18 January 2010

Unmitigated corruptions pull us down

Corruption is heinous and it is the number one menace to mankind. Corruption has caused tragedy to governments and had thrown numerous numbers of nations and civilizations into oblivion.

Corruption runs in parallel with abuse of power as corruptors can only survive with persons with power and within their close cronies adjoining and surrounding them.

No nation can progress and survive in perpetuity once corruptions and abuse of power manage the system of government and so do for any organization with business entity and social as well as charitable organization of noble intentions.

A corrupted person does not have worthy of human value and that is why a corruptor is looked down especially in advance nations. Over there corruptors would be dishonored for life.

Conversely in Malaysia we can see with our bare and naked eyes that corruptors are bestowed with high and impeccable decorations and recognitions and being respected by the neighborhood and society they live in.

A leader in modern country who is found or just being perceived to be corrupted, will end up their lives in moral destitute and impoverishment, as the whole nation’s community will distrust them for life.

As Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish Novelist, dramatist and poet used to say, “A man dishonored is worse than dead.”

Corruption is the main concern of our people here as it has painted an ugly facet of our elected government and this contamination seems to be contagiously spreading like wild fire as if there is no more hope for possible remedy to this pain in our neck.

There are many outstanding cases which are not attended to and being concealed from people by the authority as those involved are personalities with big pips and decorations.

For us here in Malaysia, personality within this kind of category is given exception and they own immunity from any legal address on them. Conviction is only meant for you and me.

Rais Yatim, then the Minister who took charge of Law once told the press that there were 18 high profile cases in the pipe line to be taken action with, but none of those has surfaced so far and it is another sore point of the rakyat.

What happen to all those 18 high profile cases as the tax payers seriously want to know where the taxes money they paid to the government have gone to and it is certain the amount is not small but hefty.

The leadership seems to be afraid of the corruptors than fearing the people agitations for their own political voracity and in the meanwhile tax payer’s money is ever draining into the pockets and bank accounts of the corruptors locally and abroad.

They have money changers to remit the loots into their personal account or of the cronies in London, Paris, New York and Hong Kong.

Recently we could hear money being transmitted through Dubai to facilitate shopping spree for some one influential…also trough money changer.

Of late we have been watching the highlights of the MACC almost daily but it has not brought any big corruptor to the court other than the bilis and the kembongs and it is now being apparent that convictions is only meant for the small, trivial and petty corruptors.

With the apprehension of the leadership and authority in settling the 18 high profile cases as admitted by Rais Yatim, it adds to more prove that corrupt practices is the privilege of the big names with high and strong linkages with the power house.

Dr Mahathir once took Abdullah to task for not taking action against few corrupt leaders and that issue became very hot during the 2008 General Election, which almost brought UMNO to sudden death.

Now it is Najib’s task to act on these cases and he would be directly accountable if he does not act on them which are already in the knowledge of the public.

Failing to act seriously and swiftly on these cases would only mean that Najib’s gigantic and lofty promises to combat corruptions remains a promise and if that is so let us just don’t pay attention to him as he is just another spurious and phony leader like his predecessor.

A real and conscientious leader would have to have balls to act on behalf of the people he leads who are in dire need to live under a clean and unsoiled administration.

The people are tired of the wretched conduct of our leaders who are corrupt and non ethical.

An ex-banker who became a leader does not believe in current banking system by sending out money to London through dubious money changer is not taken offence by the ruling party.

If not for ill intended reason he would have sent out the money though proper banking system which he himself has been in it for more than 2 decades. It’s absurd isn’t it?

In all honesty leadership in UMNO is not serious to change for the better and it does not know how to put the party on track and all of them are no better than my humble self and they are just fit to yarn around with me in mamak stalls and the ‘teh tarik’ outlets that spread on the side road tables.

Initially people were excited to see Najib with high pitch speeches with lofty promises to clean up the party and the government and do away with offenders that can bring shame to the party.

BUT all those promises remain as promises and the people are just too impatient to see the first fulfilled promise to clean up the nation become apparent and real.

The voting public is still waiting for organic changes and replacing the leaders with baggage is always one of the expectations of the people.

