08 September 2015

Did I hear Rosmah's presence in high profile government meeting at PMO?

We can safely say that this country is administratively out of control, as there is no real and set Standard Operation Procedures in dealing with the nation's urgent and confidential matters. I read the news from Malaysiakini that Rosmah was one of those present at the top level meeting together with her husband and  the newly minted Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. The meeting was called on the issue of unreasonable transfer of the Deputy Director of the Special Branch Datuk Hamid Bador to the PM's office. 

This is the only democratic country that I hear since the birth of Adam and Eve that a wife of the Prime Minister is involved in important government's decision making. This is a clear prove that this country is managed by one person who thinks that this country is owned by him and his wife. Najib has been the target of critics by many quarters but he never learned a lesson out of those critics and still allows his wife to meddle around with the nation's administration.

This is devilish act for certain and this happening is beyond comprehension of anyone with reasonable ability to think. If this alleged meeting with Rosmah's presence was true than it confirms and reaffirms the notion that the real Prime Minister of this country is Rosmah Mansor and Najib is just an 'office-boy' to the real PM. Hence here comes another question, how is Najib going to control the government when he can't even manage his wife appropriately. We are now ruled by a devilish couple and there can never be any proper government any longer.

Hence we are not wrong to perceive that we don't have a real government anymore. The country is managed like a sole proprietorship of Najib/Rosmah. So who is going to take accountability on this mad issue of this controversial couple?

First of all are we going to just keep quiet and let happening of this kind to recur perpetually? Certainly this has got to be addressed swiftly as it is endangering the country outrightly. This is a sovereign and independent federation. This is not managing persatuan sepak takraw, Pekan, Pahang. 

So can we disagree to any move to oust this leader? We have some democratic mechanisms to move Najib aside and any move to oust him should be strongly supported for the sake of the nation's future. This itchy Rosmah should just stay at home and cook for her husband and she should not interfere the country's administrative goings on. 

Her act of attending the high profile meeting with the Prime Minister is not digestible to any reasonable minded human being. 

However I hope the news is untrue as it is too 'gila' to comprehend to happen to this beloved country of ours.


Anonymous said...

Mr Aspan

Your hope the news is untrue but it seemed as a fact as it resulting all the too 'gila' comprehended that was and still happening to our beloved country. Among all the previous PM Tun M is the most hated by the Malaysian peoples, if compared to the present PM Tun M is lagged far behind. Then if the characteristics of the PM wives being evaluated, it is undeniable that Rosmah is the only one who always actively interfering her husband task.

Anonymous said...

"This xxxx Rosmah should be just stay at home and cook for her husband ..."

In a developed country, you could be sued for sexual discrimination! But don't worry, you are in Malaysia where wearing a yellow T-shirt is a more heinous crime than stealing RM2.6 billion + RM42 billion.

I just want to add that the way you describe this "bonnie & clyde" couple's conduct ... I thought I was reading about a king and his queen. Then I realised that Malaysia practises parliamentary democracy ... but some people need to be reminded and educated of this.

lufang said...

En Aspan aaa aa ,halap-halap ini belita tatak betut maa aa ,kalau ini atak belaku ,macam apa you cekap ,Wa manyak ingat eaa aa ,ini bukan pertama kali maa aa.

Kalau ini betut-betut laku aii yaa ini memang betut-betut gila lor rr .

Wa manyak ingat satu dunia tatak laku ini macam maa aa .

Anonymous said...

Saudara AA

This reminds me the tag team of Bonnie and Clyde.

Anonymous said...

Hamid Bador, your days are numbered. Better start looking for a job. Maybe Mahathir can hire you. Rosmah was there only to collect her RM 2 million duit pasar. You smart scheming little fella. Just by mentioning her name in your write up gave the idea to the world that Rosmah is the one telling Najib what to do. And don't you know that meeting was classified under OSA? You picked the wrong fella for a fight. You are done. Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Well, what about rosmah being there when the meeting was supposed to be classified and under OSA?

Anonymous said...

Is this a threat?.. ..wrong fella for a fight...whoaaa!!.. SO WHAT??!!

Anonymous said...

We have hopeless BN members of parliment because their loyalty is to the leadership not to the people who made them member of parliment.We have been cheated all the way....

Anonymous said...

WRONG! Their loyalry is not to the leadership, but to position & MONEY!!!

AND you are not cheated if you allow it to happen.. perpetually. There are no victims, only volunteers.

~ Arwah Pak Sindang.