10 January 2010

UMNO - A Seasonal Party

UMNO has exchanged attributes with opposition parties. UMNO’s existence is just seen at the high level while down on the at the Division and Branch level UMNO is technically dead, lifeless and breathless.

Conversely the opposition parties are more energetic and hands on with the people on the ground through innovative, imaginative and creative approaches that position them close to the people.

UMNO seems to be like the oppositions of 2 decades ago when they are only seen to exist ‘just before’ and ‘during election’ weeks.

Now the opposition is casually saying that UMNO’s existence is apparent and noticeable only during an election and it exists seasonally.

UMNO has abandoned all activities in almost all Divisions as their leaders are too busy with personal politicking in Kuala Lumpur spending a lot of their valuable time in Ministers’ offices carrying files and documents for businesses which they in the end fail to secure.

More often than not, those files and documents are not even theirs: those are files and profiles of companies owned by others normally by big Chinamen who do not have easy accessibility to the leaders who have good signatures.

These brokers earn retainers while soliciting the jobs and subsequently being paid commissions after the jobs have been awarded by the government through their friendly Ministers and inside connections.

While big leaders in Kuala Lumpur are fleshy with eloquent rhetoric, leaders and members of the party down there at the branches are blinking without activities.

PAS and PKR have managed to make up their existence and they are being seen to be near to the public and active working out their programs with the public active participations.

Their leaders are always within their vicinity for interactions and continuously being fed with latest up dates of the goings and comings of the nation’s politics.

The day when UMNO branch heads were active drawing up programs and activities for their members and their neighborhood is obviously gone in oblivion.

I have been spending quite a number of hours a week with these branch heads whom I am still in touch with and I am convinced that lack of money as the main reason for their helplessness to function as branch heads.

We know that UMNO and money is synonymous. No money, no UMNO.

“Sekarang ni Ketua Bahagian tak bagi duit untuk bergerak bang! Takkan saya nak pakai duit sendiri sebab saya sendiri pun nak pakai duit.”

Quite a number say, “Dia orang buat kerja dapat projeklah, dapat duit dari sepak terajang sana sini! Yang kita ni disuruhnya buat kerja macam lembu…sorrylah bang!”

Some say, “Kalau buat program pun orang tak datang bang! Kalau PKR dan PAS buat ramai orang datang. Kita tempah karipap, mee goreng, teh tarik dan macam-macam lagi orang tak datang juga. Jadi malulah kat PAS dan PKR.”

Days back a branch leader told me, “Kita kalau buat program, akhirnya penceramah kita ceramah kat kita, jawatankuasa cawangan-cawangan. Apa faedahnya?”

This environment can’t go on perpetually as it is going to trap us tightly in the next General Elections.

UMNO have lost the main constituent and essential of strength: that is hard working and committed activists to labor their energy and mind for their party.

There must be reasons for this ungainly and graceless attitude and values of the members at the ground level.

They cease to pay attention to program organized by UMNO as they have perceived themselves as being made tools by their opportunist leaders who sell the support they get from the people at the ground level for their personal benefits like getting businesses and position with lucrative remunerations.

For past more than two decades UMNO made decisions without referring to the people especially through UMNO and that slowly but surely made the people on the ground felt left out in any major decisions made by the government.

That is why all the while my mind is so engulfed by performances history.

Administration pre Mahathir was more people oriented as every government decision which involved public interest, the public would be informed and opinion from the people would be sought after.

The information departments at district level were so involved in disseminating information through civic courses organized by the lowest government administration, the JKKK.

The idea was to tell the people what the government program were besides getting feedbacks and reactions from the people on the ground.

By doing so, the people were made to feel involved in major government decisions and they physiologically perceived that they were closed to the government of the day.

As from Mahathir’s regime decision were top-bottom and the people just had to accept what his administration did.

From then on the people and the government were slowly distanced away and the government did not get the actual feelings of the people on anything the government did.

Dr Mahathir just did everything his way and that made him so unpopular among the people towards the end of his premiership.

Consequentially the people just voted for Abdullah Badawi’s administration when he succeeded Dr Mahathir in 2004 with landslide victory. The people were just waiting for anybody else to lead as long as it was not Dr Mahathir in that General Election.

But Abdullah was all the way honeymooning from the day one he took over until his retirement and nothing has changed but only changed for the worst.

