27 August 2009

Permatang Pasir : Predictable result, predictable consequence

Once again our leadership displays their incompetence with the depressing defeat of BN in Permatang Pasir by-election.

The defeat with 4553 majority is a real big disapproval to the BN as the turn out of the voters were just 73% compared to 82.6% in the last General Election.

BN’s claim that they managed to reduce the majority by 800 odds votes is a flaw as the turn out were 2000 less than the turn out of last GE.

Even though the result was predictable, the result of this disgrace and humiliation was not expected when our leaders were all painting the false confidence to the people all along the election campaign course of action.

Zahid Hamidi, the State Liaison Chief came up with convincing statement that there were strong indications that BN would ultimately be the victor while Muhyiddin was saying that there is already a shift of support from PAS to UMNO.

I feel so sorry for these 2 leaders for their broad day light dream. In the first place UMNO always have the habit of choosing defective candidates in almost all election and never take pride in everything they do.

This cincai attitude is going to thrash UMNO and BN to position which they have never been before and the leaders should bear witness the fall due to their own illegitimate leadership worthiness.

To me the variation between the ‘Should’ and the ‘Actual’ is so wide apart that from now on we trust that these leaders are not able to compute even a simple statistical and mathematical figures.

If they really understand and were sensitive to the actual feeling of the people they wouldn’t have come up with these kinds of thoughtless statement as that brings down the public confidence of the party in the eyes of the people.

With this extent of rejection it adds on to the theory that BN is already ready for convincing defeat when facing the coming General Election with scanty representations from UMNO in both Federal and State Legislative Assemblies.

To me Muhyiddin is totally of no consequence as all the by-elections which he took charge all end up in failures. It looks like Muhyiddin is more of a liability to the party.

Muhyiddin and the rest of the leadership have been harping and trying to rest their laurels on the misunderstandings and hiccups between the oppositions in particular PAS and PKR to hope for a win but this strategy proved ineffectual.

It cleanly means the public does not take the resignation of Lunas PKR State Assembly from his party and the Kampung Buah Pala issues do not give any negative impact to the opposition in Permatang Pasir by-election.

Corruption remains the main issue consumed by the Permatang Pasir voters. The sodomy issue did not make any positive grade for BN as the public is seen to be fed up with the staled issue.

In my writing few weeks ago I used to ask if there is anybody who can tell me what make corruptors are less sinful than a man who commits sodomy.

Islam as emphasized that committing corruption is as good or as bad as eating the flesh of your own siblings and family members. This is not my words but it is the words of God.

Thus it is not appropriate for a corrupt government party to admonish any individual who is alleged to commit sodomy and claim the right to be given the votes and support.

UMNO has to put all leaders who are perceived to be corrupt to rest and disallow them to be leaders any longer if they still want the party to regain the trust and support from the people.

It is going to be a real effort to find incorruptible leaders in UMNO but I am quite sure that there is at least one or two among the Parliamentarians who can command the respect of the people.

It has to be done now or never. Any slight stoppage in resolving the problem in UMNO and BN would make PR as the ultimate victor.

Time and tide wait for no one and to exercise the new deal it needs sacrifices from everyone.

One should know where they stand and to find and to point who should go is very uncomplicated exercise with no exertion as almost all of them are corrupted in the eyes of the public.

To me almost everyone in the Cabinet is an automatic qualifier to withdraw and let a new guy who has the confidence of the people of all races to seat at the driving wheel.

Owning and admitting all mistakes is the one and the only option that Najib and the rest of the leadership line up should take if we are serious about wanting to save this country from falling to the opposition.

Anything less would make PR a sure and definite vanquisher in the next GE. If UMNO is so serious in wanting to experience the ultimate defeat, maintaining the current line up is the best option to take.

The verdict on Soi Lek in MCA by the MCA disciplinary board is another issue that would add salt on the wounds of BN. Please remember that Soi Lek is not going to lick his wounds alone and he will bring MCA to catastrophe.

Soi Lek is not small and without influence in MCA, or else he wouldn’t be voted in as the Deputy President with thumping support over Ka Chuan who the favorite choice of the Party President.

This upfront and honest view may be taken offence by our leaders and their foot soldiers but there is no other choice but to stand upright and bear with their ferocious reaction.

Another truth prevailing on the ground is that even ordinary members of the party is already open to accept that UMNO is falling apart, thus mentally ready to accept any party to rule them.

It is a bare truth. Painful, isn’t it?

Thanks……………………………………………………..Aspan Alias


darham said...

Permatang Pasir gives clear indication as to the future of UMNO.
How can Zahid be the head for penang UMNO...he is a fake

labai Man said...

Saya pengundi Permatang Pasir sdr Aspan. Kali ini saya mengundi PAS sebab Dato Najib dah serahkan dan jual bangsa Melayu kepada bangsa asing.

Ini adalah kali pertama saya mengundi pembangkang. No regret sdr Aspan

labai Man said...
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