05 May 2015

Can we or can we not find someone astute enough to bring changes?

Not everyone truly comprehends the issues that generate uncertainties we face at the moment.  The issues surrounding us are plentiful but too much attention has been focused on grave personal issues of the Prime Minister with his failed and credulous Cabinet lineup.  

There are numerous other issues cropping up even before Tun Mahathir came out in the open deliberating on 1MDB, the murder of Altantuya Sharibuu and other unsullied weaknesses of the sitting PM. Najib’s personal issues are already too massive that leads to unremitting calls for him to step down in efforts to circumvent the total collapse of the elected government.

The manner Najib manages the government is appalling as the system that works on the government under his administration is perceived to be the worst in all time history of independent Malaysia. We have the biggest Cabinet among many countries in the world but we create the biggest unmanageable results and outcome. Technically and morally we are already a failed nation.

We are growing through the most testing time as we are crumbling in every pitch. Our leaders are acceding to the calls of evils albeit claiming to be struggling for religion, race and the country. How are we going to obliterate the perceptions of the world that we are in a nation that is impregnated with huge corruption activities and the powerful plunderers and pillagers of the country’s rich resources?

We are unchallenged for high national debts that exceed 62 percent of our GDP. I don’t know whether that includes debts created through the off-budget agencies. We are indebted heavily and the leaders are still trotting the world to find more loans to keep this ill managed nation afloat.

How could a country like ours that is blessed with rich natural resources being trapped in indebtedness to a level much higher than great nations like Indonesia with populations of eight times bigger than us? Indonesia does not have national debts to this level and we are waiting for someone to tell all to what is happening to all the wealth graced upon us.

Let us not deny the fact that we are in critical situation and it’s hard to comprehend how the plunderers are going to solve their own irresponsible acts. We can’t trust anyone who perceived to be looters to address the problems including Muhyiddin and the Cabinet who give undivided support and allow Najib to act unitarily conspiring against the people. The Cabinet members have a lot to answer for this fearful state of affairs.

We also have other big issues that have been unloved over the past decades. We have not addressed cancerous matters relating to the East Malaysian States of Sarawak and Sabah. The two states are having numerous disputes that need to be stabilized with the Federal leaders as the presence of the two states cannot be paralleled with other individual states in the Federation of Malaya. We cannot treat this issue as trivial and if not settled affably it is going to be cancerous and harmful to the sovereignty of our Federation.

The deafening voices of the people from the two eastern states are now becoming more evident and that need legitimately experienced and astute leader to address it.  Regrettably no one within the current leaders in the party and government has the skill to alleviate these problems as they are not aware of the issues and how it will affect the Federation. Worst of it all they don’t really appreciate the existence of both states in the federation. East Malaysians remain with the outlooks of being colonized by the Peninsula Malaysia ever since the day they joined the Federation in 1963.

Who are the astute man and leader that we need to unravel the nation’s difficulties and complications?  Can we or can we not find someone within us who is born just to enslave himself for the country we love back on track to save the country from this  scary state of affairs?

If time permits, let us talk about it in the next posting. It may be tomorrow or it can be a little later.


bruno said...

First of all,the last three decades have seen our leaders plundering the nation's wealth.Yet,the ruling party these leaders are from,are always return in the polls.How smart are Malaysians when they get screwed every GE,until their asses turned blue,black and purple.Like Mahathir always like to say,"Malays (Malaysians) tend to have very poor memories.The more these dungu's get screwed,the more they enjoyed and come back begging for more.

The present leaders have already booked a place and we are next in line to join the pig's nations.For a blessed country so very rich in natural resources,go figure.

Anonymous said...

Saudara AA,

The nation yearns for an individual with Nelson Mandela stature. I can only three individuals - Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Saifuddin Abdullah, and perhaps Zaid Ibrahim.

Anonymous said...

Sir, the answer to your question depends on whether you are looking for a Malay to do the job OR a Malaysian to do the job.

IF the question is posed with the genuine intention to bring Malaysia back to the desired path, then you should be looking for a Malaysian to do the job.

IF it is a political question, then you can keep searching for the answer.

Deng Xiaoping, a Chinese leader, once said, "It doesn't matter if it is a black cat or a white cat. So long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat."

Anonymous said...

saifuddin just made a U turn and heading towards the dark force, so just leave him out.

Boris said...


Among the three names you mentioned, TR, Saifuddin and Zaid only TR is a sitting MP.

So let's focus just on TR.