10 June 2010

Zahid - Please tell all about Scorpene

The situation in the country is wobbling and unsteady as we are confronted perpetually with dreadful, alarming and disquieting issues which the leadership has to take accountability and ownership.

The latest and up-to-the-minute issue is madly and unbearable. It is the issue of the two Scorpene submarines which Malaysian government bought from DCNS of France which the public had just done with the issue of those submarines not being able to submerge.

Now those submarines are giving another round of wobble polemic among the public and I think the government is counting the days of its crumple if the public is unendingly being deceived on all issues.

We are impregnated with issues after issues and all those are of dissipated and debauch in nature which warrant any government in power to be replaced and done with.

The issue facing this subject is not small as it involves massive public funds and above all that it is the issue of National Security and the public ought to be truthfully and transparently informed.

The public wants to know why this sort of thing happens; was it because of corruption that is already synonymous to our government? Was it because of sheer stupidity or carelessness and recklessness of the person who made this controversial purchase?

Who was the Minister at the time of the purchase and why he did not execute the exercise above board without creating suspicion for the already very suspicious Malaysian on all activities that involve the gigantic and expensive government purchases and procurements like the submarines and other military equipments.

There are not many Malaysians who give full trust on their leaders when come to the purchases items involving huge sum of money as our leaders are more often than not are perceived to be the ‘commissioners’ on every government purchases or projects.

It was only this morning that I heard a friend who openly commented on the government of the day, “When come to our government officials and the Ministers, we have to suspect everybody and trust nobody”.

“BN and corruption is inseparable, if we want to do away with corruption we have to do away with this BN government also. Corruption and these leaders are intertwined to each other bro.” he continued.

As quoted by Bernama Zahid Hamidi said that the cost of maintenance of the 2 Scorpene submarines is yet to be determined and this is the most ridiculous news to hear.

The public is wondering how the purchase of submarines does not include the maintenance cost which should have been inbuilt right from the start of the negotiation. This is preposterous isn’t it?

To some people this is not a mistake or because of sheer stupidity of those responsible for the purchase. This was a planned and it boils around corruption act in motion.

Negotiation on the maintenance being done separately with the purchase of the 2 scorpenes only after the submarines were already delivered is absurd. No country in the world would negotiate the maintenance contract at different time with the purchase of the submarines.

Zahid’s denial that the submarines is equipped with navigation safety and combat system, sensors and a periscope simulator is also surprising news for every one. Does he mean that when we took the delivery of the Scorpenes the submarines were without those attached and part of the negotiated prices?

AND the contract for the navigation safety, combat system, senses a periscope simulator was only signed recently at the Defense Services Asia for RM128.5 million and denying the claim by Tien Chua that DCNS had offered a maintenance contract of Euro6 million for 3 years.

Zahid denial was simply to tell that when Najib took the delivery of the submarines the Malaysian Navy was still in the dark about how to maintain them. This is utter rubbish.

How did Najib who was the Defense Minister then, negotiating a huge naval supply contract like negotiating a contract to supply ‘Mee Segera’ or any other perishable food items for the army in the camp?

How did Razak Baginda planned the purchase on behalf of Defense Ministry? Why was the price too high when the submarine s were not equipped with the navigation safety and combat system and senses a periscope simulator? After all the commission for one, Altantuya Saribuu was apparently not paid.

Now Zahid is looked upon like the man who is at fault and the bad boy because of his predecessor Najib’s stained deal.

Now we don’t know which is the completed deal for Najib’s transformation program? Is this another issue not finalized as yet like how he answers every other issue that the rakyat reacted against?

This is a serious issue and needs detailed investigation as many other professional minded people who know the subject allege that is another act of price negotiation with the supplier to inflate the prices for big kick-back money for predictable motive.

Zahid should be telling all as I have said earlier, the rakyat is so suspicious of everything the leadership does.

Anybody with normal thinking faculty knows that the maintenance must be part negotiated terms inbuilt in the cost to purchase the Scorpenes.

Malaysians want to know how this shoddy deal was signed in this manner. There must be a lot more that we are still not in the know.

Thanks……………………..Aspan Alias.


justin said...

Bro, They steal our money through purchases and projects proposals.

They have no conscience what so ever.

Every one finds ways and means to steal and mind you, this kind of white color thieving is everywhere and every time happening.

All of them are suspicious perceived to be corrupt bro. No more BN for me lah!!

Anonymous said...

Tukar slogan, 'rakyat ditipu pencapaian pun kena tipu'

Are You Gonna Go My Way said...

no other reasons except corruption. its not hard to make money when you're in power..
mindef is a goldmine..,if you know how to dig. Most of the Jets they bought have no fire power...ask them..even the missiles have expired.

amatMok said...

Saudara Aspan,

Who was the Minister of Defense at that time? Najib! The same Najib who is now our PM. If he can sell the country down while he was the Minister of Defense why can't he sell the whole country now since he is the Supremo Uno? It shows the mentality of the UMNO people who accepted him as UMNO president and by default became the country's PM.

So, come next UMNO AGM, please don't melalak memperjuangkan agama, bangsa dan negara lah. Better to shout to the world that UMNO is the PENGKHIANAT agama, bangsa dan negara.

Tapi kan, orang UMNO sekarang (UMNMO baru by Mahathir as compared to UMNO zaman Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Dr Ismail, Tun Hussein) bukannya nak sedar. Mereka bukannya ada maruah. Huloq gambar agong senyap la. Mereka melalak & menyalak bila mereka tak dapat. Ada masyuk, diam lah.

Pity the Malaysians...May Allah save this country!

Anonymous said...

Bro Aspan, to those who want to " have the power" to rule over others.

Note :-

If you want to manage an organsation or company, do it competently, so that the organisation/company do not lose money and the employees have to accept "pay cuts", retrenchment and "lose their benefits and entitlements ". Less money to go around means, cut back on toilet papers, photocopying paper, fax paper ...no air cond...etc. Nitty gritty stuff that don't amount to nothing much in savings but to make peoples' life difficult. I kid you not, some companies actually implemented such petty stuff.

Worse yet if the organisation goes BUST, ALL / Everyone loses their job and income.It don't matter, what color, male, female, manager or clerks....all go.

Anonymous said...

Najib did not realise that he cannot have both; to be the richest and to be a respectable leader.

The wealth he acquires is from public funds and he should know that nature will work on it negatively and it is sinful.

Once he is perceived to be corrupt he won't be the naturally respected leader, and he only bring down the party and the government.


Anonymous said...

Salam saudara Aspan,

Meneliti kepada alasan alasan mereka betul betul merendahkan daya fikir kita seolah2 kita tak pernah sekolah dan bekerja termasuk hal berkaitan 'purchasing procedures'. Tapi tak mengapa rakyat memerhati smua yng dilakukan pemimpin dan akan bertindak bila sampai PRU13 nanti.

Anonymous said...

It's all Najib's initial fault. Razak Baginda did it. Razak Baginda must answer this.

Ini bukan Zahid punya kerja.