Najib took over 10 months back but he did not get the legitimacy of his leadership by calling the General Election but instead just follow through with Abdullah’s ungainly government until today.

He should have called for the GE while at his infant months of his premiership before all the current divisive and hot issues surfaced.

Now it may be too late for Najib to call the GE as issues after issues are surfacing and to call for GE at this current environment would only invite for sudden death to BN like what was faced by Liberal Democrat Party of Japan in August 2009 election.

UMNO and BN are now trapped in a very tight spot: trapped in between calling the GE now with humiliating and mortifying performance and calling the GE in 2013 which is exceedingly risky as other mountable issues are coming in streams to weaken Najib and his weak government.

The issues surrounding the government are by no mean small but very vulnerable. No one can really size up the actual support from the people for this government…it can be slightly better or much more devastating than Abdullah’s regime.

What do we do now? Can we just rely on the Juara Rakyat program that was launched by Najib yesterday to do the repair job? Is that enough?

Let’s talk about it.

Thanks……………………………………………….Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

Good write up, but i hope UMNO will be back to the ground to get near to the people.


Anonymous said...

I am instigating but your writing should be read by all UMNO leaders at the branches in order to make them realize that their job is done.
I am one of the Ketua Cawangan and I admit that it is hard to gather the people.
But my constant efforts at last make my cawangan performing quite ell.

razi, ketua cawangan

Anonymous said...

Tulisan kau memang boleh menyedarkan cawangan-cawangan untuk bergerak cergas.

Saya tertarik dgn keberanian sdr memberikan pandangan dengan lantang dan terbuka.

zaidin ahmad

Anonymous said...

Aspan my bro, do you agree wth me that the attribute of any organization and beings always change before they come to an end?

UMNO is just the same. It is on the way to that point

Anonymous said...

We still have future...that is a doom!

wan Ahmad

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail at right spot. Selama ini saya bermasalah sebagai ketua cawangan.
Semuanya duit-duit! My ketua bahagian tak bantu. Nak jadi pemimpin dalam UMNO ekarang kena ada duit.

Anonymous said...

Apa kau banyak masalah di Semenanjung? Kami di Sarawak tak ada problem kerna tak ada UMNO...kau nampak tak Aspan?

pre-u classmate '70

Anonymous said...

UMNO tak ada masaalah. Yang ada masaalah mungkin orang yang pandai cakap tapi tak serupa bikin. Dia tahu kritik je tapi apabila diberi peluang untuk memimpin dia tak kemana pun. Itulah masaalah besar bagi UMNO.


Anonymous said...

Hai Che Embun!
UMNO ni tak ade masalah ye!? Dah nak tergolek yak ade masalah? Mentri besar seludup wang tak ada masalah?
Kalau tak ade masalah kenapa keadaan jadi begini?
Che embun rabun ke?? Itulah sebab UMNO roboh. Dah nak rebah pun tak ada masalah!
Che embum..che embun!

che tipah tertipu

limahmandul said...

Ya lah che tipah tertipu, terseksa sangat kak embun kita bila UMNO kena kritik.
Pemimpin UMNO tu dah hilang segala nilai kepimpinan pun dia tak nampak.
Dia kata orang yang kritik yang ada maalah. Macamlah UMNO ini Agama!..tak boleh nak dikata!
che tipah, petang ni kita jemput kak siti, kak mona dan lain-lain. Kita bincang tentang orang UMNO macam kak embun ni,...boleh kak tipah???


Anonymous said...

Good expose about UMNO and you make everyone jittery. I just came across your blog days ago and I find it lively.
I have written to yoy through yr email. I want to see you once you are free.
I like your flow of thinking which may be good for my cawangan.

UMNO PJ Selatan

Anonymous said...

Sdr Aspan, saya faham apa yg sdr sebutkan itu dan itu pun yg sebenarnya berlaku dibawah ini.

Tetapi sdr, penyakit yg kita hadapi sudah sampai keususnya seperti kata TDM.

Setiausaha Bahagian seperti saya aham keadaannya dan saya tahu sdr pun pernah berada dalam berisan Bahagian dulu.

Saya suka kalau sdr ceritakan masalah2 yg lain yg sangat membingongkan kami dibawah.

Susah sangat rasanya org ramai hendak memberi response kpd kita kerana sudah lama terbiar.

Berilah tahu org atasan yg kita dibawah ni susah.

