29 March 2010

Soi Lek the President, Ka Ting degrades himself.

Chua Soi Lek wins with 906 votes. From today he is the President for MCA until the next annual General Assembly when another round of election will be concluded again eleven months from now.

At about 6pm a friend, one of the delegates jokingly sent me SMS message "we chose a good 'performer' as the president" and instantaneously I knew that Soi Lek won the contest.

Whether we like it or not we must congratulate him for being the victor in the intense 3 corner fight with Ong Tee Kiat and Ong Ka Ting.

With his win Dr Chua Soi Lek has made a good calculated move to get the Presidency by resigning from the Deputy President together with sufficient number of CC members to make way for yesterday's EGM and subsequently elected as the President.

His tenacity and endless effort made him the elected President and MCA is going for a big change; not too sure for a good or for a bad change.

Apparently his record of taped sex scandal does not circumvent his aspiration to lead MCA as the delegates accept that issue as normal and treat it as non-issue at all.

BUT what I heard clearly is the reaction of the ordinary public was quite mixed and the heavy loss by the incumbent Ong Tee Kiat was taken as a big surprise.

The public at large were hoping that Tee Kiat to win and defend his position as he is outward and noticeable in his struggle to unveil the truth surrounding the PKFZ issue.

The result simply indicates that the delegates were not interested in wanting to see the PKFZ issue settled in front of naked eyes of the tax payers. The 12 billion ringgit public funds going down the drain is of no consequence the MCA delegates.

The public are some what disappointed as they now feel that the covering up of the PKFZ issue will be expedient and many of those MCA leaders involved both the previous and the current line up will be able to sleep soundly.

“It’s the trend set these days that all component parties in the BN are all led by distrusted leaders and don’t feel bad bro” said a friend who sat with me when the results were leaked an hour ahead of the announcement.

Another friend said, “biasalah! Kalau korap mesti menang zaman sekarang ni. I knew the moment Tee Kiat expressed his desire to bongkar PKFZ dia akan mati politiknya! Semua serupa dalam BN. One cannot be truthful for political survival lah!”

Ong Ka Ting became the unnecessary victim of circumstances as he is now looked upon as the apparatus of unscrupulous individual in MCA and his (Ka Ting) credibility is crushed and flattened for taking position in the party’s squabble and bicker.

His regally and grandly retirement live now is now tainted and soiled. It would take a long while to heal and he would be licking his own wound all alone.

Lim Ah Lek who encouraged him to offer his candidacy won't be around him to console him for his 'unexpected' defeat.

For Ka Ting, he has not been through the mills of politics especially contesting highest position like this as he took up the Presidency without any contest as the solution to the problem of team A and B a number of years ago.

Some commentators perceive him as the real spoiler and the respect for him his certainly falling and dipping to the eyes of the public especially the retiring community.

Ka Ting should be spending his time playing a bit of golf and be active in social and charity works which is more meaningful.

After all some people say, he has loads of money to do that.

Thanks………………………………………………….Aspan Alias


robin said...

Bro Aspan,
What you wrote last week now holds prove. MCA may die!


Anonymous said...

hmm.. orait gak taktik nih..., so siapa yang pau duit rakyat zaman mahathir dulu? Ka Ting ke Chua Soi Lek? kikiki... sendiri buat sendiri tanggung mahhh...


Anonymous said...

`MCA dengan UMNO banyak serupa bang oi?
Saya frust Tee Kiat kalah sebab saya seperti abang kata boleh membawa harapan untuk selesaikan masalah PKFZ.
Tak Tau mana lagi nak mengadu. Kita tak tau dah nasib masa depan kita, kerajaan kita, anak dan cucu kita.

ramli SM

Anonymous said...

CSL will kowtow to UMNO as UMNO has his balls in their pockets. Sex against the order of nature is an offence under the law with or without consent. If they can charge Anwar, they can also do the same thing to CSL. CSL has no choice but to toe the line or he will be charged for oral sex. Selective prosecution lah. Ha...ha such hypocrytes. And PKFZ will be buried as 'hari ini dalam sejarah. UMNO masih boleh di percayai ke? Tepuk dada tanya selera...

ryanryzal said...

The Chinese takes corruptions and sex lightly.

The Malays take religion lightly.

All in all we Malaysian are fucked up citizen.

we are gonna bungkus...bungkus.