01 June 2010

Malay NGOs- vote of no confidence to PM?

The congregation of 126 non governmental organizations (NGO) which was coordinated by PERKASA last Saturday is worthy praise. Let us not look too closely at Ibrahim Ali as a person but look at the mood of the 1200 odd delegates representing almost all Malay NGO nations wide.

The Congress was successfully organized and for that let us give due recognition to PERKASA and Ibrahim Ali as a person. I wish I can see him in days just to congratulate this mate of mine whom I have associated with since the days in Shah Alam ITM.

The Congress was all the way in serious workshop and throughout the sessions the participants were all out telling the government that the New Economic Model is one that kills the entire Malays in all aspects of lives.

“The Malays are giving away everything” shouted some delegates from the floor.

The participants were very representative of all the Malays from all levels and sectors and with their apparent disgruntlement towards the NEM is the actual worries and reservations in accepting Najib’s proposal of the NEM which he is going to table in Parliament on the 10th of this month.

It simply means that what Najib is going to table in parliament is already rejected by the Malays before hand. If Najib is delivering the same proposal, than the Malay's reaction is already predictable.

The revisions were done by Dato’ Dr Professor Ramlah Adam from UiTM, Dato’ Halipah Isa from Economic Planning Unit Dato Akbar Ali and the rest of the delegates were unanimous in their stand that the New Economic Model proposed by DS Najib is exceedingly objectionable and intolerable.

Some went further by telling the leaders that if they are not competent to rule and administer the nation, they should give it to some on else to lead. This kind of rhythm heard in the open is nothing less than the vote of no confidence to the ruling leadership.

The pressure on the government to unfasten the entire plan in the NEM was too great that PM Najib had to set aside his prepared speech text and responded off the calf answers during his closing speech late in the evening.

PM Najib had to say that what was done by him was just a proposal and it is up to the rakyat to accept or to reject it. He was telling every one that nothing is done yet and he is the process of securing feedbacks from the people.

The question is, what is he going to say on the 10th in Parliament when the cross section of the Malays represented by their NGO’s are rejecting the proposed NEM?

UMNO has ceased to play as an effective role in protection of the race, so the views of the NGOs have got to be taken seriously as the representative voices of the Malays.

No UMNO Division or the Branch has the courage to tell the leaders upfront as the leaders at all levels have disconnections with the members they lead. They prefer to express their annoyance behind the leaders.

Dr Ramlah Adam, Ali Akhbar and every invited guest was in the open that NEP was the best formula that was accepted by every race and NEP has never been proven to be the hindrances for the national progress and development.

I have spent a lot of time writing in this blog 2 years ago that the NEP model created by Tun Razak was the best formula and policy which is applicable perpetually and that was the result of sincere and truthful formula by truthful multiracial leaders of yester years.

I was expressing mu personal unhappiness that Dr Mahathir dismantled the NEP in 1990, as he wanted the Malays to go on moving without the ‘tongkat’.

I was not disagreeing to his view that we Malays should go on moving without the ‘tongkat’ but what I was disagreeing was that the ‘tongkat’ should be I kept in the store and shouldn't be thrown away.

No one knows that one day we will need the ‘tongkat’ badly like we are facing currently. Profeesor diRaja Ungku Aziz used to respond by agreeing to my idea. He said “Kalau kita tidak mahu menggunakan tongkat, kita jangan buang tongkat itu. Kita simpan sahaja tongkat tersebut. Mana tahu suatu hari nanti kita akan memerlukan tongkat itu”

Now where is at least one of the smart Alex who used to bombard me with nasty criticism alleging me and people like me as useless able bodied man? It is not at all easy to retrieve and to repossess the ‘tongkat’ as our friends from other races would not agree to it.

I am with total agreement with the resolutions of the Congress and we are anxiously waiting what PM Najib is going to unveil the NEM plans in Parliament on the 10th of this month.

It is not an easy task for him but we can’t be sympathizing with him at the expense of all Malays and Malaysian as a whole.

The Malays are in desperate need of assurance and commitment from the top government leaders and all policy makers as well as the Law Makers that their future is appropriately protected.

Lastly but not least I would like to extend a huge CONGRATULATION to Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA for the successful congregation of 126 Malay NGOs to agree and to tell off the PM that the Malays can’t accept peanuts any longer.

But what worries everybody is, he may sway and may swim with the flow again. He is known for his habit of ‘changing goal posts’ without qualm.

