09 February 2010

Anwar' Sodomy case: Don't rely on parallel courts

This short write up is to answer one commentator (Daniel) in my blog asking me why I am too quiet about the current Anwar’s court case and he says it is very unlike of me not to say a bit about this issue, which is hotly debated by both the mainstream and the alternative media.

My answer is simple and straight forward.

I am not the judge. I am not the accused neither am I the defense lawyer. I am also not the prosecutor neither am I the plaintiff or Saiful.

I am quite okay in taking care of all the private parts that has been given by nature especially the one that is located on the back part of my physic.

I don’t allow anybody to touch it unless I want to make it into political issue against some one.

I am not even a witness to the trial and have to do nothing with me especially so while it is on trial.

I don’t fancy the frenzy acts by many quarters setting up parallel courts on the street, in the office, in the coffee shop or anywhere else and above of it all I don’t enjoy seeing people suffering to this extent.

The accused have wife and children and for anyone to enjoy on the sufferings of others will normally bear the retribution themselves as nature has set the world and it’s live with equitable fairness.

That is what my religion says. I personally don’t have much knowledge on religions of others even though I do respect the existence of the faiths and believes.

Name calling on anyone including the accused destroys the basic fabric of rule of law and to me it’s legally wrong.

Why charge him court if the media and the parallel courts have already had the verdicts?

There is one salient point to be remembered by any member of civilized society; Respect the court which is in session, keep our dirty and smelly mouth shut and wait for the case to be over and verdict being read out.

After that, any one can comment as he likes. In the meanwhile just behave like we are in the public gallery of the court, that is keep quiet and say nothing.

To both the warring groups, this is what every one should observe; if we really want to see the Judiciary to retrieve its old glories as real independent and respected pillar of the Federation.

To Anwar supporters your demonstration does not change anything. You don’t have to worry; if Anwar is not guilty it will be decided to his favor. If he is proven guilty everyone knows what is going to be like...ie imprisonment.

But to the judges of the street parallel courts, for heaven sake please stop presiding on the issue. Just accept and respect the real and the actual court that is now in session.

If one has their personal verdict or preferences keep it inside and throw it once it is over and done. From then on please suit yourself.

Daniel, this is my answer. This is the correct answer even though it might not to your liking.

Thanks………………………………………………………Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

Perancangan DAP disebalik pembelaan Anwar oleh Karpal Singh ?

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I agree with you 110%, Sdra Aspan. Your comment from A to Z is perfectly right.

Anonymous said...

Aaahhh, a nice little homily. Demolished by this line: "I don't allow anybody to touch it unless I want to make it into political issue against some one."
A dead giveaway: A Freudian slip? A judgment call?

So you DO have an opinion, just like the rest of us on both sides of the divide who can't keep our dirty and smelly mouths shut.
Like I said, a nice homily. Smug too.

I.M. Wyswyg

Anonymous said...

We have lost everything; we have lost democracy, we have lost the ethics of an advance mentality, we have forgo our culture, national unity is dismantled and over all these we have lost our national identity.

We now see institutions are destroyed and everything is gone and blown away.

I agree with your article many months back that we have to find someone to redesign and start this nation from point 1, meaning all over again if we are serious of having a Nation in its real meaning.

Thanks Aspan for the space.

alimuddin (hope you remember me still)

Anonymous said...


kalo nuar masuk dalam, den dongar kuli nak ambik alih...

seronoklah ekau yo!

dapeklah den nak tumpang sekaki..bukan gitu Pan..