26 April 2015

Mahathir has strong forte in toppling leaders but weak in finding appropriate replacements

I have been unfailingly contacted by my regular friends as well as new men and women who follow my writings and thinking requesting me to join them to talk about national issues at teh tarik and roti canai restaurants and stalls. A number of them got together to brainstorm on present-day topics on politics as Malaysians are now full time politicians. Old and young ordinary Malaysians are attentive and sensitive on issues connecting them as each and every issue of the day has connectivity with his or her daily live.  

Surely the forum attended by large number of ordinary Malaysians at the K Club, Taman Melawati last Saturday was top on their list of talking points. They enthusiastically wanted me to join them to get my opinion and my own personal comments on any issue they discuss.  

That forum was of interest to them as it was a kick-start move by Mahathir in the process of ousting Najib from the premiership of the country. I told them that kicking out a Prime Minister has been normal happenings and it was not new since Malaysian independence and in all occurrences Dr Mahathir had been a player in it.

Most of them were on mutual opinion that Mahathir has strong forte in pulling down leaders right from the Tunku to the Abdullah Badawi. Now he is targeting Najib as he has strong addiction on toppling leaders. He is gifted with capability to move up and pulling down leaders at his whim and fancies. He can pull down leaders either by direct confrontation or by using his strong invisible hands and both means have proven to be efficacious and fruitful.

He used his invisible hands on Hussein Onn and without elaborations Hussein Onn left the office giving way to him for the premiership. To the veterans who are still living, they keep this observation to themselves as they reluctantly accepted his moves purely for the good sake of the ruling UMNO then.

They knew all along that he was behind the move to oust his boss Hussein Onn by riding on the youth discontent toward Hussein over Dato Harun Idris’s issue from far behind. The youth professed that the charges against Harun was politically motivated and blamed Hussein for the jail sentences on the national UMNO youth head.

When he was the Prime Minister for twenty two years he created a record in our history for having four wrong deputies one after another. Musa, Abdul Ghaffar and Anwar were all his failed deputies while his fourth deputy Abdullah was lucky enough to get ascended to the premiership as the time for Mahathir to retire was up while he was still save as his deputy. Not long after he became the Prime Minister Abdullah too was pulled down by Mahathir.

Mahathir again succeeded and put up Najib as Abdullah's replacement. After the third year as the Prime Minister, Najib was already showing his true self as irresponsible Prime Minister as one after another serious issues against the PM surfaces. Najib is giving Mahathir expediency to move against him and it is imminent that Najib will have to bow down to the pressure from the public to quit. Mahathir has the killer instinct in him which nobody has. Many quarters believe Mahathir’s move is going to bear fruits and Najib has to go.

That is why the forum at the K Club on Saturday was focused by both local and international community. The general believe is that Mahathir is going to succeed in toppling the PM soon but there is another question that keeps on troubling the concerned public. Who is after Najib?

The question arises because Mahathir had been giving preferences to wrong leaders to succeed everyone he topples. Musa, Ghaffar Baba, Anwar and Abdullah were all his preferences but in the end Mahathir toppled them all. Alongside his capability to topple leaders he has serious weakness in finding viable alternatives to the leaders he toppled.

Like mathematics a correct formula will give the right answer. The formula of taking in Mahathir's preferences to replace the outgoing leaders have proven to be wrong formula. Maybe the right formula is to give the leadership to a leader who has never been in the preferential list of Dr Mahathir.

He stated Muhyidin Yassin as possible replacement but if this is so then we may have to go back to assemble at K Club to restart another roadshow to topple Muhyiddin, may be in two years or less from now. Remember Muhyiddin is a leader of the same mould with Najib. Muhyiddin should take collective accountability for the cumbersome acts of the government on all issues together with Najib and the rest.

It is skeptical that Muhyiddin can show much difference. Let us all be serious in finding the suitable replacement to Najib. The tradition of replacing the PM with the Deputy UMNO President has proven to be disastrous.

Once and for all find somebody else more judicious to restart the nation afresh. We are not just in search of a leader of UMNO but we are in dire need to find a leader respected by all races and rekindle the spirit of united Malaysians which we joyously experienced once upon a time. 


bruno said...

The PM,AG and IGP being the main players to maintain law and order in the countryhas all f*cked up.Why f*cked up?By practicing two sets of laws and targeted persecutions.

If Najib has to go what about the other two dunggus,who are far more dangerous to Malaysians health than Najib.If Najib has to go,all three have to go at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Salam AA

Its not a secret that you and quite a few others are gunning for TRH. The problem is, most voters now do not have the opportunity of getting to know this great man, thanks to the ardent belief and practice that history is the victors account (thats mildly putting it).

The bottom line is, TRH needs endorsement and with the current system in place, it does not look like he is getting any. I see a few particularly you, Dato Sak and Dato Zaid starting to move the ball but I dont see it being played in the pitch. That said, I wish TRH all the best and I pray he makes it to the helm despite all odds. Its the best hope Malaysia has at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Spot on.

Anonymous said...

Sorry AA. I can't quite agree with the topic of your article this time.
Yes. Mahathir is good and capable of toppling Umno's leader. But it is not right to say,he is not good in choosing successor.
After Pak Lah he choosed Najib. And now najib will have to go. Another dirt will take over. Mahyuddin. By the time Mukhrisg will be crown as deputy presiden of UMNO. After two years , with all the baggage of firt he carry mahyuddin will again face Mahathir's sword.
As tradition, mukhriz will be PM. Than mahathir will stop . This is the ultimate objective of him. Mukhir as PM.

Ancham said...


Ancham said...

Im on Najib side this time, i wish najib put his all to defend it, after all it is nothing to do with money dissapear, weak, mismanagement, if these it is the real reason, why bother it now rather than years ago. I cant understand why people keep rally behind mahathir and keep buy his words instead of his bad precedence towards malaysian politic and democracy. I reckon najib has realize this reality and he has put two chess move eventhough mahathir already put five chess move. Good luck Najid...

Anonymous said...

Yes sir...the one and only thing najib hope for...luck!

Anonymous said...

kita diajar untok berbuat sesuatu dengan baik dan niat yang baik , baru lah ada barakah . jadi dalam kontek tun Mahathir ada beliau buat sesuatu dengan niat yang baik ? biasanya , kesan dan hasil nya ada lah tanda sesuatu niat tersebut....