08 May 2015

Should we douse all hopes for better future?

The decision of Tabung Haji to purchase a lot of the TRX property for RM188 million from 1MDB gives us another proof that the embattled investment company of the Ministry of Finance was true and true liability to all Malaysians, and this time the government has decided to get the pilgrimage funds to bail out the company. Now other government agencies with money must on standby to bailout all the other failed enterprises that Najib and the Cabinet have misadventured.

It was not a prudent investment decision as the resolution was done only on the 24th of last month when the 1MDB issue was heating up. It was an ad hoc decision in the move to bail 1MDB which has failed to move forward because of massive loan and debts that they were unable to alleviate. Efforts to get additional loans from various international financial institutions were met with failures and letdowns.

1MDB has been managed by devious and deceitful team right from the first day of its operation.  Somebody or few other individuals who were oblivious of integrity and morality were all out to ride on the MOF investment arm for personal gains and exaltation. They loot the public funds for their benefits as they feel that every bit of money in the government pool were their grandfathers and great grandmother’s.

In short 1MDB was set up to be special purpose vehicle (SPV) for the looters and the plunderers to milk the nation dry. The decision to get Tabung Haji to bailout the devastated 1MDB was not unpredictable as our tax payers will usually bailout this kind of company and this exercise is not uncommon to happen in this country since three decades ago.  Malaysians are forgiving lots and always on standby to bailout companies that were ruined shamelessly by their own leaders.

It’s is beyond comprehension hearing the Cabinet allows this debauched deals to be transacted without hindrance.  Now it’s not wrong to tag our Cabinet as a cursed cabinet as they continuously making decisions that are against the people they govern. We must all be aware that any country like ours is governed by a Cabinet headed by a Prime Minister.

Both the Prime Minister and the Cabinet members are members of the Federal Legislatives. Both the Prime ministers and his Cabinet members are Members of Parliament. In essence both Najib and the Cabinet members are equal in status and among them they choose a Prime Minister.

The Cabinet is to lead the country that has mandated them to govern for certain number of years and in Malaysian case for 5-year term. In other words morally the PM is the first among equal and in any decision made in the Cabinet. Any positive or negative consequence on the decision made all members of the Cabinet Members have got to take accountability.

That is the reason while the move to oust Najib is morally and politically fair and mandatory but that move should be alongside with ousting the whole members of the Cabinet as they are equally accountable for taking deadly and devastating decisions for the country.

This relatable component of administration has not been followed, adhered and observed for more than three decades and that resulted in only the Prime Minister having to go but the accountable members of the Cabinet remains. Abdullah Badawi was shown the exit door for his mistakes but the Cabinet Members including Najib remained. Hence Najib took over Abdullah and he commits the worst off mistakes and glitches to the country.

Now, can any member of the cabinet deny accountabilities in the dubious deal of Tabung haji and 1MDB? The Cabinet was made to approve the standby credit of RM 950 million for 1MDB which has been utilized to the fullest.  Now the Cabinet has decided to make Tabung Haji to bailout 1MDB by ‘forcing’ Tabung Haji to purchase the land purchased by 1MDB for RM 4 million at an inflated price of RM 188 million?

Thus the corrupt and dubious acts committed by the leaders and 1MDB have the rakyat to pay all the bills for the wrongs committed by 1MDB, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. In this latest issue the Tabung Haji depositors are taking their turn to pay for their leaders delinquencies.

We have been addressing all the pains but never ever had attempted to address the actual disease contracted by our mandated leaders. As long as this scandalous culture persists we should douse all hopes for better government in future.


Anonymous said...

Saudara AA

The whole cabinet should resign en mass since we can't find any individual member who has squeaky clean image. But then again, the word 'integrity' has been flushed down the drain ages ago.

Anonymous said...

All the cabinet members are a bunch of disgraceful irresponsible individuals without conscience and self-worth.

A man of pride and integrity would have resign from his post if the leader is doing all the wrong things when leading a country of 30 million people, but not in our country.

Our country is now like a drunkard holding a bottle of liquor wobbling all over town thinking he is in paradise, not realizing that he may fall into the drain or run over by a car and be killed anytime, while all his buddies around him act as if nothing is wrong.

With the many hardships and problems that the common rakyat is facing everyday, i just shiver thinking how much more can the rakyat take before the inevitable turmoil start.

Anonymous said...

We are doomed! Compared to billions, 188M is chicken feed! And yet that too they want to sapu. This really is sapu bersih dan cekap but of course not amanah! OMG! Imagine how low can they go. Isn't there any prompt solution to this madness?

Anonymous said...

Mr Aspan

As we know that Singapore has no commodity to generate the country revenue not even water for domestics use, is the third richest country in the world and Brunei is the fifth. What about our beloved country, Malaysia? Malaysia has so many commodity sources, petroleum, rubber, palm oil, tin, timber and what else just named it. The puzzle arose, why Malaysia wealthy is too far behind lagging the Singaporean wealth? Luckily Brunei refused to get it's independence through merging to form The Federation of Malaysia like Sabah and Sarawak did, otherwise I'm sure that the Brunei wealth was also manipulated to be UMNO leaders belonging right now. UMNO is managed by a bunch of rubbish type leaders since 1988, never genuinely fight for the ordinary rakyat to live comfortably.

bruno said...

First of all,we have the 1MDB fiasco.Now we have TH been ordered to join in the fray.After TH,who next?Petronas?Anybody who have an iota of a brain,knows that Petronas tits have turned red,black and purple due to over milking by the gomen.So what if Petronas tits suddenly drop off like dead leaves.Who is going to bail out Petronas?The pokkai gomen or 1MDB?

Next time,when our ministers want to pull off such a magnitude scheme of tens of billions,make sure not to put a publicity seeking greenhorn at the helm.

If not for Jho Low spending 50-100k a night at NY nightclubs, partying and buying 21 bottles of cristal champane for Lindsay Lohan's 21st birthday make the local news?All this scrutiny on how this so very rich young dude can afford to throw huge amounts of money everynight on strangers from artistes to basketball players came from.

Then months later,this publicity seeking dude really made news partying with the sex actress cum socalite,Paris Hilton.And later on rumours were he paid millions for her company.Paid millions for the company of a sex actress?When Paris Hilton was arrested for making out with her boyfriend in a car she smelled of marijuana.The cops searched her and found prescription pills for STD.And Jho Low paid millions for that infected piece of p*ssy?

Then came that Wolf of Wall Street movie with Najib's step son and buying apartments for tens of millions.If not for this Jho Low getting all the publicity for all the wrong reasons,maybe 1MDB fiasco will not have come out so soon.Because who the f*ck,ever heard of a billionaire young man named Jho Low from Penang,who attended Wharton Business School, from the olde US of A?

Najib,being a politician with his entourage of millionaire consultants and advisers should have seen all this mess coming,but did they?

bruno said...

If not for the notorious publicity dude Jho Low,all this 1MDB thing would not have attracted so much public attention.Then everything will be merry as nothing had happen.

All the merrymen in Najib's cabinet had a share in the spoils of 1MDB.There is no such thing as nobody knows nothing.Those in the cabinet who says that they had no idea of what is going on in 1MDB are behaving like rats trying to flee or abandon the sinking Titanic.

Many top civil servants who got no share of the spoils in 1MDB,who knows what is happening are to scared to open their mouths.With the draconian laws protecting the powerful,who would have the guts to spill out all the garbage of the politically connected.Even the IGP is out on a crusade against trouble makers.

Anonymous said...

That ehy umno in not un swk....good for sarawakian