12 April 2017

Let's do serious soul searching, get back our lost identity

The issue of who should alternate Najib seems to be debated in public and polemics on it is slowly but surely on the rise.  There have been incessant effort by the opposition in the open to oust Najib and in the quiet there are also moves by his own Cabinet members to put Najib at his right place, but that was done in a very discreet fashion.  It is very usual that if a Prime Minister retires there will be ripples among the aspiring and ambitious but undeserving leaders to replace him.

They are all in the current Cabinet but too little that they know they were equally calamitous and unfit to alternate their ‘world famous’ (you what) PM. They forget that they themselves were in that depraved and debauched system of the current government.  As this blog have mentioned quite regularly, that what the people want to replace is not just Najib but the degenerated culture that has been entrenched in our political and government system since thirty years ago.  

The issue on the government is too serious that depending on the party that wins in the General Election to replace the sitting PM (Najib) is definitely not going to solve the problems and glitches of the country’s encrustation. If Najib is replaced by one who was part of the awful culture, we will be perpetually going through the same political problems and interruptions. There will be another long haul of political demonstrations and outbursts country-wide.

We are witnessing Malaysian across the board moving grossly to topple the current perceptibly corrupt and oblivious of moral value government but Najib just can’t be replaced by any Tom Dick and Harry by the victors just because their identifiable positions in their respective parties within their winning coalition. We should not be just replacing Najib and Umno but we are supposed to reinstate and restore an impeccable political culture that we used to joyously go through before the eighties as an example.

We want to be assuredly being having the opportunity to be governed by leaders with lucidity and saneness to ensure the country and the generation living in civil background and atmosphere. We have enough of deceitful and higgledy-piggledy leaders that we were with for past three decades. They were not serious in building the nation fittingly.

By any calculation Najib is justly harmful to the nation. He has to give up everything and owns up his serious misdeeds to the nation. He should now focus on finding means and ways to leave without having to face serious political and legal harassments, agitations and implications in his life after retiring. This is the most important part of life for anyone living in this world. Abundant of money and wealth can’t guarantee happy ending for one’s life.  Let’s admit that ill-gotten money and wealth will not sustain good and happy life especially while passing through the old and retirement age. There is no scientific explanation to this notion but it’s truly and crude fact that is faced by many who creates ill-gotten wealth through illegitimate means.

We have seen life-proof of wealthy and rich former leaders of nations going through unworthy life as fugitives and perpetually on the run. We don’t want to see this to happen to our ex-leaders and it’s up to the leader, in this case Najib to find inoffensive manner to exit. The longer he procrastinates the more danger faced not only by the country but his own self will be in perilous situation. The ball is at his feet. He should know to kick the ball.

As this blog has been saying repeatedly Najib has to show his sincerity by helping to resolve the country’s excruciating problems before he leaves and that will be his great contribution to the people and the country. Najib’s contribution to the country is by resigning honorably and help to place the nation in a truly different ambience for as long as he is replaced by leaders of the same culture and value we will be in the same boring and distasteful ambience don’t know for how long more.

Najib should leave this country to a more responsible and accountable leader and for this time everyone should forget about inheriting leadership through party positions that we usually practice. We need a leader who is able to get everyone together with one ultimate motive i.e to put our nation into new and fresh ambience and leave the old painful political period far behind us.

All Malaysians have to come with strong will to circumvent the improvident manner of searching for the country’s leadership at least for this time around. Let someone with sterling record of excellence restart the nation anew by reformulating the critical path towards nationhood right from the embryonic stage and we move on towards modern and up-to-date nation comparable to advanced nations intertwined with some extra transcendent spiritual and Asian value.

In actual fact must be focused on soul searching to get back our lost identity as a democratic nation.

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Anonymous said...

Malaysia doesn't have a soul anymore. You wanna know why? Because of Mahathir, that's why. Do you think Malaysia will be any different if BN got ousted? I'm from Penang. Those pigs in DAP don't give a shit about anyone's soul or any community. They are a bunch of oligarchs. They only give a shit when there's money to be made. It's no surprise they welcomed Mahathir with open arms.

Malaysia isn't a failed state - it's a fucking corporation. By the time Mahathir got his hands on the machinery of the nation state in the 80s, he turned it into a corporation. Mahathir knew that there's very little difference between a corporation and a nation state. And so Malaysia became effectively Malaysia Inc, ruled by a network of oligarchs operating over and above the machinery of the state, deriving power from their political positioning and financial influence. And the pigs in DAP and the opposition play the same exact fucking game. I see it in Penang every day.

What soul do you speak of? A bunch of rabble whining and baying into the chasm of the Internet, being fed sensationalist propaganda on a daily basis, ruled by a handful of oligarchs playing a zero-sum game of "VOTE FOR US". The people who constantly whine about Najib have totally missed the point. What does voting even mean in 21st century hyper-capitalist Malaysia? We are nothing more than cogs in the machine. Spare me your bullshit about democracy. Give me Medieval Religious Terrorism instead. Let humanity be overcome by the extreme terrible dread of the Divine, and let everyone cower before Judgment of the Eternal Lord.