13 October 2009

BN leaders - Overly resting its laurel on Bagan Pinang's result

Everyone sees that UMNO and BN are overly resting its laurel on the win in Bagan Pinang by-election and it is again going for another prey of deceit of the voters.

They are taking Bagan Pinang result as the key pointer that BN is on the way to stardom and prominence again.

Najib says that it is the indication that the multi racial facet of Bagan Pinang voters is accepting the 1Malaysia concept he propelled through all media.

None of the big leaders accept that the win in this resort town was due to Isa personally. It has nothing to do with the acceptance of 1Malaysia or any other national issue.

Besides his strong personal presence felt by the local Teluk Kemang constituents it was the pulse of UMNO and ordinary public of Negri Sembilan (NS) as a whole.

UMNO in NS is at the weakest under Mohammad Hasan and almost everyone in NS has the apprehension of accepting Mohammad as a viable leader to defend UMNO from the ever growing influence of the opposition parties.

Mohammad is seen to be in love only with his family members and the lame duck political cronies in the State whose function is just to amuse and nodding their heads to this weak leader.

Majority of NS voters and public want to see Mohammad to go in retirement but there is no single alternative to him to lead the state as Mohammad had chosen almost all among the lame ducks to represent BN especially from UMNO in the last GE.

For this reason we saw everybody; leaders and ordinary members of UMNO in the State flocked tirelessly in Bagan Pinang to see that Isa be made a member of the State Assembly.

They came to Bagan Pinang hoping that Isa could be the flanking alternative to Mohammad to take charge of the party or even the government if he sits in the Assembly.

In short, it is sufficient to say that the issue that made Isa win with thumping majority are all local in nature and has nothing to do much with other National issues.

TDM’s apprehension of his candidacy and his refusal to campaign in Bagan Pinang as a show of protest did not carry a slightest weight and voters there just did not pay attention to his comments and opinion.

UMNO in NS is more focused in finding some one who is able enough to bind the fractious UMNO in NS under Mohammad Hasan. Mohammad has not been able to grip the idiosyncrasies of UMNO politics of NS as he is perceived to be a proud personality.

He succumbs to his inward feelings that he is the best leader NS has ever produced right from the day one he ascended the State leadership.

He has the habit of calling divisional leaders as stupid and all other superlatives available in his vocabulary. To him everyone in the State is stupid and any one among them admits such label on him would be his political crony.

BUT no one can blame the federal leaders for resting their laurels on Isa’s victory as they are in desperate need to show the world that they are not rejected after all.

Let them claim and let them have a bit of pleasurable feeling after long wait for a win. Everyone understands that UMNO needs urgently the psychological therapy for the moment.

BUT UMNO leaders seem to forget that they are just defending their own fort. Pakatan Rakyat so far has never lost any seat that they won in the last GE.

We have never gain even one either.

Thanks………………………………………………….Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

Bro, I believe you. Mohamad Hasan is a double face man

Anonymous said...


Can you us a favor? Just tell the NS MB to be less corrupt?

Can you also remind him that NS is not owned by him and his family?

If you can, please ask him to resign.

single father.

ismaildin said...

NS MB doesn't seems to make the grade.

If UMNO is brave enough he should be made as an ordinary ADUN.

UMNO is weakenning under him and he is not able to justify his presence in the MB's office.

dinbasten said...


Kau sokong Isa tak salah.Asalkan kau ingat yang Isa lah yang mainkan kau dalam politik.

Dio donga hasutan Mui, Che gu Am, dan Mail Lasim.

Sobolum tu Napsiah dan Abu Zahar mainkan kau dan hasut Isa.

Sokaghang kau sokong Isa. Yang menghasut tu somo eh tinggalkan Isa.

Isa tu buto Pan. Yang sokong dio ditinggalkannyo. Yang nak bunuh dio dinaikkannyo.

Harap-harap Isa tak mainkan kau lagi Pan.

Kesian den tengok kau. Kesetiaan tak pakai dek UMNO Pan. Ingat tu.

Tapi pulak Mat Hasan tu laie toghok.

Dah jadi MB den ingat secawan kupi pun kau tak mengaso dari dio...boto tak Pa.

penyokong kau, pilah

Anonymous said...

Mr Aspan,

In your posting few days back I did read that you touched a bit on Sarawk politics.

It is good that you are trying to understand politics here, because all these while many bloggers just write on politics in Semenanjung.

These is no less intensity here. Come over here, and you will know a lot more.

Thank you.