28 August 2009

MCA is crashing

The sacking of Dr Chua Soi Lek as the Deputy President for the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) is putting BN in deep predicament and the effect can nail the coalition to rip apart and going through political fragmentation.

Many thought that Dr Chua would be suspended for 3 years to worst case circumstances and certainly a total sacking did not even cross to the mind of any one.

The decision by Ong Tee Kiat to sack his Deputy is unexpected and it reflects the immaturity of this 52 year old President.

He has made brash, clumsy and slapdash decision as the public sees it as a decision based on his personal dissimilarities with Dr Chua. Ong Tee Kiat forgets that MCA is a senior member of the coalition and any kind of major decision will give undeviating effect to BN.

MCA is adding salt to the injury that UMNO and other components are facing. This is not the first time MCA is facing internal problems in its long history.

We should still remember the issue between Tan Koon Swan and Neo Yee Pan and earlier there was a serious problem in this party when Michael Chen left MCA for Gerakan and few other incidences which I have forgotten.

But in those days UMNO as the leader for the coalition was strong enough to assist as a coalition partner in solving problems faced by her component parties.

Ghaffar Baba as the Secretary General of BN did splendid job and managed to reunite the splitting MCA not once but numerous times and he was a temporary President of MCA while MCA was recuperating from a serious split.

BUT MCA of today does not enjoy that privilege anymore as UMNO itself is facing serious internal problems in hand. MCA can’t rely on Najib as Najib himself is unable to unravel the tribulations within his party.

Requesting for Najib’s assistance as the BN Chairman to intervene might end up in what a popular Malay adage says ‘Seperti Tikus Membaiki Labu’. If UMNO as a leader of BN wants to intervene it is just like a case of the ‘mute trying to help the deaf’.

UMNO is not able to act as a leader of the component as the party does not have anymore leader who is magnanimous enough to be a qualifier to reconcile the ailing partner.

Never let a problematic leader to intervene…that is just what MCA should remember.

Tee Kiat should enjoy having Dr Chua as his Deputy as that would make the party strong in long term period.

Ong Tee Kiat should have learnt from mistakes of UMNO when Mahathir on no account wanted his Deputy to be of a strongly supported leader.

Mahathir is a definite record holder by having 4 Deputies changing hands while he became number 1, but let us agree among ourselves that destroys UMNO after he left.

We may not be able to rule for long decades if we have strong Deputy, but the party would last longer and healthier.

That is what sacrificing is all about. UMNO of today is in shamble mostly because he wanted to be the Master far too long and while he was enjoying himself at the top he did not realize that the party had become too weak in its immune system.

That explains why UMNO is in deficiency in the immune system and it is very acute. In other words UMNO is currently suffering from Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and now the party is just waiting to be in the obituary list.

A few commented in my e-mail saying that the 21 year old UMNO will die just before Mahathir leaves us because this UMNO is HIS not for the Malays.

Mahathir will witness the calamities that UMNO is facing while he is still living and let us allow him enjoy watching the end result of all his misadventures.

I would appeal to MCA to reconsider for reconciliation among leaders even though the dissimilarities are palpable. Please learn from the mistakes committed by UMNO.

If MCA is not able to reconcile then the fall of BN is the only option. As Malay adage goes, ‘Tepuk dada tanyalah selera’.

Please bear in mind that the public is just tired of watching the shenanigans of their leaders which seems to worsen by weeks and days.

If the leaders fail to address the harms among them, the people will.

Thanks……………………………………………Aspan Alias

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ismayuddin said...

Najib memerintah tak setara mana.

Rosmah yg mempengaruhi Najib dalam banyak perkara.

Saya sudah tidak mahu lagi membayar yuran UMNO. Mereka jadikan kita tempat mereka nak merosakkan umat Melayu.