07 February 2010

Can we walk straight on a crooked path?

The more we read and see about the happenings about politics in this country the more we feel the erratic pulses in us. The atmosphere is to some extent unbearable to consume and it is unchewable.

Malaysia is the only nation whereby almost every one of her population talks about politics and the percentage of the alertness of politics are almost to the optimum.

The issues normally would change after a while, and issues keep on changing endlessly….at least for another while until after the reconciliation point of compromise over these numerous issues in hand is found.

Would we or would we not find the agreeable solution in the next few months or years?

Every one seems to be in soul searching. The government is trying to overcome the lumber of historical misadventures which the current population is suffering.

The carelessness and rashness of managing politics and government by leaders since 2 and the half decades ago is now contributing adverse consequences to lives of all of us.

It seems everybody does not trust every one; “Trust nobody and suspect everybody!” said a friend, a retired government servant who came to sip ice coffee with few other friends just over a week ago.

“These politicians think that this country is their personal property, come in the office to order us what to do and to whom all opportunities should be given to. They dismantle the policies which they set. We implementers are not given the chance to implement the policies fairly, and they just want us to be the conduit of their ill intended personal gains” He said it clear.

“I tell you, no policy has been implemented in good demeanor. The reason is simple; some government servants themselves are compromising their principles and work ethics.”

“AND these are the set of officers who enjoy exceedingly as they get promoted for compromising the rule of law. This has been going on for more than 2 decades.” He mumbled.

“As long as changes are not done structurally let us just forget about good future. Every new leader who comes in is welcomed as we want to see him just do the changes without fear or favor but the same culture and conduct is nurtured. So what do we do?” He asked us.

To incidents of this nature, I normally do not know how to respond, as it has been the normal talk everywhere every time.

There has to a cause for every cause. Obviously this has been the scene for a long time but none in the administration seems to do anything about it. Everything was swept under the carpet and all were taken with no offence.

This culture slowly became deeply seated in the government and the Ministers who were supposed to oversea that policy set by the ruling party is implemented appropriately are not observed as they are themselves are part of the scandalous practices.

So the corrupted leaders and the distrusted officers work hand in glove as corruptors and hence the public outcries become the norm of the day.

BUT that could have been resolved by taking swift remedial actions, but the leaders both the outgoings and the incomings take no heed and all were taking for granted.

They keep on taking the friendliness and the forgiving public as weaknesses.

Corruption has been perceived to happen in every department and it is already the rule of the day that it is not an easy exercise to remedy the state of affairs any more.

We just take the latest happening in the Forestry department which the local TV Station highlighted for the past days.

It revealed another old but still and unresolved problem that is the theft of logs from the reserved jungles of Pahang and Selangor.

In Maran, Pahang team of enforcement authority went in the jungle tracking the thieves.

BUT by the time the enforcement officers reached the location all the thieves were already fleeing the site and only found over a million worth of logs neatly piled at the location.

The same thing happened at Batang Kali Selangor when the enforcement officers went in the jungle to arrest the thieves where they found nobody but only almost 2 million ringgit worth of logs found at 9 locations within the vicinity of the site.

Apparently the thieves had already fled many hours earlier as they managed to place the tractors at another location on a private land and the authority found problem of taking away all the machinery used for the thieving acts.

Why are all these happening and why the thieves managed to escape the scene before the enforcement team arrived at the site?

The answer is the act of thieving the logs involves the inside collaborators. The advance communication system we enjoy now is also enjoyed by this highly syndicated thieving.

The collaborators in the authority just need to text messages through sms to the thieves when the enforcement were ready to enter the jungle.

They share the loot and enjoy their acts as no one can get the sight of the thieves as ‘inside help’ give the thieves and expedient path to escape.

So we see that thieves are everywhere at every time and how could this be resolute?

So do we blame the rakyat for perceiving the government servant alike to politicians as corruptors?

They believe that their (Rakyat) wealth is being milked by the group in power right from the Putrajaya to the deep forest and jungles. They know that thieves are everywhere.

They are sick of witnessing thieves stealing government coffers, jet engines, and logs in the jungle and the thieves both the white and blue collar have already set a kind of standard operating procedure well structured as long as there exist cooperation from inside personnel with strong authority.

Thieving seems to be a good ‘business’ in this country as it involves every segment in the government and the private sectors.

As thieving are mostly protected by the inside people for cash advantages and the big and the white collared are protected by legislated law like OSA, the hope to eradicate corruptions and thieving is certainly unworkable and unattainable.

That is why the rakyat choose to act as they do not want to see their nation to be destroyed and thus the ball is now at the feet of the government leaders.

Maybe a large number of the leaders have to discharge their own selves from duty to ensure the move to resolve corruption and thieving acts to kick start and effectually workable.

I wish to remind every one including my humble self that ‘we won’t be able to walk straight in a crooked path. Conversely we can’t walk crooked in a straight path ’

Many may hate my guts for writing in this manner, but what other way of expression available for me? I am not a street demonstrator nor am I a member of the opposition party.


Thanks……………………………………..Aspan Alias


razif said...

Asfan, well said but surely it won't be well received by the political and economic perpetrators.

The silent frustrating public is now slowly leaving for migration as nobody is good enough to change the situation.

That's my comment sir.

Anonymous said...

you know who can save us?....only God can save us.


Anonymous said...

To all our Chinese friends, let us wish them Happy New Year, Kong he Fa Chai....and to UMNO leades in the government Sealamat Cari Makan!!


Anonymous said...

