15 February 2016

Najib and gang have to be replaced without delay and hesitation

Our nation in reality needs changes as instantaneous as possible. There is no more sanity in the government as the situation is getting worst beyond apprehension.  Laws are ordained to protect the wrong doers.  Leaders in power are not having clues on how to manage a nation and oblivious of the moral values as leaders of the nations.  The current Najib led government is tearing down the country to ruin and the longer he stays with his line of hopeless Cabinet the worst the country is going to be.

There is no more rule of law in this country. Only Najib’s rule of law exists. Efforts was done by a Malaysian to make a report of the wrong doings but the person name Khairudin was put behind bars. UMNO and the ruling leaders are all defensive. The new information chief Anuar Musa in his statement says all the bad news and statements that came from the Switzerland AG was manufactured by the local Malaysians who are all out to reprimand Najib.

But isn’t it the illicit money that was found to flout the law of Switzerland was Malaysian money and the culprit are all from Malaysians who are within the armpit of Najib? True that it originates from Malaysia but the wrong doers were all Malaysian and the huge sum of money to the tune of 4 billion dollars were all visually seen to be moving in and out of the Swiss banks dubiously.

We cannot stomach anymore a Prime Minister who is being fun off by the world community with corrupt and malpractices to this unimaginable magnitude. Najib must go and he must be displaced and replaced immediately to save the nation to further destruction. There should not be any more debate about Najib’s right or wrong. Najib has lost all the morals to rule as a PM of this wealthy but badly managed by gullible leaders like Najib and his likes.

There are more surprises to come that will devastate the nation. If Najib was impregnated with issues like Scorpene and Altantuya’s before he ascended to the premiership, Zahid is going to create tumult among the concerned Malaysians over his decision to import 1.5 million Bangladeshi unskilled workers into the country. He will be responsible for the importing 1.5 million Bangladeshi to Malaysia in three years and it simply means that we will experience an explosion of the nation’s population by 1.5 million people with unskilled workers.  The importation of this huge numbers of Bangladeshi will bring along with them social evils like crime and diseases. Right now we have already in huge problems with the immigrants from Bangladesh and other countries.

As this blog has mentioned umpteen of times that if a leader has special interest in any project he will never make appropriate decisions. Zahid has one of his siblings having direct interest in this monopolistic project involving billions of ringgit in three years. It’s all about huge money..money and money. This project ought to be stopped as it will change the whole landscape of Malaysian population that will bring disaster to the nation.

We need all concerned Malaysians to circumvent all this disgraced, deluded and discredited leaders to continue ruling us. Let’s save the country and let’s do something good for our generations. Do away with this sort of leaders clean. Let’s rebuild and reconstructure the already devastated nation. Please Najib, Zahid and all, please leave us with a leader who has the capacity for the restoration of this nation. Please!

We are unable to stomach the most looked-down leadership that the world has ever come across. Just leave and let the rakyat resolve the problems you created.


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puspawangi said...

agreed totally, but HOW? and to be replaced by who? ALL in the UMNO & BN were in the same boat, probably will continue the trend. The opposition is in no position to do anything and they are not even a proper coalition, each parties is in shambles with internal fights..

Please tell, what are we to do?

Anonymous said...

Pleading to Najib and Zahid is like fronting a stone and it won't talk back. But what it will do is to roll down a mountain like a boulder that will hit you hard and flat! They are behaving like taikos can't you already see?

People should go across party line and be blind by its manifesto only to save the country but, in an organised and peaceful ways! You wouldn't want to give the Chief-Pirate the slightest of opportunity to act upon using SOSMA or MKN thing.....that will render him to be going for broke and governed just like Pervez Musharaff did for a decade or so and, hey presto, 1MDB, Donation, Corruption, SRC, KWAP monies will be erased from memory and he will go scot free in 10-20 years time!

AA, good to hear you back with something.


Anonymous said...

I am "so excited and motivated" by your suggestion. If you are overseas, can you please fly back here in Malaysia to lead us in this initiative?

By the way, your Malay brethrens do not seem to care at all. They are happy to be hoodwinked and oppressed by your own Malay leaders, anyway. So, why should the non-Malays be on the frontline and be made into scapegoats of anti-Melayu and anti-Islam? And don't give this nonsense about this being a duty for all Malaysians. You want to replace Najib and gang, get your Malay brothers and sisters to do so first.

Anonymous said...


The main culprit on all things related to Abang Najib is non other than :

1. The voters (mostly Malay) in Najib area. Didn't they use their brain to think rationally about what is corruption, dictatorship style of leadership purging ministers out of government etc.? In South Korea, Japan or Australia, when the minister or PM is not doing their job well, then that leader is thrown out in election by the voters of same race. Najib .... under hot bright sun receiving 2.6 billion seems nothing to the Malay voters. I couldn't understand what kind of DNA in some Malay voters have.

2. Not only Malay voters, some older non-Malay generation seems to think like 1960s style especially in rural areas. BN is government and government is BN. What a low class mindset in this 21st Century. Sorry to say.

3. The younger generation should think rationally and progressive and more IT savvy than older ones. So weird for some youth who support Najib like hell. So pity to see some BN youth receiving 10 ringgit note just to show support for Najib. The youth should be more expressive, innovative in political thinking. Not just dance like monkey on stage during Najib political show.

