20 February 2016

Please stop abusing the nation Mr PM

At least two of Najib’s foot soldiers, Rahman Dahalan and Salleh Said Keruak came out in defense of defenseless Najib. Rahman Dahalan repeated that the claim by WSJ that the RM2.6 billion did not come from the Saudi Royal family but from various companies surrounding 1MDB. He says that the claim by WSJ was an outright lie as Najib has been cleared of from any wrong doings by the famous and newly minted AG Apandi Ali. Ken Brown from WSJ told the Australian ABC that the huge sum of money was from bunch of companies within the armpit of 1MDB and not from the donation from a Saudi Royal family.

WSJ have been writing on Najib’s scandalous issues time and again but if all the claims were untrue one can wonder why no legal actions have been initiated by Najib or the government. Rahman as BN strategic director should be bringing WSJ to court long ago. But it has not been done and they continue with lame defense that no one can believe and have faith on what they say.

There is only one way out for Najib to clear his scandalous image, that is by suing WSJ and bring that media house to court. But this is what Najib is having the apprehension of doing it for reason that is predictable. If Najib is at all decently innocence there is no reason for him to be afraid of taking WSJ to the court.

As long as Najib is not taking WSJ to court it is not unfair to believe that the allegations against Najib as true as Najib is also being investigated in four other countries for the alleged wrong doings by Najib and his cronies seriously suspected of flouting the law of those nations. In Switzerland the AG had found out there were serious movement of RM 4 billion out of 1MDB related companies which ultimately involve Najib personally.

Rahman Dahalan cannot allege WSJ as flouting the code of ethics of journalism and please don’t equate WSJ’s conduct with TV3 or Utusan Malaysia. I hope Rahman will advise Najib that he has no way out but to sue WSJ instantaneously. Najib has to win and be the victor over WSJ in international court, or else Najib has only the exit door for him to go through. He has to quit before the situation becoming worse for the people and nation to bear.

I personally believe in the WSJ report as Najib is cowardly having the apprehension to sue the media house to clear his name once and for all. Right now the general perception internationally is that Najib is politically and morally ruined and unfit to loiter around in Putrajaya any longer.

Najib has to choose one of the two choices he has. He either sues the WSJ and win the case or to resign with dignity and save the country from going for a doom. No one is with him other than Apandi Ali, the IGP and few limited groups within the corridor of power. The limited groups are more of harmful pests than anything else to the country.

Shielding behind the AG and the IGP won’t last as in the end the reality will prevail and at that situation Najib will be facing awful and an irretrievable life embarrassment when fronting the people and the world. Najib, don’t do any more harm to the country and stop abusing us for god's sake. Just retire and live in repentance.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bro AA,

The door for him to really go out with grace has been long gone! And, for you to suggest he retire and live in repentance.....the Chief-Pirate has only himself to blame bloody shit time that he did not took advise from the wise man/men to just go early and save himself from extreme disgrace!

How could he when there will always be an imaginary but REAL in his mind he is actually dragging 2 big iron balls chained to his legs permanently,


- 2.6 Billion
- 42 Million

that both sums did, physically, truly, actually, went into his PRIVATE-PERSONAL ACCOUNT and that my friend already BREACHED by miles in the living daylight that a GOVERNMENT OFFICER (Penjawat Awam) BROKE RULES and OATH! And, the XX extra Millions that went before the world to see when APANDI 'flashed' so proudly but how candid-silly did he know that those were RARE NEW NEWS! Along with some 3 Million PAYMENTS were made just to clear EXTRAVAGANCE SPENDING of mere week overseas which amounted to some 6 YEARS of PM's AVERAGED INCOME! How EXTRAORDINARY for a man could spend 6 years equivalent of his income using some money gained from DUBIOUS deposits into his account and claimed not knowing where it came from? Such a low-mentality to even think as a thief, isn't it? And, that is also another breach amounting to offence that can only be proven otherwise in a court of law!

Made worst the Chief-Pirate (Pahlawan Bugis konon...bikin malu orang bugis) held the HIGH OFFICE of The Prime Minister and the Finance Minister and scheming with '2 hands' in the 'money bank' as Chairman of 1MDB, a fully owned ministry of finance's company-entity!

One don't need to be a learned lawyer to understand a PENAL CODE breached had indeed occurred!

Only the delusional UMNO men and silly ministers still trying in vain to make the Chief-Pirate looked clothed yet he is infact butt-naked with nothing more to hide (or sell), has he?

He's dead in the water still flapping holding on to his last strain of energy to stay afloat, but not for a very long time soon!


PS. Just venting my frustration as a concerned anak-melayu-muslim-Malaysia mencari rezki diluar negara!

Anonymous said...

U 2 man....

Anonymous said...

Najib is a coward man all the way because the sins he has created and implemented. Suing WSJ will disclose many2 weaknesses so that route is out. Resigning can never happen because he is currently well protected by Umno leaders. He is now fighting for time hoping other major event happens that people will forget all his wrong doings which is impossible.If he loves the country he should resign now and hand over to Tan Sri Mahyuddin .
Yesterday a policeman was found guilty for accepting bribed of rm1500 and jailed for three years. If same principle is applied and found guilty he can be jailed for billion years ....

Anonymous said...

He has turned into a tyrant hasn't he? And thoroughly corrupted UMNO!

Anonymous said...

Two names not worthy of mentioning in any serious postings. Both Rahman n Keruak are known as the two rare species of dumb monkey continously giving out absolute absurd comments in defend of the biggest monkey.