21 March 2010

Waiting for tomorrow - MCA nomination date

Just wait for tomorrow, Monday 22nd of march; we shall all know who is going to be the main contenders for the Presidency of MCA. Who would be the Deputy President’s candidates and the rest of the positions in the party?

Would the contesting individuals who are going at the centre stage in their pursuit for positions on the 28th March is the ‘actual unity plan’ that Najib has announced many moons ago?

Was the resignation of Chua Soi Lek and 7 other CC members in addition to the 14 who had resigned months before as part of the plans?

Was the re-entry of Ong Ka Ting was an adjustment to the unity plan that was announced in full throttles by the media.

We shall wait for tomorrow and we shall know whether that unity plan announced is workable for calmness in perpetuity in the party.

OR is it going to be an absolutely nothing to do with what Najib has planned and set for the quarrelling groups in the party?

But by natural and common political sense it looks that the unity plan which Najib announced was disregarded entirely by the warring divides in MCA and in actual fact Najib has not succeeded in his intervention to keep the party in one piece.

Now, we can only get to the answer tomorrow. The main figure to be the focus of political pundits and enthusiasts are Ong Tee Kiat, Ong Ka Ting, Dr Chua Soi Lek, Liow Thiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong, Chew Mei Fun, Ng Yen Yen and a few more who would be the main actors in MCA on the 28th of the month.

By tomorrow one should be able to observe the actual ‘going-to-be’ scene in MCA and its predictable subsequent and the consequence of events that would tag along with it.

And we shall see whether there is anything to do with one side of the many divides that DS Najib was the person behind Ong Ka Ting as claimed by some quarters in the party.

Let us just wait.

Thanks…………………………………………..Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...


just take care of yr 'dooming' UMNO. Let me take care of my MCA.

Just tell yr Najib this: take care of UMNO and smoke pipe from far. Don't poke his nose in our affairs. Both MCA and UMNO are equally in the same situation...mau mati.


Anonymous said...

Well, nothing special and nothing excited. It is just like Parents-Teachers Association election. Why bother so much.

They are kidding among themselves and behaving like clowns.

They have no interest in uniting their members except to create artificial sensation among their community. This election is just a ploy and a laughing stock at the same time. It is a political gimmick with no serious commitment to move forward to stabilise the party and earn the respect of the Chinese community. There is no need to analyse its political impact on BN. With or without MCA the party is already down the drain just like UMNO. In actual fact, MCA is purposely dragging UMNO together with them into the drain. Maybe, thats their hidden agenda and their political strategy to dump UMNO as well.

Three cheers to MCA and UMNO !!!

The bloggers are having a field day to make their articles more exciting with nothing positive to comment.

Anonymous said...

in MCA EGM there will be just a circus act. the almost 2400 delegates are just the monkeys voting for all the tigers, wolves and cheetahs.

jockey jee

Anonymous said...

Ok bro, just get prepared for the finality of MCA's life.

MCA will be dead just like umno. Now it is just whether we are going to have new MCA like UMNO.


Anonymous said...

Aspan, don't have to wait for the answer; Najib is certainly involved in MCA fracas.
Ka Ting is there to survive the old farts from being charged.