Ramai org kata UMNO ok dan sebagainya..sebenarnya tidak ok.

setiausaha bahagian

Anonymous said...

che tipah tertipu,

Biarlah UMNO roboh. Apa masaalah? Tak ada masaalah? Mengapa mesti pulak bimbang, Che Tipah. Itu yang Melayu nak kan termasuk Che tipah !!


Anonymous said...

Kesian betul tengok che embun.

tipah tertipu

Anonymous said...

Salam Sdr Aspan,

Saya adalah bekas ketua cawangan dan pernah ditugaskan sebagai ketua penerangan diperingkat DUN dalam salah satu PRU yg lalu.Saya amat setuju dengan semua yg sdr utarakan itu kecuali tentang kenyataan bahawa TDM "unpopular among the people towards the end of his premiership"kerana beliau "did everything his way".Kedudokan beliau sedikit tergugat olih kerana ledakan dan serangan yg begitu hebat dari puak puak manusia durjana yg menjadi pembelot dan pengkhianat UMNO, diketuai olih Aljubori yg menyerang dari luar dan dibantu olih kuncu kuncunya seperti Zahid,Fauzi, Kamaruddin dan ribu ribu lagi yg berada dalam UMNO pada masa itu.

Memang benar UMNO sekarang amat tenat,letih lesu tidak bermaya.Sebab sebabnya banyak,diantaranya ialah:
1. Semangat perjuangan ahli ahli luntur dan banyak terhakis olih ledakan pengaroh kebendaan dan perubahan nilai dan gaya hidup.Padam masa yg sama tidak ada usha dibuat untuk memulih dan memperkuatkan semangat yg kian pudar itu.
2. Budaya jahat dan hasat dengki yg membawa kepada amalan tikam menikam dari belakang,jatuh menjatuh sesama sendiri dan berpuak puak dan berpecah belah, menular dan merabak di dalam UMNO disemua peringkat.Apa yg terjadi di Bahagian Rantau Panjang adalah sedikit gambaran terhadap kesan budaya UMNO hari ini.
3.Amalan rasuah dan politik wang sudah meresapi seluroh jiwa raga UMNO.Amalan inilah yg menjadi punca kepada kerusakkan dan kemusnahan UMNO.
4.Mutu kepimpinan yg tidak berkuality disemua peringkat mewujudkan keadaan dalam UMNO seperti terbiar,tidak terurus dan tidak tahu hala tuju.Diperingkat tertiggi pula,lihatlah apa terjadi hari ini-lemah dan lembak,tidak berani dan TIDAK TEGAS;terlampau mengalah sehingga senggup mengadai meruah memohon maaf atas perkara yg menjadi hak kita untuk mempertahankannya (merujuk kepada kes cium keris dan Ketua UMNO Bahagian Bukit Bendera).Semuanya ini sedikit sebanyak melemahkan semangat ahli ahli.Krisis yg melanda Negara sekarang sepatutnya tidak sampai ketahap membakar gereja kalau ditangani seperti dinyatakan olih TDM.Perlu kebernaian.
5.Kebanyakan ketua ketua bahagian menetap diluar kawasan,kebanyakannya di Kuala Lumpur.Sudahlah berada diluar kawasan mereka ini terlampau sibok dengan urusan perniagaan sendiri.Masa untuk pengurusan bahagian dan mendampingi ahli ahli bawahan dan penyokong amat terbatas dan sedikit sekali.
6.Jentera parti tidak bergerak atau digerakkan .Senarai nama nama pemegang jawatan ada tetapi sekadar atas kertas.
7.Persepsi orang ramai terhadap pemimpin pemimpin UMNO sebagai sombong,bongkak dan beraksi.

Nah, siapa kata UMNO tidak ada masalah dia mungkin terlena atau berada dialam khayalan.JIka UMNO/BN ingin mendapat kemenangan didalam PRU akan datang PM Najib mistilah bertindak seperti berikut:
A.Diperingkat kerjaan beliau hendaklah bertindak tegas dan pantas dalam menangani segala masalah yg dihadapi sekarang.Mereka yg membuat agkara jahat terhadap kerajaan gunakan ISA tanpa teragak agak.Kakitangan kerajaan yg lemah atau yg tidak dapat melaksanakan tugas kerana tidak sealiran dengan dasar kerajaan tindakan tegas perlu dilakukan segera.Sepatut konsep parti menguasai kerajaan diamalkan supaya dasar kerajaan selari dengan kehandak parti.