Salam hormat Sdr Aspan,

Tulisan sdr amat tepat dan bernas sekali.Suka atau tidak, itulah gambaran keadaan sebenar dalam negara kita hari ini.Keadaan politik bercalaru tidak menentu;masalah sosial dan kemasarakatan seperti kes jenayah,dadah,lepak dan merempek,pendatang haram dan pecah amanah berleluasa;dan keselamatan negara tidak meyakinkan-kehilangan kelangkapan dan peralatan perang,dan kebocoran bahan perisikan telah membuktikan keadaan ini.Begitu juga dengan masalah rasuah,kadar indeknya makin bertambah.

Keadaan ini bukan mustahil untuk ditangani dan diatasinya tetapi ianya memerlukan kepimpinan yg berjiwa besar yg betul-betul cekal,berani,tegas,berwawasan dan bijaksana.Pemimpin yg gemar berlindong disebalek retorik dan kata-kata yg merangsangkan tapi tindakan dan perlaksanaannya tidak membawa apa-apa makna dan perubahan maka sudah pastinya ianya akan menemui kegagalan dan kekecewaan bagi dirinya dan rakyat jelata.

Satu perkara yg kita harus ingat bahawa dalam keadaan sekarang,orang ramai dan rakyat jelata juga ada peranan dan tugas untuk membantu kerajaan dalam menangani segala masalah diatas.Jika kita sekalian mengambil sikap bertanggongjawab,rasional dan bertindak waras,adil dan bijaksana dengan meletakkan kepentingan negara,bangsa dan agama melibehi segala yg lain dalam tindak tanduk seharian,barangkali keadaan dalam negara kita mungkin akan berubah kepada yg lebih baik.Itulah harapan kita yg cintakan negara kelahiran kita ini.

Askar Tua

Anonymous said...

Sudah menjadi hukum alam jika sesuatu petubuhan atau bangsa itu hendak tenggelam yang mula-mula akan timbul ialah kegelisahan dan kecurigaan rakyat terhadap segala yg berlaku khususnya oleh pihak yg memerintah.
Begitu jugalah apa yg berlaku dinegara kita.
Ramai cendiakawan politik telah meramalkan, apabila Dr Mahathir mengalihkan paradigm politik Melayu maka bermulalah kejatuhan bangsa itu secara beransur-ansur.
Jika tidak ada diturunkan seorang pemimpin yg boleh menyelamatkan bangsa Melayu maka Melayu akan terhakis terus menerus denga penghakisan budayanya. ekonominya, politiknya dan segala-gala bidang yg lain.
1Malaysia memulakan pengkasisan keistemewaan Melayu dan ianya akan merebak kepada bidang-bidang yg lain.
Siapa yg masih dalam lingkungan 40..han akan berjumpa situasi ini
Sekian pandangan saya sdr Aspan.

fikri hamzah

Anonymous said...

Kepimpinan Najib; rupa ada, style ada TETAPI apa pun tak ada. Abuk saja ada!!

mad takda apa

Anonymous said...

"I am not a street demonstrator nor am I a member of the opposition party."

Then, what are you, sdra? Still a member of UMNO?

Aspan Alias said...

I am an UMNO member simce 1970. I was a divisional committee member for teens of years.

I was not allowed to join UMNO when UMNO (Baru) was formed and for 10 yrs I was in s46 and joined this new UMNO when s46 was disbanded, and again became Div Committee member briefly until I decided to quit active politics.

Now it's only my mind that is in politics.

Anonymous said...


A quick look at this article impresses me as you do some good thinking.

I just discovered this blog and I must look at it on regular basis.

You can contribute some ideas to the community, if anyone asks me.



adli hasan said...

Tn haji Aspan....kita serah sahaja kepada Tuhan.

Bermacam usaha dari banyak pihak untuk membetulkan keadaan...tidak juga betul.

Kalau dah nasib kita rakyat Melayu diperkotak katekkan kita terima aje.

Kalau cakap banyak nanti pemimpin marah.

Dalam UMNO mana ada peluang nak mengkritik?

laksa utara said...

Kalau hati dah buta maka perjalanan mereka pasti tidak selari dengan jiwa orang ramai.

Sekarang kita tidak lagi rasa bersalah untuk membuat keputusan yg sepatutnya didalam peti undi.

Juara rakyat baru-baru ini membosankan. Janji..janji..janji.

Saya tinggalkan majlis lebih awal.

Anonymous said...

Aspan Alias, why are you too quiet about Anwar court case.? It is not like you to keep quiet on issues like this.


Anonymous said...

Tuan...apa yang tuan perkatakan ini adalah benar sama sekali.

Nampaknya dari tahun 1980an hingga sekarang bukan saja menjadi adat tapi darah daging segala bentuk penyelewengan, rasuah dan salah guna kuasa dari orang diatas hingga keatas.

Jika orang diatas tidak dikenakan tindakan bermakna orang bawah pun merasa apa saja perlakuan jijik itu adalah betul.

Rasuah saya lihat sudah menjadi darah daging kepada sebahagian manusia yg namanya MELAYU dan beragama ISLAM. Mereka beribadah tapi buat juga apatah lagi yg tidak beribadah.

Kalau dipejabat macam macam bentuk rasuah, di pelabuhan, di jalanraya dan dihutan. Malah ada yg kerja gaji nya tidak semewah mana tapi cara penampilan dan harta mengalahkan semua itu.

Kita perlu ada transperansi tapi yg kena rakyat yg kecil ni tapi yg besar lepas bebas. Sampai bila kita harus di perlakukan begini.

Walau pun undi saya satu tapi saya berjanji akan menggunakannya untuk mengubah keadaan.

Semoga ramai lagi orang Malaysia yg boleh berfikiran waras.

Lan Hingaq