Thanks……………………………………Aspan Alias


anjibun said...

CHIN NA JIB dalam rombakan kecil kabinet melibatkan perlantikan
6 cina?

3 bumiputera?

1 Palanivel (The Deal dgn Samy Vellu di Hulu S'gor ?)

dan 1 Melayu?

Patutlah NGO Melayu terus menerus tak confident dgn Najib..

ke Chin Na Jib?

Anonymous said...

Najib is known for having no balls. Najib's has no identity of his Cabinet lineup. Most of them are from Pak Lah and Mahathir's lineup.

With Malay NGOs pressure to reject NEM, now he may decide to flip-flop again by saying that he listens to the rakyat.

Ini jenis nak jadi PM dulu? Merugikan!!!!!


Anonymous said...

PKR dan PAS ape pulak janjinya.. Anwar janjikan TPM untuk DAP.. PAS pulak kata orang CIna tapi Islam pun boleh jadi Perdana Menteri..

Antara BN dan PKR, mana nak pilih untuk kepentingan Melayu?

Anonymous said...

Salam Sdr Aspan,

Amat berpatutan dan wajar sekali Sdr memberi ucapan TAANIAH yg paling istemewa kepada Dato' Ibrahim Ali dan PERKASA kerana dapat mengbeling dan mengumpulkan 126 NGO Melayu bagi menyatakan bantahan keras terhadap perancangan perlaksanaan MBE.

Dalam kontek politik semasa,dimana UMNO dilihat terlalu lemah dan tidak terdaya membela, atau senyaja tidak peduli untuk membela nasib Bangsa Melayu,tindakan PERKASA dan MPM itu terlalu penting kerana ianya boleh dianggap sebagai penyelamat Bangsa Melayu.Mereka adalah wira, dan kita berharap agar semangat wira yg kental dan teguh itu kian membara dan memuncak untuk menghadapi gelumbang politik yg amat mencabar dan tidak menentu pada masa masa mendatang ini.

Kini doktrin,konsep dan hala tuju pentadbiran PM DS Najib sudah ternampak jelas.Doktrin beliau berasakan kepada kaedah berlembut dan mengalah yg menjurus kepada amalan janggal,iaitu,'kera dihutan disusukan ,anak sendiri kelaparan'yg pastinya amat merugikan Bangsa Melayu dan meletakkan kita dalam keadaan yg amat lemah dan tidak terbela.Dan konsepnya pula ialah,"kejarlah sedaya upaya,mengguna segala tenaga,biar pun apa yg dikendung berciciran".Akhirnya Bangsa Melayu akan menjadi kucar kacir dan UMNO akan hilang pengaruh dan kuasa.

Konsep dan dasar yg dibawa oleh PM Najib sekarang yg dilihat begitu merugikan bangsa Melayu terlahir daripada jiwa dan keperibadiannya yg apologetik,lembik,tidak tegas dan kompleks,seolah-olah orang Melayu sangat bersalah kerana telah sekian lama menerima keistemewaan yg banyak .Beliau semacam tidak yakin dengan keupayaan bangsa sendiri, sebab itulah beliau mengguna dan mengutamakan khidmat nasihat bangsa lain.Kerana sifat kompleks inilah juga beliau sanggup merendah dan memperkecilkan kedaulatan Bahasa Kebangsaan.Dalam kempen PRK di Hulu Selangor dan Sibu beliau bercakap dalam Bahasa Inggris di khalayak kaum Cina dan Dayak.Begitu juga apabila merasmikan majlis-majlis MCA dan MIC.Jika selepas 60 tahun lebih merdeka seorang PM masih tidak yakin dan rasa segan untuk mengguna Bahasa Kebangsaqannya ianya memberi seribu gambaran terhadap perwatakan dan pendiriannya.Oleh itu saya amat setuju dengan saranan saudara iaitu,".....we can't be sympathizing with him at the expense of all Malays and Malaysian as a whole." It is up to us now to do something about it.

Askar tua

kally said...

Yes bro, Ibrahim can leave his friend just like that like he did to PAS for greener pasture. Instead of saying thank you to PAS, he criticizes PAS like PAS had never been the proponent to make him the MP.
It was the delegates that made the difference last Saturday, not Ibrahim.

Red Alfa said...

Salam Sdr Aspan

I am concerned with the developments as going along with the mob think of the congregation of NGO as organized by PERKASA. Its the patent whys and hows that had made Nazi Germany!