B.Diperingkat parti tindakan drastik dan segera hendaklah diambil untuk memperbetulkan segala kelemahan yg tersebut di atas.Disamping itu masalah dalam MCA dan PPP hendaklah diselesai segera.Walaupun ianya masalah dalaman parti komponen BN tetapi kemelut yg melanda parti parti itu,jika lambat diselesai,ianya bukan sahaja akan menjejaskan prestasi parti parti itu dan BN tetapi ianya menampakkan kelemahan dan ketidakupayaan DSN menyelesaikan masalah selaku Pengrusi BN.
C.Diperingkat peribadi DSN perlu mengurangkan penglibatan isteri didalam pentadbiran kerajaan.Perlantikan orang orang tertentu yg mendapat bantahan ramai seperti Omar Ong perlu dielakkan.

Askar Tua.

Anonymous said...

Askar Tua, saya benar2 menyanjung sdr kerana menerima hakikat tentang keadaan UMNO yg sebenarnya masa kini.

Saya nampak sikap pemimpin seperti saudara boleh membantu UMNO kembali pulih seperti sediakala kerana untuk membetulkan UMNO itu pemimpinnya mesti faham dan tahu apa masalah sebenar dlam parti.

Setelah faham dan mengakuinya baru boleh diperbetulkan.

Tetapi terlalu kecil yang mahu menerima hakikat yang sebenarnya, selain dari menngatakan yang tidak ada masalh dalam UMNO.

Jika ada pengkritik, pengkritik itu akan dituduh dengki, khianat, cemburu dan sebagainya.

Bukankah orang yang menerima kesalahan dan kelemahan itulah sahaja orang yang boleh membperbaikki diri?

Kepada sdr Aspan, saya cadangkan terus menerus menulis tentang kelemahan dalam parti.

Biarlah orang nak kata apa. Saya banyak pelajaran dari tulisan sdr, seperti melihat kedalam atau pun intrspeksi diri.

Tulisan sdr yg dulu dulu banyak saya membacanya dan saya mengambilnya secara positif.

Hanya org yg prejudis sahaja yg membelasah sdr selama ini...itu tak mengapa.

Kepada Askar Tua, saya mengucapkan syabas!

azaham ali

Anonymous said...

UMNO is still in strong denial as the leaders think that the party is still invincible and nobody should think otherwise, let alone to criticize them.


Anonymous said...

Che tipah,

Tak payahlah nak kesian kat saya. Kesian kat diri sendiri dulu !! Lepas tu baru kesian kat Melayu. UMNO tak tak payah nak kesian pasal UMNO tak silap. Yang silap Melayu yang kurang bijak yang nak hancurkan UMNO!! Akhirnya MELOPONG !! Mana hidup Melayu dan mana hidup UMNO !! Tak payah hiduplah !!


Anonymous said...

Che embun, saya kesian juga pada you che embun. Orang dah berfikiran luas che embun masih macam pungguk rindukan bulan.

tipah tertipu

Anonymous said...

tipah tertipu

Tak usahlah kacau che embun tu lagi. Che embun tu sedang cuba nak cakap politik. Biarkanlah!


Anonymous said...

bidankampong/che tipah,

Orang Melayu diibaratkan "dahlah blind, deaf pulak, dahlah pekak, dumb pulak"!! Dahlah sombong, mudah lupa pulak!! Orang Melayu dah tak sedar diri !! UMNO yang gagah selama ini dah nak di humbannya. Kononnya dah tak guna lagi. BODOH Melayu !!

Yang pandai Cino juga. Biar Melayu jadi "ayam lago". Akhirnya duo-duo mati kejung !!

Kalau tak paham jugo apa saya kato, tak payah jadi Melayulah. Jadi Red Indian!!! kah, kah, kah

Anonymous said...

What you wrote was just the local issues that UMNO faces, but as people now are thinking population national issues now are very important for our leaders to address.
Economic issues, religious issues, interracial issues and many more which give a strong test of ou leadership capacity to resolve them.
You must agree wth me that these are the issues that Najib fails to sort out.
You must input as to the problems and mode of resolving it bro.


samsuddin said...

hakim, it is not only economic, religious and racial problem! What the PM is facing is his personal credibility and image as he did not go all out to come out clean over issues surrounding him written by international media recently. Keeping quiet over those issue is as good as admission and that brings down the nation's image.

