25 April 2015

Mahathir kick-starts his road show today

Dr Mahathir will start series of road shows in his campaign to oust Najib as the Prime Minister. At 11 am today he will be speaking at K Club Taman Melawati to kick-start an upright confrontation with the current sitting Prime Minister. If we judge through past experiences Mahathir will continue to deride Najib until the PM resigns like Pak Lah did when Mahathir went all out against him in 2006.

On the 24th June 2006 I initiated the same forum at the same premise to kick-start the campaign against Abdullah Badawi where he talked on various issues against the Prime Minister. The forum was attended by representatives from more than eighty NGOs country-wide alongside with representatives from various political parties. Subsequently Dr Mahathir went on road show to attend forums organized by various NGOs at state level against Abdullah and in the end Mahathir succeeded in ousting PM Abdullah Badawi.

As we can remember the issues against Abdullah was not as serious as existing issues against Najib. The issues against Abdullah were centered on the role played by the 4th floor boys and of course he personally went straight attacking Khairy Jamaluddin as the Youth Head was acknowledged to be the main personality that influenced most decisions of the father-in-law Prime minister. Other contributing issues then were the crooked bridge and few other concerns relating to issuing of contracts. However the issues over Abdullah were comparatively trivial as compared to gigantic and injurious issues against the current PM.

This time Dr Mahathir is going to restart a campaign, now against the leader who took over from Abdullah after the sitting PM was ousted. The turnout is expected to be large as the mood and tide against Najib is ever expanding. The mood against Najib is far larger and with that expected big turnout, it is not unanticipated that many more NGOs country-wide will be willing to organize forums to provide Dr Mahathir platforms to speak out against the PM Najib. Predictably the support is going to get larger and bigger by the day.

The issues surrounding Najib is perceptibly the biggest ever faced by any PM of the country. If we were to ask anyone on the street no one would ever dare to bet that Najib will survive the attacks from the rakyat through Dr Mahathir Mohammed and from various NGOs and individuals in the country.

Please face it, Najib is not in the position to defend him on issues of his mishandling of 1MDB and loads of other complementary problems any longer. It was found out that Najib had lied to Parliament by claiming that monies retrieved from Cayman Island was deposited in BSI Singapore wasn’t true. Evidently Najib had lied to Parliament and that was a cardinal offense for any parliamentarian to commit.

This very grave offense that Najib have committed warrants him to quit instantaneously. In reality 1MDB’s existence was inexactly a huge unacceptable financial scam committed by the leadership of the country. The dubious meetings between Najib with his wife and Jho Lo which was reported to happen in Turkey last week was an added reason why Najib should go. Based on the latest in Sarawak Report Jho Lo is the biggest account holder in BSI Singapore and indications are clear that he is directly involved in the scam through 1MDB that is going to burden the tax payers.

I do not want to extend the 1MDB issue here as this blog doesn't have the privilege of time and space. Dr Mahathir will be elaborating the entire goings on 1MDB and the rest of other issues today at Taman Melawati.

It is going to be attended by thousands of attentive audiences eagerly wanting to know the actual reasons why Malaysians are so enraged with the sitting PM of the country who is under severe pressure to resign.


bruno said...

Dr Mahathir has upped the tempo and Najib is feeling the heat from the high temperature.How long will Najib last,depends on how long it is going to be,before the goose is cooked.

Anonymous said...

You shall see what Rosie is truly made of. Behold.

Anonymous said...

It is very shameful and immoral on UMNO leaders for not demanding Najibs resignation after his wrong doings made known to public. Najib was appointed by few umno leaders and it is high time these umno leaders demand Najib resignation.Janganlah membisu...
kalau polis ambil rasuah rm100 dikerjakan sampai dipenjarakan tapi pemimpin umno berbelion ringgit disonglap tak Nampak langsung salahnya...apa ini ?