26 May 2010

Vell Paari bin Samy - too crossed with UMNO

Vell Paari, the son of Samy Velu and MIC CWC member made an exploit by openly blaming UMNO for the unambiguous split in MIC.

Vell blames UMNO top leadership for creating animosity in MIC with clear intention of getting Samy Velu to quit his position as President of the party which he holds for last 3 decades.

Samy Velu and Taib Mahmud are the 2 remaining Presidents of 2 component parties of BN who hold their positions tightly for 3 long decades.

The statement made by Vell Paari is the most unbecoming and offensive act done by a son of a long reigning President of a BN component Party,MIC, blaming leaders of fellow component party UMNO, for the dwindling support of its members for his president father.

Paari is also blaming UMNO for the birth of an organized group led by former national MIC Deputy Youth Head Mugilan called GAS (Gerakan Anti Samy) after he was sacked from the party by Samy Velu days ago.

Vell is alleging that UMNO is conspiring with Mugilan to humiliate Samy Velu and to see him to withdraw once and for all from MIC leadership for good.

GAS is planning to organize mass rallies among the MIC members to put up strong pressure for Samy to resign as the party President as he is perceived to be the main liability to the already sickly party.

“Samy is ruling with his leg and not by his head” says an MIC member who is quite a neighbor to me in USJ 2.

The spat between Samy Velu and UMNO apparently started with candidature issue for the recent Hulu Selangor by election when UMNO was not in favor of Palani as the candidate.

Najib as BN chairman in his speech in Hulu Selangor announced that the tradition that MIC to contest in that constituency remained but he would be the one to choose the candidate.

Najib’s statement was a direct indication that he was not in favor of G Palani, the President’s choice, currently the party Deputy President who was eyeing incessantly to be named as candidate for the by election but he was not likened both by the BN leaders and the MIC members in Hulu Selangor.

BN wanted to name Mugilan as the favored candidate as he is the local boy and he then was the national Deputy Youth Chief and this move subsequently created a serious head-on bickering between Mugilan and Samy.

The decision created a big tug-of-war between MIC and the BN and eventually Kamalanathan was taken as a compromised candidate and stood to win a razor thin majority of 1700 votes in the hard fought election.

To my humble opinion Vell Paari cannot blame any of the UMNO leaders as these leaders were in desperation to take a win in Hulu Selangor, and as Hulu Selangor is a Malay majority, it is always fair for UMNO leaders to seek the views of the Malay electorates in the constituency.

With the outburst of Paari, it would naturally reaffirms that there are wrinkles and wobbling within the component parties in the BN and that is of course a bad taste for the ruling coalition.

Vell must accept that his father has been over staying at the helm of the party and he should not be loitering around any longer as the leader. He should now learn how to be a follower of whoever succeeds him.

No one is invincible and the dwindling support that Samy is experiencing at the moment is a very natural act of nature.

Vell Paari's offensive assault on UMNO is believed to have the blessing of his father and it is a clear reflection of Samy’s discontent and disgruntlement towards BN leadership in particular towards Najib and Muhyiddin.

Across the South China Sea we also take notice of some unkind comments on the Federal leadership by SUPP leaders and unspoken disgruntlements of the PBRS leaders towards the BN leadership.

Now can anyone tell with utmost honesty which party within component is not in difficulty?

I hate to say what I have said.

Thanks………………………………………..Aspan Alias.


ibrahimkoyan said...

Interesting development bro! Nak pimpin pari sampai seratus tahun, beginilah jadinya


Anonymous said...

There has never been a situation like this in the 37 year history

Anonymous said...

Its vell pari's way of using UMNO as scapegoat. He cant afford to start a firefight in the already ravaged MIC backyard, can he?

Anonymous said...

Kita tengok saja, siapa check mate dalam game ni. Politik ni bukan betul sangat.Cuma satu sahaja yang betul. Samy still MIC president.


Quiet Despair said...

