17 August 2008

Living in vacuum

I am like many other Malaysians of all races, is in grave concern about the leadership crisis we are now facing, which certainly gambles our very own future.

This great nation has been going through long history of existence with trustworthy leadership and government until recently when we feel that there exist huge leadership vacuities and this is the worst political ill will this country has ever experienced.

We somehow feel there are some unseen and invincible current that moves towards foreseeable destructions of identity of the nation and her population.

We can unmistakably see and feel that we are not anymore in the country we used to take pleasure living in.

The crisis of confidence are as obtrusive as such we believe that everything the government does is fallacious and subsequently add on to the currently unbearable feelings towards the leadership and the government as a whole.

Malaysians are just unable to appreciate happenings around them and find themselves at odd with everything that surrounds them.

Politicians are morally doomed and can do almost anything, however heinous it can be just for the sake of uncharacteristic political culture of the day.

The most recent happening was when the Quran was debased as a lying detector, when Saiful went to the mosque to swear that he was sodomized by Anwar just a day before the nomination of Permatang Pauh by-election.

I am no saint but I know that was done with bad tastes and intent…it was purely and crudely a political move.

One can even take his own ass for political expediency and worst still it was for the advantage of another desperate politician who is trying to survive his political existence.

I am not protecting anyone who commits this heinous act of sodomy but I am against the ill-intended action of Saiful as he was with somebody high-ups before going to the police to make a report on the sodomy.

His action must be driven by a predictable politician who is in dire need to see Anwar flops politically.

The police have ceased to be an agency to protect the safety of the people as they are just a little bit soiled than the criminals they apprehend.

The crime rate is rising to an appalling state and shamelessly our leaders are claiming that this is the safest nation that one can live in.

The police and the Minister in charge have not given the public the reasons as to why there are too numerous murder cases unsolved, and many robbers were unable to be apprehended.

The underworld seems to rule the nation, while the police seem to be more focus on attending to the political activities of the oppositions.

The racial unity is at the lowest ebb under the current leadership and there are parties who dare enough to question of Malay privileges provided by the constitution which has been agreed between races.

Corruption is already in the blood system of politicians and the government implementers, and only God knows how these inept leaders are going to mitigate this severe problem.

Corruptors are apprehended and charged selectively, as some who commit that offence are guarded by the Official Secret Act (OSA).

Corrupt leaders with huge followers are put at ransom, and forced to support weak and shoddy top leader in the wake of party election in December.

Everything is going to go bust and the current leaders are still dreaming and do nothing of consequence to address all these serious hiccups the nation is facing.

Abdullah and Najib don’t even realize that we are all in danger and the total system of workings in the government is in jeopardy.

What do ordinary Malaysians like us do to mitigate these unwarranted problems? Are we doing enough to help? Do we really realize that our current leaders are not doing anything to save us and the nation?

Let us all once and for all wake up and change these leaders. The efforts should come from everybody and from all quarters.

It should come from all component parties, oppositions and Ngo’s. The Malay rulers are not spared from these noble duties as well.

Let us all Malaysian work towards change and subsequently live happily ever after.

We have missed life in solace far too long, with prudent and magnanimous leaders like we used to enjoy decades ago. After all we still have at least one leader with courage to offer his irrefutable self as an alternative to the current moronic set.

You don’t need to guess who. You know him.

Thanks……………………….Aspan Alias

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Anonymous said...

Bangkitlah wahai orang-orang Melayu yang berada di dalam UMNO sana....