01 October 2015

We don't know how it happens, but changes will soon be a reality

The unusual happenings in Malaysian politics will hopefully results in new environments and situation in Malaysian political facets. As much believed by people with high thoughts and believes the worst of situation that we are in now should be followed with huge blessings. It should end with promising closure and that situation would be the best premise for good planning and building the nation for the future of the country with new and leader who is more familiar with plannings, thus subsequently restart the nation anew. Nothing good can be achieved without going through rough and tribulations. That rough and tribulation will usually results in good happenings that we can subsequently rejoice.

As I have repeatedly been saying that we are now truly in the darkest part of the night and the darker the night is the nearer we are to the dawn. I strongly believe that we are already near to the dawn and let us all rejoice and count all the blessings that God bestows upon us then. 

Going true the rough and tribulations will build maturity in us especially for our leaders, the past, the current and the future. As fondly believed  by people with high spiritual value in their inner selves, every great evil that occurs, great good follows. The period of tribulations is the time when everyone does his own soul searching and that was the period when good fortune will emerge for the country as everyone has learnt his lessons which sometimes may be an expensive one. 

We may not be able to know how the good things going to happen but somehow it will happen as God works mystically and mysteriously which most of the time beyond our comprehension and computation of our mind..

We are not short of leaders who can act swiftly to  transform for the country that set to put us in new political ambiance . However these leaders or at least one of them have been on the side line for many years due to personal political game by leaders for the past two decades or more.

The carelessness of our leadership by not developing budding leaders to inherit leadership for this country was the main reason why we are stuffed with undependable leaders who are all out for their personal politics who are self serving and do not take the interest of the nation above everything. Now we have learnt enough that to depend on self serving leaders that we have now is damaging for the country. If not mitigated instantaneously will bring the country to devastation.

As I have said in my earlier posting the ousting of the sitting PM is one issue, but more crucial than that is replacing the outgoing PM with untainted leader with sterling records of contributions to the nation is of utmost importance. The crucial decision is to decide on who is the fittest to lead and exercise the much needed national correction. The conventional manner of alternating leaders have proven to be futile when the ungainly cultures that have been ingrained among the top governing leaders are already not beneficial to the nation any longer. It will only perpetuate our pains and disillusionment towards the government.

One thing for sure the ordinary rakyat are waiting impatiently to see and witness the needed change if possible instantaneously.


Anonymous said...

remember sam cook sang this song a change gonna come..i was born by the river....in a little tent...like the river patiently flowing a change will come.

Anonymous said...

Or is it another wishful thinking ......