I don't want to repeat what I wrote at length (2 long comments) in Sak's blog.
Suffice to say, Samy must go. My neighbor, like yours also an Indian, just spit ptuh when I mentioned about Samy Vellu.
Dey Aya, you are one disgruntled fella speaking through your son.
He wants a Tunship just like Ling Liong Sik. The last Indian Tun was Sambathan.
He wants to be Senator and in the Cabinet like Shahrizat and Koh Tsu Koon who also lost in 2008.
The truth is it's easier to deal with the Chinese than the Indians. Chinese are they are what they are - the truth.
Indian leaders say 'Yes Sir' but stab you in the back. First class snake lurking in the grass too.
Bet you Samy will be back to 'Yes sir' if he gets what he wants.
He can change in a second. Just dont abide him.
Tak boleh pakai, macam juga kata-kata nak resign lepas Kamal menang.
Indians also want new people since UMNO, Gerakan and MCA, all have new leaders.
Ptuh, poooodah pundek.

sartika said...

It proof that these are the kind of ungrateful Indians ... BAGI BETIS NAK PAHA .. Pooodaaaahhhhhhhh

danial said...


You should agree with me that it's disheartening to hear an Indian blaming us for his failure.

But it is also hurtful to established that they don't respect us because there is crisis of confidence within UMNO leadership.


Anonymous said...

Aspan, I always try to avoid reading yr blog because I hate your guts but somehow I always want to know what you think. So I just visit your blog with suspense.

I am beginning to understand you bro.

You don't keep anything in you. So I know and understand you now.


Anonymous said...

Somebody used to admit that he supported Samy Velu strongly. and that is why Samy is still around.

That somebody was none other than Mahathir...remember????


Anonymous said...

Sdr ku Aspan,

UMNO, PBB, MCA, and MIC are the main component parties in trouble.

Amongst these parties, don't interfere in each other's affair.

To Tengku Adnan, please let MIC settles their issue themselves.

You don't have to use this issue for your own advantage.

We know you are openly involved.

Anonymous said...

Suadara Aspan,

Persefahaman BN adalah tidak mencampuri urusan pemilihan ketua masing2 parti. Kalau nak kata masalah semua parti sama je. UMNO pun mengalaminya dulu..kan. Kita tunggu je apa selepas ini kerana ahli MIC yang masih mahu dia. Cara dia mengekalkan kuasa itu lain cerita kerana lain parti pun sama juga. Sama halnya dgn CSLek ahli2 MCA mahu beliau sebagai ketua. Apa kita nak kata itu pilihan mereka.

Tentang anak samy vellu tudoh UMNO , berani ke MIC ambil tindakan kepada anak Presiden sendiri. Saya kira ia akan selesai lah tak lama lagi tu
paling2 minta maaf lah dengan alasan2 yang boleh melembutkan hati UMNO. Gadoh orang politik kita tengok je tak payah nak komen panjang2 ,dah biasa dah.

Pada pandangan saya kalau anak Malaysia (ahli parti2 politik) serious nak hentikan masaah pemimpin duduk terlalu lama ubah lah sistem dan perlembagaan parti. (Idea ini mesti datang dari kesedaran dan kemahuan ahli sendiri). Caranya Hadkan tempoh pegang jawatan 2 ke 3 penggal sahaja, setidak2nya adalah peluang golongan pelapis untuk merasa duduk diatas dengan idea2 baru. Tapi ini setakat cadangan memang susah nak direalisasikan sebab mentaliti kita terlalu sayang dengan jawatan yang dipegang dan merasa diri sahaja berkebolehan memimpin . Itupasal kadang2 bermacam2 alasan untuk tak nak turun yang membuatkan kita senyum sendiri mendengarnya.

Anonymous said...

Don't let Vell Paari go up the ladder within MIC leadership heirachy. He will be like father like son!!I am sure he wants to be President of MIC and control MIC for another 30 years like his father!!That is his hidden ambition.