12 May 2015

The split is between the rakyat and the ruling elite

UMNO President alleged the people outside the party are trying to destroy UMNO by splitting the leaders.  Najib says that the Supreme Council is solidly behind him and at the Supreme Council meeting yesterday every member of the council wanted him and Muhyiddin to work together and steer the country forward. Khairy Jamaluddin, the UMNO youth head confirmed that nobody within the Supreme Council was asking Najib to step down.

On the other hand the ordinary citizen are putting the UMNO President and the credulous party leadership lineup on trial as they feel the party leadership is seen to be swaying away from serving the people. Najib and the lineup in the Supreme Council are seen to be reckless and irresponsible horde of disappointing and inacceptable leaders of the Malays and Malaysians.

The Supreme Council is drenched with confused and gullible individuals who refuse to admit that they are more of a liability than assets to the party and the people. The President especially is often making ‘crony-driven’ decisions which end up in creating UMNO as the fertile soil for corruptions and misdeeds to thrive. If they are truly earnest crop of leaders the issues on 1MDB, Felda and the LUTH would not have surfaced.

1MDB in the first placed should not have existed at all. The company was conclusively looked upon as SPV (special purpose vehicle) for the leaders to loot the tax-payers wealth and money. When queried by the people led by Dr Mahathir Najib had never given any definite answers but kept on giving wrong and deceitful answers.

They lie and keep on lying through and until today Najib has never answered anything about the MOF investment arm. I reckon that Najib has an ineffective forked-tongue as his lies are easily traced by anybody who has sensible level of thinking capability. Najib has proven to be a completely incapable leader as he doesn’t even have the capability to lie smoothly.

The split as I have strongly emphasized is a split between the ruling leaders and the rakyat. Looking from the other angle the rakyat is more united now than ever before.  They are united in fronting the evils caused by the distasteful leadership and his cronies in the party and government.  Now the opposition and the BN supporters have unfasten their differences for the sake of saving the country from further destructions.

I have to say this much which may not be the liking of some people in the government side of the divide. In crude reality there are no more opposition parties and the BN. The divide now is between the ruling elite and the rakyat of all parties and inclinations. That was the reason that this blog has been unfailingly calling for an astute leader and judicious enough to lead the nation and everyone works under him sincerely to repossess the joyous ambiance we used to enjoy before.  

They are burying their differences for the sake of the country they love dearly. They don’t have other place or country to live like our top elite leaders in the country presently have. We are the ordinary and loyal subjects to the country and our elegance is only to this blessed nation but poorly managed by her dubious and poorly bred leaders.  

As one Malay adage goes ‘dimana bumi dipijak di situ langit dijunjung’.


Anonymous said...

It seems that most of pak cik makcik in the kampong or pemuda-pemudi harapan bangsa kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang ...... still either :

1. "in the dark on world of politics"

2. "cannot differentiate between true democracy and dictatorship"

3. "cannot accept freedom of mass media"

4. "still assume UMNO is government and government is UMNO"

worst yet .....

5. "Let the UMNO leadership do whatever they like as long as negara kita aman ..."

Anonymous said...

nk buat mcmana..47% of rakyat is of those either perut buncit with subsidies...cronies..buta politik...worst..tidak apa attitude brought since after merdeka...tak kacau aku sudah...every PRU...cari DACING...pangkah....lebih teruk ada pcik/mcik tnya bila nk dpt GST...(dia ingat another BRIM)