To Malaysian especially UMNO boys things of this kind is not an issue. It looks like we are typical of third world politics.

Agree with me hakim?


R&B said...

Just mark my words: BN would be sitting at the opposition bench soon.


Anonymous said...

Salam Sdr Aspan,

Saudara R&B,jika ramalan sdr itu benar benar berlaku maka sama samalah kita lihat apa yg akan terjadi kepada negara yg tercinta ini.Yg pasti tregedi 13 Mei akan berulang,kemusnahan dan kerusakan yg lebih terok akan berlaku.Huru hara yg tidak dapat digambarkan akan menyelubongi negara ini.

Kita tidak memerlukan polikal scientis untuk meramal apa yg disaran diatas tidak berlaku.Lihat saja bagaiman api sentimen perkauman dan agama dinyalakan begitu rupa,semata mata untuk keuntungan politik dan kepuasan nafsu puak puak kiasu yg ada hubongan dengan jiran kita di selatan.Sejarah telah membuktikan sesiapa yg bermain dengan api sentimen perkauman dan agama kebakaran akan berlaku.Ingat,hubongan diantara kaum kita kini amat rapoh,sentimen agama mula dinyalakan.Anasir anasir anti kerajaan dan musoh musoh negara dari dalam dan luar negara yg sentiasa mencari ruang dan peluang untuk mempurak peranda negara ini,nampaknya sudah mula memanin jarun skrg.

Justeru itu,jika sdr R&B dan kawan kawan yg sealiran dengannya,berasa ingin benar merasai hidup dalam keadaan huru-hara dan anarki, ayoh silalah turut sama curah minyak kebencian kepada kerajaan dan pemimpin negara yg ada sekarang agar api kemusnahan akan merebak .Biarkan kita semua turut sama terbakar asalkan orang orang seperti sdr R&B puas hati.

Askar Tua

Anonymous said...

Sdr Askar Tua,

Komen saya pendek sahaja terhadap komen saudara. Saudara adalah bijak orangnya. Syabas!!

Kepada penulis blog ini patut jugalah ambil iktibar. Tulislah dengan bijak.Janganlah ada unsur untuk meraih sokongan kepada penulisan saudara hinggakan timbul seolah-olah UMNO dah jadi parti "bangsat". Tapi kalau itulah tujuan saudara maka terpulanglah kepada conscience saudara.Penulisan saudara boleh dianggap seperti duri dalam daging. You are a good writer, hopefully you will write something positive to find ways to rejuvenate UMNO by providing positive input rather than negative most of the time in every article of yours. That's the best you can do if you love your party UMNO if you still claim yourself still a member of UMNO.

ikhlas dari saya,


Wenger J Khairy said...

Tuan Aspan,

Nice write up and I am of the opinion that the there is a large disconnect between urban and the rural heartland.

The only way this can be brought to attention is via a series of local elections.

For me, the issue is down to primarily economic. But add together an organizational lethargy. With a membership size of 3 million but no proper method to track and see what is going on, the Opposition which is adopting the tactics of small mobile units will begin to make inroads.

For example, if TG Hadi is doing a ceramah in some Kampong deep in Pahang or Trengganu or Johor, and there is no counter resposne from a Snr Minister at least, the people will slowly change their mind.

After all Opposition is in heavy sell mode right now. Don't get me wrong, PM tried the Sell leadership, but becos he is in the incumbent, he must deliver. However, our economic indicators have been going the other way - the promise of loads of foreign money that follows the liberalization of the various sectors is now but a pipe dream. Without this added business, the rakyat has more than enough time and incentive to get pissed, especially since now the Government is going to cut the subisdies.

The answer to this problem is Tengku and later on a multiracial BN (more or less that is required, given the way PAS and PKR are acquiesce to the DAP. After all if Non Malays vote 70% against BN, it would take an almost impossible amount of Malay votes to win. Add to that the growing resentment in East Malaysia)

Aspan Alias said...

Wenger J Khairy,

Thanks bro for visiting me and I am humbled and as well honored by your visit.

You see the disconnections between the urban and the heartland very clearly but let us be brave enough to admit that there is a grave disconnections between UMNO and and its actual struggle and this issue can only be solve through drastic and total reconstructive move.

In many of my postings months and years ago I used to suggest that we need to start this nation anew.