Day in day out all the moral perpetrators is still in the high offices which dampen the people’s eagerness and confidence to see the ruling party to be strong again by extricating the party from the corrupt image.

All the people are having dreams of a new political sanitary ambiance, but it’s too unfortunate that our leaders are perpetually dreaming.

In short our leadership still believes that UMNO is still a titanic and monumental that nothing can bring it down, and taking all misbehaved leaders to task is not an urgent issue OR non issue at all.

To them it is only the feelings of a few people like me who have too big and smelly mouths to talk about it again and again. They are still in denial. BUT time and nature will tell all.

They believe that the public is a bunch of apathetic and droopy lots who just stand at the sideline watching and approving all the shenanigans and pranks of their leaders.

We have not learned any lesson from past mistakes and misadventures. It seems we are not going to learn anything at all, now and in the foreseeable future.

Thanks……………………………………………………….Aspan Alias.


Anonymous said...

Malaysians talk too much..just do your job and let the government do their job..At the end of the day, what is important is the rakyat have a job,welfare taken care of etc..

There are just so many people who want to be leaders in Malaysia.

And the rakyat are too dependent on the government..so many subsidies and yet so ungrateful..

Sigh,Malaysian oh Malaysian..

Anonymous said...

Too many want to be leaders, sigh,Malaysian oh Malaysian said.
So don't be leaders and I think that was the reason why Aspan wanted them to join him at teh tarik outlets.

Those leaders were not leaders. They pretend to be leaders.


samuel said...

Bro, you hit well on the nail.


Abu Hurairah said...

Encik Aspan Alias, tak boleh baik dah. Rasuah dalam UMNO tak mungkin dapat dihapuskan. Kalau tak mau Rasuah maka tak usah pilih UMNO. Bila UMNO sudah tiada tiadalah rasuah segila sekarang ini. Itu sahaja penyelesaiannya.

Abu Hurairah

Anonymous said...

Kita tidak payah mengharap kepada UMNO dan pemimpinnya.

UMNO tidak setia dgn bangsanya maka itu sebaba bangs asing bermaharajalela.

Tetapi itu tidak mengapa, itu memang kehendak kepimpinan, mereka tidak berani menghadapi tekanan dari bangsa asing.

UMNO sudah jual bangsanya, itulah sebabnya orang melayu tidak boleh berbuat apa-apa.


Anonymous said...

There are still Malays who supported this government in the name of 'menjaga melayu' and not to criticize the government.
Gov can do anything, don't complain, or else pecah Melayu.
They will say that we are shit, dengki, khianat, jealous and all.
But they are the ones who are 'stupid and silly'.

umno johor.

Anonymous said...

Nice write up but just watch it...now the gov does not have money so there should be much less corruption.
Every in the world does not trust us with money...and that is the main hindrances for for anybody to help us.


Anonymous said...

Quote:-In short our leadership still believes that UMNO is still a titanic and monumental that nothing can bring it down, and taking all misbehaved leaders to task is not an urgent issue OR non issue at all.

Only you can bring down UMNO! he,he,he!! You are a "HERO" man!!!
Keep on going ......!!

I love UMNO !! UMNO is KING !!!

-Big Mac-

Anonymous said...

Big Mac perli saudara lah !! kah, kah, kah !!


Non-partisan said...

Though I don't condone corruption, still my sympathy goes to the ordinary policeman who on the verge of his retirement after having served the Force and country diligently and with a clean record for over 30 years somehow succumbed to this crime. He was arrested, charged and convicted. The amount involved was pittant. He lost everything...his gratuity and pension... not to mention the embarrassment suffered by the family.

What about those high profile cases you have mentioned?

Aspan Alias said...


You are right and agreeing with me totally. I wrote in my article that conviction is meant for the small and the petty.
The ordinary mata-mata used to put on a sticker on his uniform 'saya anti rasuah' but the IGP did not have to do that.
The high profile corruption is committed by members of the high society and he is immuned to the law.
That is why I am in grave unhappiness.

Anonymous said...

hi all

I just thought it would be good to introduce myself to everyone!

Can't wait to get to know you all better!


Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

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