07 October 2015

Royal intervention, nearing the dawn after long dark nights

The 1MDB issue has reached the Council of Malay Rulers. Yesterday the Council of Malay rulers issued a strong statement urging the 1MDB issue to be resolved now and without delay. The Keeper of the Malay Rulers Seal, Dato Syed Danial, issued the statement on behalf of the Malay Rulers insisting the 1MDB issue to be settled as soon as possible and all parties must give full cooperation to the investigating party with full transparency. 

The Malay Rulers want action to be taken on everyone that is found implicated and responsible to the fall of 1MDB that was laden with hefty debts to the tune of RM tens of billions. This is the first time a company of government sovereign fund being discussed at Malay Rulers conference. It signifies how serious the negative goings-on in the company are and the seriousness of the repercussions to the government of the Federations. Thus, whoever displaced the investigating team or instructed the investigating officers for interdepartmental transfer with the intention to obstruct the investigation should be fired, whoever they are.

As it involves massive public funds, the Malay Rulers want the issue to be resolved soon in order to avoid the leadership crisis of no confidence in the government and put the nation to shame. The Rulers want everyone involves with the scandalous acts in 1MDB to be booked by law.

This issue was so serious because the PM himself was alleged to have involved in the daily runnings of the company and make most of the important business and financial decisions in the government sovereign funds. It was believed that the executives of the company do not have any decision making power. 1MDB since then has been in big trouble of paying its RM40 odd billions.

While the issue of this debt laden company was hotly debated, Prime Minister Najib was also facing the issue of massive personal 'donation' of RM 2.6 billion deposited in his account which he later transferred big portion of the amount to a bank in Singapore only to get the money frozen by the Singapore Monetary Authority. This 'donation' issue comes in handy with the suspected  siphoning of huge funds from 1MDB. These are the madly issue which should not have happened to a Prime Minister of a sovereign nation like ours.

We cannot deny the fact that the concern of the Malay Rulers create immediate perception of both local and international community that Najib is the main person in the suspicious dealings of the company. Najib has not been able to give right answers to all the right questions levied on him. There were too many kinds of answers to one question that come from him and his supporters. There were also many questions and queries remain unanswered until to this moment.

Hence the suspected involvement of the Prime Minister makes the issue now being brought to the attention of the Council of Malay Rulers. If the wrong doing is committed by the officials of the government it does not need the issue to be brought up to the Council of Malay Rulers meeting. Since the issue surrounds the PM the decision of the Malay Rulers to bring it to the council is aptly appropriate.

If it has not involved the Prime Minister in the scandalous and debauched deals of 1MDB the acts of displacements of the investigations team officers and the obvious break-up in the police over this issue wouldn't have happened. There have been questionable acts by the governments where investigations officers on the 1MDB being immediately transferred within twenty four hours obviously to avoid the truth of the matter to prevails.

I am with the rest of the Malaysian public. We want to see this serious and scandalous issue to come to an end as early as it's too unbearable to withstand the pressure to see the truth to prevail. I hope the intervention by the Council of Malay Rulers will ultimately brings the issue to rest.

Daulat Tuanku.

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