27 December 2009

2009 : A Depressing Year

The year is ending, we shall be in the New Year of 2010 in a matter of days and every one is looking in full hope to be in a year of consolation and solace after the one whole year of bewilderment, incomprehension and incredulousness of this Year of the OX.

It has been a year of no joy and reminiscing 2009 only drives us all to feel in despair, desolation and anguish for the distasteful occurrences and happenings.

Malaysia has been trying to find every opportunity to find a consolation point to rest her laurels on as there has been series and list of failures and bad news in all turfs.

That was why winning a gold medal by our football team in Vientienne SEA Games was celebrated like we were winning the Word Cup for the first time.

The self inflicted goal by the Vietnamese player that gave us the win, was met by mirthful and joyously festive mood like we were winning over the English, Portugal, Brazil or the German team.

Corruptions and abuse of power and positions is even more chronic after the new PM ascended to the Premiership and situation is going from bad to worst and seems to worsen as time passes by.

The latest of awful event was the stealing of two F5E jet-fighter engines and to serious thinking and civil human being it is a REAL indication that our nation’s security is REAL leaky and porous; this happening is unpardonable and reprehensible.

The Minister-in-charge in the Defence Ministry when the stealing took place, is now the Prime Minister of the Nation and I am deadly sure it does not occur in his mind that ethically, morally and politically, resignation from all positions in the party and government is the only option he has.

He does not take the accountability other than promising the people that the culprit will be brought to task.

He is still there campaigning for his hollow 1Malaysia slogan in his effort to divert the Malaysian attention from uncovering the actual and the true problems he and his government are facing that dive Malaysia to he worst of situation that this country has ever experienced.

All component parties of BN in the West Malaysia are in grave state and we are still trying to get the glimpse of indication that these can be curable.

Everyone’s intuition says that the hope of amicable and agreeable solutions in MCA is zero possibility and so do for the rest of the BN problematic component parties.

Najib’s new administration fails to address the economic problems and he has only the poor rakyat as the source of money for the government to run by heavily taxing them indirectly through various means.

Apart from the heavy taxes the rakyat is made to accept the move by the administration to withdraw subsidies which they (rakyat) have enjoyed all the years and decades.

The grouses of the rakyat is numerous and to list it in this limited space and time is almost impossible.

The worse hit in this cursing economy is certainly the middle-class population. They don’t have the privilege of getting low cost house and they can’t get to reach houses that are built for the high class citizen.

The disparity between the rich and the poor is ever widening and among the rich and the wealthy the ones who are near to political masters or the politician themselves are the most privileged.

Economic opportunities are just for the few fortunate ones and this has been the sore point by both the Malays and the non-Malays.

The non-Malays have been taking that the Malays are all on easy plater to get things easily while in actuality the privileges were heavily abused as only the Malays with big names and decorations who are close to the ruling PM have all the benefits of looting the wealth at the expense of the ordinary Malays and rakyat.

Consequentially there now exists serious racial disharmony which I consider worse off than those days of pre ’69 black incidence.

This kind of political ambience has got to be addressed a soon as this will certainly dampen and dismantle the basic fabrics of civil life of the Malaysian which in turn would destroy this country as an independent state.

In the meanwhile the Malays especially the UMNO card carrying members are busy in the country promoting their leaders who deceive them and they are nothing more and nothing less than as one Malay sayings says, hanya menjadi dahan bengkok untuk kera-kera meniti, without knowing what they are actually doing.

BUT of late there are also heavy talks among the UMNO ranks that they are slowly realising that they have been enslaved by the leaders for their own personal gains and greed.

Many of them have already felt that insults and their mind have already opened for some kind of changes and have to be seen and done for the sake of this great but mismanaged nation.

The rakyat are slowly but surely watching the conduct of leaders and they are toiling their mind thinking as how to address these problems that their leaders are facing and failing to mitigate.

They are now finding solutions by themselves as how to get to the things that they wish to have and should be happening.

Many people are now having their own brainstorming like among themselves as they have less trust of their leaders’ capacity to address and correct the current sickly situations.

I have heard a lot of these discussion down the street and some or many educated group now have even proposed for the nation to start anew.

They want to see new facet of Malaysian politics with new environments as well as new group of leaders who is more experienced and hands on leaders to deal with problems faced by the nation.

