26 May 2015

The Cabinet should resign, and compel Najib to quit

The concepts of accountability in the Cabinet and in the House of Parliament have to be taken seriously and it should now become the fundamental and cardinal culture in managing the government (Executive) and the Legislative. The absence of the elements of accountability among the Legislative members and the executives (Cabinet) is the main contributing factor that drags the nation into the situation of uncertainty of today.

We can see with our naked eyes that most of the cabinet members and the Legislative are trying to renounce their accountability for their misjudged and miscalculated decisions they made in the Cabinet. As an example many among the cabinet members were trying to lump the blames to the PM alone over the issues surrounding 1MDB. As I have mentioned in the last few postings if Najib resigns everyone in the cabinet ought to go together and simultaneously with him. In other words the whole cabinet should resign too.

The MP of Pekan is equal in status with the rest of the MPs in the Legislative body. The House of Parliament appoints him as the Prime Minister to lead the cabinet as the Prime Minister. Najib and the rest of the Cabinet members are in essence equal but since he is appointed to lead the cabinet he is what is judged as the ‘First among Equals’ by being the Prime Minister.

Therefore all decisions by the government are Cabinet decisions and all are collective in nature. Whether the decisions are righteous or debauched each and every one who sits in the cabinet is accountable for it. Despite of the massive outcry from the public about the bad conduct of the debt laden 1MDB the Cabinet was acting in ensemble with the PM Najib by approving the standby credit of RM950 million to pay for miscellanies of 1MDB just over three months ago.

In the House of the Legislature all of its members are also accountable to their constituents and making decision against the wish of their constituents is labeled as an act of contempt against the people who elect them to the House. Now each and every one among the members of Parliament should exercise serious introspection on their own self and look inward to know whether they are up there for their constituents or for their own big bellies.

It’s too intimidating to see and to hear the same Cabinet members who allow the bad goings on in 1MDB to plot for the expelling of the PM with whom they together made all decisions on 1MDB. The finest thing for them to do is to ask for Najib to quit together with them.

They should vacate all their positions in the Cabinet and give way for others who are more credible to craft a new nation that is frantically needed by the people.


Anonymous said...

Mr Alias, it is not like you have just learnt yesterday about how the ruling politicians in Malaysia are. It will be a folly to expect them to even understand the words "accountability" or "resign". The entire cabinet would probably have to be removed "kicking and screaming" from their offices and sent out to the pasture.

Anonymous said...

Saudara AA

It is now obvious that each Cabinet member tries desperately to cover their asses. Politicians are nothing but a bunch of demagogues.

Anonymous said...

The main problem is PM have been doing everything by himself and made us liable ..he is very smart . ...eg 1MDB and TH . PM will fight until last drop of blood . Resign to him is disaster . IF cabinet resign PM will appoint new one .He looked off balance now so whatever he say have to discounted 95% .

Anonymous said...

Maaf tn. Mungkin saya silap... Bagaimana nak salahkan kabinet bilamana semua keputusan keatas 1MDB tidak pernah dibawa berbincang ke kabinet hatta MT UMNO sekalipun!. Semua keptusan dibuat oleh Najib dan con-setannya seolah-olah 1MDB harta pesaka bapak depa!. Bila dah terkantoi baru panggil group baju merah desak mereka buat peristiharan '"we love PM, we support PM"!

Anonymous said...

If the cabinet members are people of honour and integrity,they will all resign.but they are not people of honour and integrity but a bunch of position hungry individual who cares not a tiny bit about the rakyat and country.all of them are a disgrace to the institution of legislature.

The way the political manipulation of the governing institution of this country the last 30 years has make this country a failed state,if not for the abundance of natural resources this country would now be in turmoil like many failed states in the world that we see today, we might even be like the refugees that we see today.

And looking at the potential leaders after the present pm, the future of this country looks dim indeed.

IbnAbdHalim said...

Resign? Like "debate", it isn't our culture. That's what it'd all about with our politicians with the exception of a few.