Take the mob think hijacking the ideals of Ketuanan Melayu, it will take Malaysia to the ugliness and catastrophy of apartheism and nazism. Future Melayu generation will benefit from this?

Can we not be aware of the trend in global view think that the bumiputeraism that we want practiced is and will be a pariah practise that will one day get us sanctioned by the UN security? Council?

bat8 said...

Sdra Askar Tua,

1. Politik yang diamalkan oleh najib jelas menjurus kepada untuk mengekalkan kuasa at the expense kita orang melayu.

2. kewujudan Perkasa pada saya adalah sebahagian dari "grand Design" untuk mengekalkan kuasa UBN terutamanya pemimpin-pemimpin utama UMNO. Kesemuanya adalah tektik untuk menipu orang melayu agar tetap bersama-sama UMNO(Baru) dalam PRU 13 nanti.

4. Jika Perkasa bukan agenda najib dan UMNO(Baru) masalan beliau membenarkan Perkasa bermaharajalela sedangkan Perkasa itu bertentangan dengan konsep 1malaysia yang dicanang olehnya.

5. kewujudan perkasa lebih kepada untuk meningkatkan dan memastikan rakyat kita terpisah diatas garis politik perkauman. Ia adalah tektik lama UBN, devide the nation along racial line dan memastikan racial line ini terus memisahkan rakyat.

6. Sejak lepas pru 1990, api perkauman ini terus dimarakkan. Dalam pada itu, hak-hak orang melayu terus dijual oleh pemimpin-pemimpin kita. Nasib orang melayu telah diabaikan terutamanya di zaman TDM dan diganti dengan dasar inklusif: ia itu dasar menjaga kepentingan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO(Baru) dan kroni-kroni mereka.

Perlu diingat, maajoriti orang melayu telah dibiarkan untuk fend for themselves telah lama. Bagaimanakah nasib majoriti anak-anak muda kita yang ada hari ini terutama yang masih berada diluar bandar untuk menghadapi persaigan dunia hari ini dengan segala handicap yang ada disebabkan oleh pengabaian pemimpin-pemimpin kita ( baca:pemimpin UMNO(Baru) yang meemegang tampuk pemerintahan).

6. Bro Aspan, apa nak heran dengan berahing ali berjaya mengadakan kongress tersebut. apa yang susahnya jika semua kemudahan diberi. bagi yang meengenali berahing aali, hanya akan ketawa terbahak-bahak dengan gelagat beliau kerana mereka tahu berahing ali boleh buat lebih dari itu untuk jaga kepentingan dirinya.

Yang sedihnya, bagaimana cendiakawan-cendiakawan melayu kita boleh tertipu dan terjebaak dengan permainan politik segelintir pemimpin UMNO(baru), hanya kerana takut kehilangan kuasa - paspot untuk kaya!


Quiet Despair said...

Salam Bro

I reall pity Najib and I fear for his position.
He is really in a quandary. On the one hand, he wants to appease the Chinese. On the other, he wants to stay true to the legacy of his late dad.
Buat salah, tak buat salah.
That is why you see Ibrahim, Chua Soi Lek and especially Samy bravely dictating this and that.
Najib is unlucky because he takes over Abdullah who wants to be popular by opening up the flood gates of so called liberty and equality
In that respect I still love Mahathir who can nip things in the bud befroe it festers.
Sekarang semua berani main tarik harga.
The fault is also in UMNO and the government for not telling the Malays what the NEP has in store for them.
We hear only about transformation among the business sector.
So it's more to do with Malay fears and not anger.
Malays are easy to pacify. Just tell them what is what and they will rally round.
Are the Malay Ministers or the UMNO Info Chief sleeping or are they also in the dark about NEM??

Anonymous said...

What if the government maintained a high standards of education i.e. good English instruction and at the same time a high degree of quality in the other subjects.

What if the government in the 1970s did not insist on all universities to mandatorily use BM as medium like what they did to Universiti Malaya in the 70s.

What if the government instead of phasing out English medium schools, make them more prevalent esp in rural areas.

We may have a confident group of cosmopolitan and globalized Malay technocrats who need not depend on govt like we have right now. And groups like Perkasa and other so called Malay rights movement.

That is what I think. All this parochialism is due to an inward education system which does not take into account that Malaysia is just a small country that cannot afford to look inwards.

Would do you say Aspan?

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