15 February 2010

Managing successes is often tougher than managing failures

I had some close acquaintance in Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) as most of them were from UMNO by origin. That is why we can see that the Malay PKR leaders more or less have the same attribute with those in UMNO.

Some of them asked me how I think about them in PKR especially with the recent animosity that has befallen the party especially when Zaharin left the party with big huha last Friday.

I answered them wittingly; I told them, “You are suffering from excessive joy because of the successes you achieved in the last General Election. You must remember excess of joy is harder to bear than any amount of sorrow”.

PKR in actuality has been a successful party. Despite of its infancy the party managed to secure 32 seats in Parliament and that is the biggest recorded representation of a single opposition party in our parliamentary history.

This success made the leadership of PKR to become negligent by not realizing the politicking around him (Anwar) is hiking and mountaineering to immeasurably dangerous level.

This was the actual happening in UMNO because the leadership of 2 decades ago was so focus on developing materialistic community without sufficient watch on the party he managed.

Our leaders were bragging and immodest to self amusing by talking about own successes and no one else in this entire world was better than us.

While the swift industrialization was a success, we have to resign to the fact that we have ignored lot of other ingredients of what we called as nation building.

Social values which were fast deteriorating, the inequitable distribution of wealth and opportunities which created a few gigantic war lords which in turn became the determining dynamic of political facets at all level.

Materialistic political and government implementers truly killed the earnest of honest and responsible and accountable leadership of all turfs of the country’s administration.

By natural sequence corruptions became monumental and mammoth. Nothing can be implemented in orderly manner without compromising the ideal of proper and appropriate mode of deciding to corruptions.

Power became personal to holder to abusive leaders and the war lords would do anything to sustain the power that was wrongly vested to wrong leaders.

Everything was compromised and it went as far as insulting and corroding all basic democratic institutions to indignity including the Judiciary which now perceived to the paraphernalia and tools of corrupt and ungraceful executives and war lords surrounding the power house.

This is the nearest answer as to why the 18 high profile cases which was announced by one of the Cabinet members a while ago is still deep under cover and the Agency that handles corruption now only focused on small cases involving the alternative government which control a few State Governments.

The power is now concentrated in the hands of central government and political leaders. These Federal Leaders can decide everything and the institutions involved do not have the say which once vested on them.

The spirit of Federalism is now ignored and they forget the premise of how this beautiful nation was formed.

The power vested by the sovereign states within the Federation is slowly but surely ignored as if the power of the Central Government can exist by itself without the vesting of power by the sovereign state governments.

If PR is serious to exist as an alternative to BN government the coalition has to understand and digest this issue up to the optimum, and there can be no stable Federation without respecting the basic fabric of what Federalism is all about.

PR can’t be there just for the sake of being there. Learning from other people’s mistake is the best way of learning rather than going through the mills of learning through own mistakes and misadventures.

The party which is given the mandate to take the mantle on Federal Government must be able to be magnanimous and respect the spirit of democracy which is now dilapidating speedily in the process to acquiring and retaining power.

For UMNO and BN they should look on this long neglected issue if they still want to be with the mandate given by the people.

Just count the votes in the coming GE and respect the voters by giving the best of administration which the people have longed to secure. They have been missing it far too long.

For heaven sake, please give back what has been taken away from them.

Thanks………………………………….Aspan Alias


Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

My dear friend Aspan,

There are the political parasites who define politic to their whims and fancies...ruling and opposition parties alike!

To these nuts..please tell them to fly wau!

Aspan Alias said...

You just said what I have been saying. If the PR lineup gets to power the tendency of them being the same with the current ruling party is also there.

To alternate the mandate with leaders of the same blend would only make us feel hopeless and helpless.

I said it clearly that PR has now taste 'blood' and the inclination to be just like BN is obviously very pontential.

Thnx bro. call me once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Aspan, macam yg ganjil berlaku sekarang. Kapal selam tak dapat nak menyelam. Hairan aku.
Kalau kapal selam tak dapat nak timbul tidak lah hairan sangat aku.
Ini kapal selam tak dapat nak menyelam!


Anonymous said...

during the black n white television period,most politicians have their visions for the country.,nowadays, with the colour telivision ,not only that they have no vision but colour blind too...to the extend that they couldn,t differentiate between black and white and keep changing their colour for political survival...-kindly be noted that Allah swt sent us to this world as clean as a white cloth..and go back with just a piece of white cloth...
-moral of the story is that their stories have no moral...

Anonymous said...

aspan, we are actually trapped by the hands of vile politicians of BN/UMNO.

your writing might be hated by blinded followers if these unscrupulous politicians in UMNO.

I don't suggest anything cos atmosphere is beyond computation.

It hard for anyone to disagree with me.


Anonymous said...

Najib's 1Malaysia is all fallacies.

No singular school means no 1Malaysia.

It seems on Rais Yatim talks about 1Malaysia...even that is for his personal political insurances.

The perennial problem that today's leaders are facing is saying things without thinking first.

TDM is saying against things which he used to enjoy doing during his tenure as PM.

All UMNO leaders are jumbled up in their mind...and they subsequently jumble up the country.

Anonymous said...

nor mohamad yakob macam mana. kita tengoklah nanti, sprm kta tak cukup bukti.
pkr punya penyokong banyak senang dapat bukti.
jadi umno punya orang susah mahu buktikan salah.
apa punya gila ini kerajaan

Anonymous said...

hasbi satar dijumpai dengan wang 2 juta.

Rosmah terjumpa wang 7 juta.

Ayo..yoy...yo! Dia orang dalam kerajaan sangat mudah terjumpa duit.

Kita pula sangat susah nak berjumpa benda-benda macam tu...fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

Kesejahteraan politik sudah tiada
Kerna pimpinan ahli politik yg kosong dada,
Apa nak jadi pada hari muka,
Kita yang muda yang ternganga-nganga.

Pemimpin kita nampaknya lawa
Siang malam berpoya-poya
Gunakan rasuah untuk jadi kaya
Semuanya itu rakyat yang bayar.

Sifat malu sudah tiada
Sifat tamak pula mendada
Mengayakan harta kita cara terbuka
Kerana politik yang dah menjadi gila

Politik sudah banyak yang salah
Yang benar nampak macam salah
Orang yang rasuah tidak didapati bersalah
Yang mengadu pulak didapati bersalah.


Ibrahim Ahmad, Kajang said...

aspan, you just write and write as we need to listen to problems we are facing.

Even if you write on issues you have written several times all have not been addressed.

You can write about all those as you have not been benefiting in politics and tou have nothing to cover.

Your view will be more 'fairer'. You have the advantage of walking tall among many as you are clear in your thinking.

Just keep it up bro. What else for people like can do when politics of the country is at the high cliff just counting on days and weeks to fall if mo serious effort to correct it is done.

I know you up to the details and you are brave and real about your opinion.

Keep it up Aspan..keep it up!

i am waiting for yr next posting tuan.

Ibrahim Ahmad, Kajang

ahmad hashim said...

Aspan, in your few last postings you had written good on the concept of Federalism and that made it interesting.
I suggest you go on reminding some quarters which have forgotten about this important issue.
That is just my suggestion and it's up to you to consider. Thank you.