14 June 2016

Just a little comment on Kadir Jasin's issue of Marriage of Convenience of PAS and UMNO

Datuk Kadir Jasin claims that PAS-UMNO relationship is relationship of convenience to suit each other in the current political situation. I am not trying to deny that crude fact he mentioned in Sungai Besar parliamentary by-election but every coalition is a marriage of convenience. Not only for PAS and UMNO initiative to help each other but also the coalition of Pakatan Harapan where there is an obvious marriage of convenience between DAP and Parti Amanah Negara (PAN) and PKR. DAP needs Amanah and PKR and all members of the loose coalition need each other in facing any election.

PAS, PKR and DAP used to work together for the same purpose of marriage of convenience in facing the last two general elections. PAS and DAP knew that they were not in tandem in their struggles and in the end both parties divorced themselves from each other and now PAS is not with the defunct Pakatan Rakyat any longer. DAP and PKR now work to form Pakatan Harapan with the rejected leaders from PAS who formed Parti Amanah Negara (PAN) and name their coalition as Pakatan Harapan. It was not unpredictable to witness the temporary good relationship between PAN and DAP as well as PKR as they need to survive for their political presence. It is not surprising that these parties in Pakatan Harapan will again change partners in the near future.

It is always natural for DAP to support Amanah as that was the opportunity for them to duck and submerge PAS politically. However PAS has gone through all the mills of political cataclysms since its inception over sixty years ago. The formation of a new coalition, Pakatan Harapan is just another marriage of convenience like the relationship between PAS and UMNO currently. This ‘Marriage of Convenience’ is always normal and realistic political attribute of this country. The first of such ‘Marriage of Convenience’ was the formation of PERIKATAN which subsequently called Barisan Nasional with extended numbers of parties in the coalitions to fourteen altogether.  

Mahathir was an arch rival of DAP but with his DEKLERASI RAKYAT working with DAP and the rest of the oppositions is just another ‘Marriage of Convenience’ with the oppositions to dislodge the current unscrupulous and deceitful Prime Minister Najib who is still loitering in Putrajaya busy plundering the country to vestiges. Mahathir like me and many others feel that the longer Najib stays in power the country will be in disaster and we will be left with relics and left-overs by the time he eventually leaves his positions.

Mahathir has to initiate that ‘Marriage of Convenience’ with DAP and other oppositions to expel our common enemy that is Najib and his gang of the nation’s plunderers and pillagers from power.  The current leadership is milking the country dry without any qualm or guilt. AND there is nothing so unusual for individual like Dr Mahathir and political parties to change partners. The dynamics of Malaysian politics is just like that and we have to ‘berpijak di bumi yang nyata’.

So Datuk, what is so strange about marriage of convenience between PAS and UMNO. It has happened to other parties all along since independence. I am not disagreeing with Datuk Kadir’s opinion, but what I am just trying to say is that ‘Marriage of Convenience’ is not relevant issue to the current active Malaysian political dynamics at all.

It’s non-issue actually. I am in tandem with the struggle of the DEKLERASI RAKYAT personally, and that is also another ‘Marriage of Convenience’ as I have never been in agreement with Mahathir’s policies and his political goings-on while he was in power. We have to have that ‘Marriage of Convenience’ as Najib’s sins to the country are much bigger than the sins committed by previous leaders put together.

The country is in actuality in need of another 'Marriage of Convenience' where all the ruling and the opposition parties and leaders to have one magnanimous leader to start the nation anew as I have persistently mentioned in my articles and write ups all the while.


Anonymous said...

Ku Li,tolong lah selamatkan Melayu. We truly need a change of leadership. Current leadership is truly a proponent of corruption, money politics and playing with the minds of the malays. Cakap tak serupa bikin with all the good ethical motherhood statements. I think his heart is now empty. For the sake of the malays, please help to get rid of this zombie leader.

Anonymous said...

Either pas or dap...both are targeting Malay-UMNO (MU) member votes to be someparty in the near future. UMNO is sinking fast. MU voters are abandoning the ship en masse. May the best strategist win. But the similarity ends there.

While Pas intention is to replace Umno as 'parti tunjang' Melayu Islam, Dap has many prong approach but the goal is simple: do not allow MU voters goes to Pas by all means available. From Melayu Dap (Melati, Dyana, Samad Said,etc) to Pasma, then GHB, then PAN and latest we have Chedet the mighty himself.

To entice these voters, Pas is using a positive approach: Islam and Politik Matang as alternative. Pas posture is: we are your best alternative for continuous existence as Malay and Muslim. I Malay and Islam. You Malay and Islam. Don't be afraid to jump to our ship.

Dap, for some reason chose negative aspect: scandal-scandal-scandal all sort of scandals that are beleaguering UMNO. It is supposed to be a good tactic, no doubt. The tactic scared and frustrated MU voters on UMNO reality to the core. But hypocrisy is what differentiated Dap from Pas. Dap is seen to be adaptable from being Msian Msia to Chinese first Msian. Look at how Dap being campaigning especially in Sg Besar. It is very funny for a party that claims to hold 90% of Chinese votes yet spend all their energy in these 2 PRK on Chinese votes. And in that process, PAN is reduced to a lappy position. And the way Dap screaming on RUU355 is again a proved that Dap is afraid of losing Chinese votes more than gaining MU votes. Dap shoot themselves too many times in their own foot.

So Pas should be thanking Dap high and low for helping to remind and scaring the MU voters faster and in bigger size and best part, putting them on silver tray handed to Pas. These Saturday, the results of PRK Sg Besar and KK will stunt both LKS and Najib to the core too.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the result stunt both of them not only to the core but to their butts too....Baik makan dedak drpd jilat KAHAK