The current policies and system just cannot go ahead any further and some thing new has got to prevail.

The current institutions cannot withstand the demands for a change and leaders who spend all their time for personal politicking have got to go.

Judiciary, the police and other enforcement institutions are not seen to be independent as the cancerous corruption is already malignantly spreading.

These important institutions are suffering from distrust by the suspicious public.

Can Malaysian public make these changes? Can parliamentarians have the guts and energy to execute these changes?

OR in the first place do these leaders really feel the risky future if nothing is done to address the massive problems we currently face?

I pray that nature would come in with Divine Intervention.

In conclusion I wish each and every Malaysian Happy New Year and the very best of luck and hope that all of us live in the best of sanctuary within this beautiful country as from now on…..of course after perfecting the badly needed changes after some one else takes the mantle.

Thanks……………………………………………………Aspan Alias


Frank said...

Sdr Aspan, I agree with what you say that the past years were years of depression mentally.

I like to read your writing because you write something different from different angles.

As a government servant who has just retired I am aware of how corruptions and malpractices being practiced.

Let us see the fun after this. We have no more money to spend and the rakyat must be ready to take on the burden.

We are too near to a failed state.


Unknown said...

Perhaps you can list down the changes that you hope for our country come 2010.
I personally feel in 2010 it will be business as usual for the government members as well as the opposition...rhetoric and clowning. The ordinary laymen will still have to slog it out. As for you, i presume you will continue slamming 1Malaysia and the Umno/BN fallacies and of course a bit of Mahathir here and there (plenty kot!)

Kenapa anak India, anak melayu, anak cina dan kanak2 (1Malaysia!) apa bila naik bicycle turun bukit mereka masih kayuh pedal selaju2nya? The answer my friend is Kepuasan. Jadi bro, to you and all the bloggers keep on blogging sepuaspuas hati.
2010, I look forward to seeing F1 and the World Cup and ofcourse Bedah the pretty kampung lass!

Aspan Alias said...

I appreciateyr opinion and of course I am envious that you only have World Cup and F1 to look for in the New Year of 2010.

The kinds of sports at international level that you hope for indicates that you are of a happy and gayful guy and it is not within my wavelength to talk about.

A kg guy like me never realise the commongs and goings for this kind of sports.

I know you don't have business to be thinking about what the ordinary and poor citizen like think.

I admit you are a high and mighty who is not affected with happennings of the day.

Congatulation to you bro

Din K. Sawah said...

NS MB Mohammad Hasan is another leader who adds up to your grouses bro.

I dont know why he is still loitering around in the MBs office.

UMNO is not doing anything about it.

Anonymous said...

2009 jugak tahun yg sangat susah bagi ibu bapa untuk menghantar anak melanjutkan pelajaran kerana gov sudah tidak ada duit.

ibrahim koyan said...

Apa yg kita nak sedihkan sedangkan pemimpin kita pun tak ambil pusing tentang kredibiliti mereka.

Barisan pimpinan hari ini adalah barisan yang rosak akhlak kerana semuanya dipandang rakyat sebagai barisan yg rasuah.

Tidaklah mungkin keadaan akan kembali pulih.

Biarkan sahajalah! Bila dah rebah nanti barulah mereka tahu tiggi rendahnya langit ini.

ibrahim koyan

Anonymous said...

Tunku A Rahman, Tun Razak and Hussein have built up our Nation to a great height.

Since TDM and his successors took over they just destroyed our country due to obsessions in their personal politics.

They insulate their greed through big physical development but no development for right mental and good attribute for democratic citizen.

Hence we are stuck and trapped by wrong attutude for a wrong reasons.

We need anybody dirrerent to bring in the changes we urgently need to save this country from further distortions.


Anonymous said...

Your writing is an interesting as you are among the few who thinks consistently.

Writing without fear is admirable. After a long while I rtealised yoyu are serious.

So sorry for having different view on you, as thought you were just criticising just for the sake of criticising,

It takes a long while to understand you bro.

Waiting for your next posting.


Anonymous said...

What a shameful incident! Fighter jet engine was stolen. What else to be stole.?
The leaders have milked our resourses and money and now they still our fighter jet Engine!
This is a real fucked up nation.


Anonymous said...


This is a real fucked up nation.

So what are you going to do?

Balik kamponglah !!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year
One Malaysia !!!
One UMNO !!

-wan najib-