06 September 2015

Najib can sack anybody, he still has to find the exit door

Many of my blog followers ask me to write on the coming September UMNO Supreme Council meeting as there are heavy rumors that Muhyiddin and few other leaders who are disloyal to UMNO be sacked or taken appropriate actions. Honestly I don't know how to comment as the party is in what people say at coffee shops as a 'carca marba' party. Judging from the statements issue by many current ruling leaders, UMNO is in serious terminal illness. A sickly person (like Najib) can never be right in any decision making as he is more focused on healing his illness. They can't even differentiate between their right and left hands. Najib and the Supreme Council are the ones who are disloyal to the party, not anyone else.

However if the rumors of sacking Muhyiddin and few others is true, then it is just a right thing for deficient leaders do. Najib wants everybody to support him especially in the Supreme Council and the Cabinet.That was why this blog did some comments on the day Muhyiddin was sacked from the Cabinet last month. I would have imagined that Najib should sack Muhyiddin from the party positions first before dismissing his government positions. But he did just the reverse. That was why Najib is still facing huge problems with the some of the Supreme Council members who are not together with him in his struggle cling to power.

When Mahathir was at odd with Anwar he sacked Anwar from the party and government simultaneously and that was why Mahathir had a little less problem in hanging to power then. Najib should have called for special UMNO General Assembly once he ostracized Muhyiddin from the DPM post because the person whom he sacked was the Deputy Prime Minister of his Cabinet. 

But Najib is unable to call for the General Assembly because Muhyiddin would have been still sitting next to him in the General Assembly and chances of the delegates calling for Muhyiddin to be reinstalled as Deputy PM would have taken place. If that happens that would have been the termination from his job as the PM because the voice and decision of General UMNO Assembly is an official decision of the party. General Assembly is the highest decision making for the party, higher than the decision by the Supreme Council.

Muhyiddin dreams to be the PM as his position was just a step for the premiership. But when he was sacked he was dreaming and didn't wake up to react by calling a special general assembly. At that point of time he would have the chance to dislodge Najib if he had called for the special general assembly. The party doesn't need to have one hundred percent of the divisions to call for the Special Assembly. I would have reckoned that the constitution just needs 30 percent of the divisions to call for the special assembly.  The situation could have been different had he made the move for the special general assembly. However it's too late to initiate the special assembly. He is missing the chance forever.

Hence there is not much comments from me on this issue. If he is sacked by the party on the 9th September meeting, just accept it. Muhyiddin should realized that UMNO is not a party of consequence anymore. UMNO is already experiencing a 'brain-death'. It is not functional as the ruling party anymore.

While waiting for Najib to be ousted the civil servant should be responsible on the government. The only chance for Muhyiddin to stay relevant in politics is by working hand-in-glove with the responsible Federal Legislative Members to oust Najib in Parliament. Muhyiddin will be politically in oblivion if he does not know how to take care of his own self.

I think it's fair to remind Muhyiddin that he should not trust anyone or leaders in UMNO coming to him saying. "Tan Sri, I support you undividedly!". If he does, he is going to be very frustrated and disillusioned man. He will be licking his own wounds all alone. Tan Sri, am I saying a right thing? Remember, this is UMNO!!!


Anonymous said...

TUAN ASPAN, the exitdoor is already open to him and BIG MAMA and his strong advisers such as Teuku NAN ,KERUAK RAHMAN DAHLAN,AZLINA ,TAJUDIN ISMAIL SABRI ,AG PANDI,CHIEF TWITTER AND HIS DEPUTY,SHAHRIL SAMAD and only time will come INSYAALLAH.Dont worry so much ,GOD will show us their misdeeds

Anonymous said...

Kalau itulah caranya organisasi beroperasi sejak sedari dulu makanya itulah dia, tetapi kalau cara ini hanya baru2 ini digunapakai makanya terpulang kepada organisasi untuk samaada menerima atau menolaknya. Apapun ROS kena proaktif menyediakan satu garis panduan standard untuk diikuti semua yang ada.

Anonymous said...

Bacause of his billions of ringgits, the malays are divided, umno in disarray, the government have no leadership running atound like a headless chicken, the malays and chinese going on a bloodbath war threats, internationally we are looked down upon like a pariah state and the umno malay warlords are still counting their chickens. Just because of his billions. For that he has to go please.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is light at the end of the tunnel ......


Anonymous said...

Tell him to take his billions and go away!

Anonymous said...

In hind sight TSMY could have and should have taken some very drastic action if he aspired to be NO 1, long BEFORE he was given the sack, but now it is all history. There is no need for the party President to sack him from the party post, but a suspension which has the same effects but has worse political impact will stop whatever lingering political ambition TSMY still harbours.