption is even worst than drug addiction as it causes harm to political, social and livelihood of the people at large.

I am now not at all wrong for the hard critics that I personally upfront to my readers.

The stadium which was initially bid for 130 odd million by a PLC was awarded to someone else for almost 300 million.

Where did the sum of over the 130 million ringgit gone to? We see MACC is swiftly going onto the messy issue and let us hope that MACC this time around must run after to excess money that contributed to the mishap.

For now let us not speculate the issue further than this. We just wait for the outcome of the MACC’s investigation and the people are waiting with concern all the outcome of the investigation.

If the result comes out as we normally heard, tiada cukup bukti then we just give up hope for better future for us.

Thanks……………………………………………………Aspan Alias


crookkualaberang said...

Anyone who wants to watch any kind of games in any new stadium must have enough life insurance.

Everywhere is a danger zone these days.

Its a shit!

anoktelagabathin said...

Ini akibak makang rasuoh!

daniellee said...

I suggest we must organize civic course for all politicians and government servants about the heinous consequence of corruptions.
Aspan, as your have rightly or wrongly said it, corruptions can cause death.

Aspan Alias said...


You can afford insurance coverage, but what about others?

On the other hand i may suggest that State Football Association should do the coverage for every ticket holder for any game.

Let us explore every chance for coverage if unexpected mishap of this kind happen.


Aspan Alias said...


You are a serious person and I appreciate your suggestion.

Civic courses can be a nice and reasonable thing to do to upgrade the lowly regarded leaders of all parties within BN.

But then again it needs the will of their top leaders as they may take offense for suggestion of this kind.

They will take it as an admission to their ill crafted leadership which they are apprehensive to admit.

They are all the way in the state of denial, and even if they want to do something for repair job they would do other ways.

Thanks bro for your attention.

dukundollah said...

Rasuah sudah tidak boleh ditangani lagi Aspan. Apa yang you sibuk-sibuk lagi.

Hanya tuhan sahaja boleh buat pembetulan. Sekarang sudah sampai perengkat, 'lahaulaawalaa'.

Serah sahaja kpd tuhan.

haji ahmad said...

Saya berpendapat rasuah yang keterlaluan itu, akan berakhir. Saya bersa yang hukum karma sudah mula menyusup kedalam kehidupan yang bersalah ini.
Yang penting marilah kita berdoa terus terusan. Mana mungkin tuhan akan biarkan segala galanyanya berlaku tanpa henti.
Mintalah rahmat tuhan agar kita mendapat rahmatnya dan shufaat rasulnya untuk kebaikkan negara kita.
Yang bathil tetap akan kecundang.
Assalaamualaikum tuan haji.

pencintanegara said...

Bangkai gajah manakan boleh ditutup dengan nyiru.
Percayalah pemimpin yang menzalimi rakyatnya akan mendapat balasanya yang setimpal.
Saya bersetuju degan haji ahmad, kita berdoa beramai-rami diseluruh negara untuk memberi petunjuk untuk mencari kebenaran.
Bak kata dukundollah, kita tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa, hanya 'laahaulawalaa quatailla'. halash!

Anonymous said...

Bercakap benar adalah tuntutan agama.
Bagi yang terguris juga mesti membuat penilaian.

Saudara ku Aspan, saya pernah bersahabat dengan saudara 20 tahun dahulu. Saudara masih tidah berubah kerana masih bercakap tanpa selindung.

Dalam kritikkan saudara saya juga tersentuh hati, tetapi saya pujuk hati saya untuk mengakui hakikat yang saudara berkata benar dan berani.

Saudara mempunyai kehidupan yang simple dan mudah bergaul.

Sdr, tidak bolehkah saudara lakukan politiking sedikit untuk kepentingan sendiri sikit-sikit?

Bukankah itu adat berpolitik orang Melayu?

Sdr fikir-fikirkanlah!

mailkulup said...

Sejak aku baca blog engkau, badan aku susut sedikit kerana tak cukup tidur.
Nak baca aku penat. Tak baca aku tak lelap mata.
Kau ni betul-betul menyeksa aku bro.
Hari minggu ni kau mesti belanja aku.
Aku jemput kau kat rumah. Aku baru dapat alamat kau!
See you! (ok tak aku cakap omputih?)

flyer168 said...


Now just read this....

I rest my case!


NST Online » Local News

Design flaw could be the cause

Police have cordoned off the stadium to keep out trespassers and to prevent any untoward incidents.

KUALA TERENGGANU: An eleventh-hour decision to use a space frame design for the roof of the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium could have led to its collapse on Tuesday morning.

A source familiar with the RM292 million project said the space frame roof that came crashing down was never part of the stadium's original design.

A decision was made at the last minute to cover the grandstand area with a space frame roofing to add a "curvy, grandeur and sophisticated" look to it.

The source said this, coupled with a looming deadline for the opening of the Malaysia Games, was a recipe for a disaster waiting to happen.

"It was done in a hurry and everyone in the engineering field knows that a space frame design is not an easy thing to build. Besides the difficulty involved, it is also a more expensive option," the source said.

According to civil engineering terms, a space frame is constructed from interlocking struts in a geometrical pattern using steel tubes.

It draws its strength from the triangular frames that make up the truss-like rigid structure.

It is lightweight, capable of spanning large distances with few supports and can create curves to increase the visual impact.

State Public Works director Rosly Zainal said it was premature to pin the blame on the choice of structural design, although he did admit that the technology involved required careful planning and expertise.

Rosly said all this would be looked into very carefully when investigations on the incident began.

He said debris from the collapse would not be cleared until the investigations were completed adding that insurers and adjusters would also be doing their own investigations.

Rosly, however, denied that the contractors were pressured into rushing its completion for the games.

"It was on schedule, otherwise we wouldn't have issued a temporary certificate of fitness," he added.

flyer168 said...


This is another interesting read....


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Deep Throat's lead for MACC on the stadium collapse


ismaildin said...

After the collapse of of Jaya Super market and Trengganu Stadium, what else is going to collapse?

I am sure something else is going to collapse.

flyer168 said...

Aspan & Ismaildin,

Maybe this is the tip of the "Monsoon Cup" Iceberg....gone Horribly Wrong!

Through “Devine” intervention, UMNO/BN, its Leaders & their Mercenaries are now “Outdoing & Destroying” each other with their “Power, Greed & Henious Crimes”.

Every new day will be another “New Divine Revelation” to reveal another “Truth” in its Self Destruct motion towards its “Demise”.

Just give them enough rope to “Hang” themselves at every turn in their “Final” chapter.


amranabdullah said...

Sdr aspan,
The outcome of coming G Election is already predictable. BN especially UMNO will be punished including you who is still there.
Your effort to correct the mentality in UMNO is definitely going to fail.
You and me are nobody.
You must try to correct the nation, not UMNO bro as UMNO will be history.
Why wait there in UMNO. They dont even pay attention to you.
Aspan, pull up your socks. Your place is here with us. Not UMNO.
Think about this before you sleep.

Anonymous said...

selagi umno tidak berubah, jangan harap ku kan kembali mengundi umno.
presidennya tak leh caya, muhyiddin tak leh caya dan semuanya tak leh caya.