16 September 2009

MIC on trial

Malaysian Indian Congress Party (MIC) is not a party for us; the Malays. Dominant numbers of Malays are in UMNO and the rest are in the opposition PAS.

MIC is the party for our Indian friends and community. MIC has been a major coalition partner in Perikatan which then became Barisan Nasional (BN) with extended membership of the coalition to 14.

BUT anything that moves and reverberates within the Party would directly affect the rest of the members of the BN coalition partners and their members.

Splitting leaders cannot dream of uniting the members while disunited members would never come out to generate viable leaders. If there exist unanimity between leaders and members, no single element can succeed in demolishing the basic lucidity of the party’s existence.

In other words, no one is able to walk straight in a crooked path while no others can walk crooked in a straight path.

MIC delegates have now decided that Samy Vellu’s group to steer the party in their struggles purely due to the imposing fist and muscle of Samy but that does not really mean as representation of the Indian manifestation.

They are just the representatives of manipulated delegates by strong muscle of Samy and his cronies.

Individual Samy can be strong with all with lieutenants and foot soldiers with him in the leadership line up but that makes MIC detached with the real feeling and aspiration of its members.

The strong MIC President was pinned down by his own Indian voters in Sungai Siput in the last General Elections (GE) despite of his strong grip and domination of MIC.

Any party however strong the leaders are does not necessarily become victor as the people in the larger society decide its fate.

GERAKAN was a strong party and had controlled Penang for almost 4 decades but the voters decided to put them aside in the last GE including its President Koh Tsu Khoon. That once powerful party is already in oblivion.

The general public shares the feeling of MIC in their effort to see that Samy Vellu to step aside for the sake of enhancing the public confidence to the party.

The extent of efforts deployed by Samy to barricade Datuk S Subramaniam to win the Deputy President is seen as ineffectual when his favorite incumbent Deputy Palanivel only managed to secure 82 votes majority in the 3 corner fight for the Deputy President against Datuk S Subramaniam.

The 547 votes secured by Datuk S Subramaniam and the 280 votes received by Sothinathan adds up to 827 and this is a big variation to the 629 garnered for Palanivel.

So it is unambiguous that the rejection on Samy Vellu is real and bona fide. Many political observers feel that Sothinathan’s decision to join the race for Deputy position as a spoiler in the effort to generate changes and rebuilding of MIC.

Samy is jubilant and exuberant for getting his entire line up to win but those delights are taken in soreness and sorrow by the big portion of lethargic members of MIC who have strong sympathy from friends outside the party.

A large number of UMNO and MCA members share the anguish of MIC members as they have the same and indistinguishable tribulations within their party.

Paralleling the MIC problems, MCA is swiftly in the process of fragmentation while UMNO is seen to be suffering from deficiency in support from its own members and losing total regards from the voting public.

UMNO is helpless in trying to obliterate the corrupt reflection of its leaders especially those in the government.

In short, conclusion the tribulations and awkwardness in MIC is just an extensions of problems faced by all BN component parties currently.

The 20% Indian voters in Bagan Pinang may give unenthusiastic corollary for BN in the by-election on the 11th October.

If the Indians withdraw support for BN candidate in the coming by-election, it is just another clear indicator of indisputable disorder of BN in the next GE.

Some may choose not to believe and enjoy bashing me but when that painful experience emerges we may not have the time and means to repossess the situation.

It will be too late by then.

Thanks…………………………………………………………Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

Mahathir was the one who strengthened Mr Samy for years and years.

Again TDM is always wrong in his choice of friends and leaders to promote.

Musa, Ghaffar, abdullah, Anwar and Najib are all his favorites but in the end these are the people who destroy him.

Eton said...

Mana yg menjadi pilihan dan yang Mahathir sokong semuanya tak betul akhirnya.

Sekarang kita pilih mana yang Mahathir tak suka. Insyaallah kita dapat pemimpin yang baik.

hadi said...

To stay relevant UMNO should stop passing batons from father to son and from son to grandson