4. The only way to reject Najib and gang is non other then to keep BN in the box for 5 years away from political scene. As long as UMNO/BN still in government I don't think there is change in Malaysia, even many worse things to come.

5. Vote for change to a fresher look for Malaysian political scene.

Anonymous said...

power of prayers....

Anonymous said...

there is no way Najib can be replaced now, not until next GE. With Hj Hadi recent moves has destroyed Pakatan chances of taking over Putrajaya . You don't seem like Anwar Ibrahim either .

Anonymous said...

Change.....what change
Replaced....replacement ????????????????????
Devasted nation.......betul ke Malaysia ni dah hancor
Khairuddin belum kena jail lagi......sabotage negara kalau askar death by firing squad
Migrate if you feel and have the feeling such as the points you wrote above as for your own good

Anonymous said...

Is it anything to do with the preparation of Pilihan Raya Umum 14, in 2 years time ? Just a hunch!!!

Anonymous said...

The worst PM we have ever had. The worst Cabinet we have ever lined up. To us they are just a bunch of crooks cheating the rakyat. PLEASE GET OUT OF OUR SIGHT. WE ARE FED UP. WE JUST CANNOT ACCEPT THEM ANYMORE. Ask any Malaysian today he or she will say to them "GET OUT OF OUR SIGHT...." The world is talking about the country under this kind of hopeless leadership. What a shame.....

AkmaSaffiya said...

We can also import Bangladeshi Ministers

Anonymous said...

Pak Aspan, organise a protest like arab spring in front of sri perdana for his removal. Certainly he has gone against the law in accepting the monies without advising the govt authorities and money laundering activities.

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Anonymous said...

Kedah have shown a way to tell Najib to go. Use Malaysia cup football matches to protest against Najib. We see what they will do. Ban football matches and sack KJ?

Anonymous said...


I do agree with you and most of malaysians too.. but HOW, sir??

Anonymous said...

Mr Aspan, our choice is simple. As a Malay we will only gonna vote for either UMNO/BN or PAS. Our vote will not go to PKR, DAPpigs or any party that is associated to them. Come PRU 14, if Nagib Razak is still the PeeeMmm and will be after that, our vote will shift to PAS....it is that simple. Our aim is to deny UMNO/BN a majority so that if they still want to be in power, they will have to partner with someone. This way hopefully we can curtail their destructive management style as can be seen at present.

Anonymous said...

Bapak Aspan , it is time for you to give more attention on Anwar's lieutenants like Azmin Ali, Rafizi, Nik Nazmi, Shaifuddin Nasution/Abdullah and Nurul Izzah. These peoples are doing very well so far. Young Lebai with PAS like Tantawi, Abduh, Nik Zawawi were no match for Husam, Dr Dzul, Dr Mujahid and Khalid Samad.
Forget about Ku Li, Muhyiddin. They should had done more but did not do so. PAS murshidul am now is under PM payroll, what you want some more from this guy ???

kusufian write said...

Salam Jumaat
PM Nj and his gangs can only be toppled by the umno warlords. That's the fact. However, His replacement. Would there be anyone better?
The pressures we are putting for him to resign fall dead. Even Tun Dr Mahathir and Majlis Raja Raja could not do much. Cash is a damn real king. Go to hell dignity or whatsoever you call..name it..totally dead.
Perhaps due time someone could organise a peaceful rally at Merdeka Stadium at the eve of merdeka 2016 to demonstrate the rakyat unhappiness. It must be a peaceful rally but well supported by all the foreign media. Coordinated,choreographed and orchestrated to present to the world Angry Malaysian. If angry bird can be so popular,then Angry Malaysian would fame more for a decade to come.
I doubt PM Nj would bow and resign. Alternative, together Malaysian could pressure fresh election to be called.This will much be appreciated by all Malaysian and the world.
IMPP is a coordinating platform to gather independent candidates to contest GE 14. Selected candidates of various background, well respected and could be well accepted would form the

kusufian write said...

The nucleus

awang batuburok said...

Salam Tuan Aspan,

Menurut fatwa kitab biru Parti Lebai, Najib belum terbukti bersalah dan perlu disokong sebagai PM hingga PRU14 nanti.

Demi perpaduang dan perjuangang Melayu Najib mesti dipertahankang....ke guane Din?

XUMNO said...

How to replace Najib or umno/bn with the opposition when we have people with mentality as stupid as our "awang batuburuk" who do not understand an inkling of what were being discussed, yet went on rambling and spewing false allegations against Pas.And there are many melayus in that category, sorry to say.

Anonymous said...


I found that you're mistakenly understood what was written by awang batuburuk. The comment which was given by him just in sarcastic manner.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, majority of the Malays in the kampungs and Felda land schemes still do not realise the mistakes and damages already done by Umno leaders for so long.

Najib,in turn, knows BRIM is good enough to secure support (votes) from people in those areas.

Anonymous said...


You better check what is PAS position/stand on PM Najib's 1MDB and 2.6billion issues in Parliment,.... very quite (tidor ka?). How they vote on 2016 Budget?

Any official statement from Mr President?