12 November 2015

Dr Mahathir resigned thirteen years ago, only Najib has not done so

The blame games are going on among the supporters of Najib and Dr Mahathir’s. In recent days the Najib’s camp is coming up with new defense for the problematic PM by arguing that Mahathir was no different than Najib. It was a normal sight watching leaders during Dr Mahathir’s era enjoying life with oversized houses and flashy cars that would not be within their reach if they were not leaders of Mahathir’s Cabinet and high positioned UMNO leaders and all cronies that lingered around the longest serving PM.

One of Najib’s blind foot-soldiers, Salleh Keruak is going further by saying that if lavishness is equated to corruption than Dr Mahathir himself should be charged for corruption. He says that Mahathir is living beyond the means of a former PM as he is living in lavishness with expensive jet setting even after he retires from the premiership. He never travels in ordinary commercial flights locally and internationally like his predecessors The Tunku and Hussein Onn in their retirement.

Hence to Najib’s supporters they ‘okayed’ Najib’s expensive living as he learns the expensive living from his mentor Dr Mahathir and not from anyone else. To Najib’s supporters committing two wrongs will make one right. Let the country be thrown to trash as there is nothing wrong to what Najib is doing now. They say Najib is just harvesting what Dr Mahathir sows while in power. “Mahathir too was like Najib” they say. 

Surely this is the worthless argument that comes from Najib’s camp. The country needs changes as Najib is rotting the country to the core. The bone of the contention now is the need to save the country from devastation. Najib has to go, and to blame Dr Mahathir for his embezzlement of the country is not easy to digest. We are not talking about who is more corrupt than the other. This time of the moment the country is on the way to destruction and the current sitting PM is compelled to go without deferral.

Najib can’t be loitering around in Putrajaya just because he claims that Dr Mahathir was equally responsible for the current illimitable political severances. We should cease blaming anybody for the wrongs that we commit. The fact remains that without any change that we in dire need we are heading for political catastrophes. So Najib has to go, if possible instantaneously.

We don’t need to be highly intelligent to believe Najib’s impotency in solving the country’s economic agonies but he insists to stay on as the PM. I am certain that he is clueless in finding the solutions to the country’s economic bereavements. That is truly a thoughtless, fraudulent and dissembling leader for us to lean on for our future.

Forget about attempts to focus historical records on Dr Mahathir. Najib has to go to save the country from the prolonged political disenchantments that he is responsible for. Dr Mahathir has already resigned thirteen years ago. Najib has to take his turn to quit just like Mahathir did.

It's pointless for Najib's camp to bring up Mahathir's issue as Najib is the cause of pain for the country presently. Someone is now in the center of media alleging Mahathir was causing more losses than 1MDB. 

Are we now competing on who can cause more losses for the country? Is this was the reason why Najib is still hanging to power as he thinks he has not done enough damage yet to the country?


Anonymous said...

Well, you can always ktemoc in Australia. Why? Just google la or ask Susan Loone

Anonymous said...

Najib has never build anything
He is a big spender and jollyman

Tun Mahathir build PutraJaya, Cyber Jaya, KLIA, KLCC, the northern south highway and very intelligent to make money for UMNO out of it.

Najib is nothing as compared to Tun M.