The complications that we face now is beyond any ordinary mind's comprehension.

Bear in mind that UMNO have been surviving without challenges until last couple of years ago.

They had never gone through the mills and many used to say that their candidates could win hands down without the candidate around.

The attitude problem is the main cause to me. The economics and other tangibles are just problems faced by every country world wide without exception.

It's how we handle issues that matters. They are inclined to manage sentiment which they fail even before taking off.

The issue is how to solve it through realistic and do it in proper manner.

The line of our leadership is not thinking that straight as they are carrying together their heavy personal baggage while wanting to loiter around with power and greed.

They never have the idea of sacrificing in their mind as the main ingredient to mitigate this perpetual distortion of our political system.

Can someone in the leadership say, "Let me call it a day as I have failed the rakyat" ?

Everyone up there claim that they can address the mountable political and economic encumbrances in front of us but nothing is seen to happen.

So Mr Wenger, we can't solve current animosities with just a repair job.

The situation is far beyond repair and UMNO leaders and supporters hate me to say this. They are deeply in denial and no one is supposed to criticize them

What we need is to initiate a 'new deal' like how Tunku A Rahman and friends initiated an independent nations with Tan Cheng Lock, Athinahappan, the Malay rulers and other relevant parties.

We start this nation anew and let the people have more trusted and magnanimous leaders to take charge.

Your opinion that Tengku can be the best choice as he is the only living link between the old and the new experiences.

Tengku's profile is known to everybody and need no elaboration.

Ok Mr Wenger, Lastly but not least, I must remind you today that you still owe me a small glass of teh tarik that you promised me.

Thanks for your fruitful opinion. I rarely get what you gave me today.

All the while many just bashed me with personal attacks with the flavor of prejudices and more often than not they preconceived me wrongly.

They never argue on the facts..but what can I do? We are dealing with UMNO typical.


Wenger J Khairy said...

Tuan Aspan,
I agree 100% with your reading of the situation.

I should be back in the country perhaps early Feb. But in keeping with the bourgeois tradition, lets make it an Espresso Roast at Bangsar Coffee Bean.

Used to spend countless hours cuci mata on Sundays over there :-)

Aspan Alias said...


Don't worry about where to sit and drink, but yr idea of finding place for cuci mata I am agreeable with Bangsar.

We will just sip coffee.

I shall see you when you are back.

Jam n jane said...

Aspan my bro, I salute you coz u can withstand the typical idiosyncrasy of UMNO fellow's mentality.

They say they love UMNO and Malays but no one should stop their leaders committing faults and sin.

Criticizing their leaders will offend them. They will in turn allege you as hasad dengki, sour grape and all those superlatives.

They don't see yr arguements and they will straight away shout at you.

You think they will see what you want to say??..noway bro..no way.

They are bunch of fellows who are damaging their party. People like us to them are infidels.

i have renounced UMNO weeks ago.

They cant change and I lost hope in the party. My mum and dad as well as my aunties will soon go for PAS.

Jam n jane

johnsilver said...

bro aspan,
no doubt its a good piece of writing, but most of the umno branches head do not read or write in english. for this particular subject matter, you should be writing in bahasa melayu so that many of them can understand better. even a deputy chairman of one umno state can't read or write in english. but being an old buddy of pm, he was appointed to that post. its rather difficult for him, pity him.

Aspan Alias said...


Your suggestion is noted and thanks for visiting me.

My reason for writing in English is because of the simplicity of the language.

I thank you a lot for giving sincere and truthful comment and from now I shall write in Bahasa intermitently.

Have a good day bro.

onecuriousdude said...

Pak Aspan, your blog is one of the few I visit and enjoy reading. To me you are one of the few local Malay with a good mindset. You can write about getting rid of corruption in this beloved country of ours until you turn blue in the face and nothing will happen. This is because those who walk in the corridors of power do not have the political will to walk the talk. Najib is all talk. What can he do when he himself is questionable? Who will take him seriously? Corruption in Malaysia is too entranced within the system and of UMNO that if one falls practically everyone will fall. Najib came into office with too many baggages. He set the tone for everyone to follow. Swearing on the Quran that he does not know the Mongolian lady is a joke in itself. Denying he knows that gay boy Saiful only to retract when the photo of him and Saiful appeared in the internet says a lot about his leadership. Change will only come when the Pakatan Rakyat comes into power. It may be painful to some but it has to be done.