04 November 2015

Corrupt addiction is far more devastating than cigarette addiction

Few years of late we have been going through the withdrawing of all subsidies that we used to relish with. Paralleled to withdrawal of subsidies we have been taxed left and right and so far we have never recovered from the pains of the high cost of living which shoots up sharply especially within this year of 2015.

Today we are lumped with another hefty increase of cigarette prices. On average all cigarette prices have increased by 40 percent, a shockingly high increase at one shot.  Whilst some agree to the high increase of the item, some others who are smokers feel that the jump is too high for the moment. We can expediently use the health reason for the increase but this was not done for health reason. It is simply another way of taxing the people to increase the revenue of the government, not to reduce the smoking addiction among the people.

There is another addiction that the government should look into to avoid wastage of the public’s money i.e. corrupt addiction among the government leaders and some law makers. Corruption is a real devastating addiction as that pulls down the country to ashes in time to come. We are now suffering from the massive and unmitigated corrupt addiction among the leaders of the nation and that has put the country among the most corrupt nations in the world. Malaysia is known for this heinous culture that needs to be mitigated as soon as possible.   

As I have written a few times for the past months, leaders especially the Prime Minister has not been resourceful enough to source revenue for the country from other sources other than taxing the people. The people are already taxed with heavy cost of living and the taxes and duties never end. It only implies to us that our leaders are too dependent on the ordinary public, like us to solve the nation’s financial anguishes which some were self-inflicted by corrupt and capricious leaders that we have.

Certainly the corrupt culture of the government costs the nation expensively and if that corrupt practices are dealt with appropriately I am quite certain that the money stashed away from the public could have been used for other good causes. Maybe the government may not have to tax the cigarette smokers that high like it was done today.  


Anonymous said...

Even GST addiction too.......


Anonymous said...

Najib is just laughing all the way to his bank negara and telling Zeti 'see these fools cannot do anything. Siapa Raja?' Kah Kah Kah!

Anonymous said...

The government said they are handling the issue of corruption very well as can be seen from their records. They are hauling up people making false claims, taking bribes for favours and a number of successful prosecution cases. Major contracts or concessions given are very open based on tender and negotiation on best proposal. So far no corruption found. Money received by PM was free donation and put into circulation in Malaysian financial system. No money flowed out of the country. 1mdb loans are not corrupted. They are just bad business deals which showed the inaptitude of the PM and he was made the fool. With government revenue sources shrinking, the easiest way is to get from the rakyat. So, no corruption.

awang batuburok said...

Tuan Aspan,

Masaalahnya sekarang ada puak-puak parti lebai malang yang tak kisah sangat pasal rasuah ni.
Kononnya atas perpaduang bangsa pemimpin yang rasuah pun tak boleh ditentang dan tak boleh tukar sehingga PRU14 nanti.

Tunggu negara hancur macam Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq baru nak bertindak....kesian si Lebai Malang masih syok sendiri dan celaru pemikiran.

Anonymous said...

All that needs to be done is to draw up a code of etiquette for greed.