12 October 2009

MCA, MIC & Sarawak : Political Adversity is Looming

MCA Emergency General Meeting (EGM) on the 10th Oct has made landmark decision. They got their disputing leaders out of job and the party is going to have their new election for new leadership.

They wanted Chua Soi Lek (CSL), their sacked deputy leader back in the party and sent in strong message to Ong Tee Kiat (OTK) and CSL to go and quarrel outside the party’s leadership without jeopardizing the chance of the party regaining the confidence of the Chinese and their members in particular.

This is a very significant development as this is the reflection of the seriousness of the party members about the fate and future of MCA in facing their future consequence to their community.

The delegates were telling not only their party leaders to behave but it also teaches everybody in the leadership of other component parties to behave is everyone is serious about seeing BN to get back the support of the people after the dismal performance in the last General Elections (GE).

With this decisive result of the EGM it is clear that the quarrel between the group of OTK and CSL was settled by the 3rd party in MCA which may decide to bring the party into a new milestone in their struggle.

This 3rd party in MCA is truly the serious group and there is indication that they are the ones which may take another decisive move to rally the support of the Chinese s a whole.

For this 3rd group getting the attentions of the Chinese and subsequently to secure their support is their main struggle as the Chinese are more incline to support DAP the party which has just taste a bit of power in the State of Penang and having formidable representation in Parliament.

MCA if controlled by this group may opt to detach the party from BN if that is necessary to rally the support of the Chinese as the Chinese are serious about their fate and future.

It is believed that quite a large portion of party members are buying the option of having MCA out of BN as many of their leaders were blaming UMNO for the poor showing in the last GE.

MCA and Gerakan were having problems with the grassroots Chinese due to the unrelenting problems in UMNO and their party have to share the ugly destiny together with the Malay party which is the leader for the BN coalition.

MIC too is having discriminating and an acute problem as the Indians are too fractures with too many parties representing that small community.

It all started when Samy Vellu took MIC as his personal property and wanted to lead the party with his whim and fancies and any voice of dissimilarity would be unceremoniously sidelined.

This has been going on for a very long time until the members were disillusioned and went astray.

Samy Vellu misconduct as the leader for the Indian party had started in 1990 when he went head on with the late TS Pandithan, the party Vice-President then and subsequently Pandithan had to form a new party for the MIC rejected members, called Indian Progressive Front (IPF).

While going head on with Pandithan Samy was also at odd with his deputy then Dato’ S Subramaniam and other party’s senior leaders like Patmanathan, G Govinderaj and many more which time and space does not permit me to write in just one write-up.

The recent move to circumvent Muthu Palaniapan to contest for the Presidency was met with cold blooded political act by disqualifying him from the race.

Samy’s robust move to ensure his love boy Palanivel to win slimly against Dato S.Subramaniam for the Deputy President post was detested not only by the MIC members but by all politically perverted mind Malaysian.

The birth of Makkal Sakhti party is the second offshoot of MIC after IPF is the outcome of the divisive Indians under the rule of MIC and Samy Vellu.

DS Najib went in the open for support of this new party and no one can avoid perceiving it as the move to replace MIC as the representative of the Indian in BN.

Palanivel reacted the move by saying that he will stay put with MIC even if he has to stand alone in it. I guess he has nothing to say as the shift of UMNO leaders support from MIC to the alternative Indian party Makkal Sakhti is evidently real.

Samy Vellu is now on leave may be to soul search about himself and by now he should realize that he is not as able as Dr Mahathir as a leader for UMNO who could take the party as his personal property and rule it following through the contour of his personal whim and fancies.

Across the South China Sea we are now feeling the pulse of another gigantic problem resulting from overstaying in power in Sarawak.

The State election is just round the corner and many quarters feel that BN is going to face multiple problems that may be risky for the ruling BN.

The leadership vacuum in Sarawak is at its pinnacle as all the potential successors are all in retirement and in political oblivion. The top leadership is still hanging around and still unable to find an exit door of power.

The successor is too unclear and succession problem is of significant issue. As it is now TS Taib’s health is not well enough to warrant him to continue taking charge of the State.

Sarawak is in great risk and compounded by MCA and MIC adversity it would be going to invite National Political upheaval.

This issue is of interesting and significant that could create political imbalances and may change total political surroundings.

Do accept a fact that a win in Bagan Pinang is not the work of UMNO but the personal support of TS Isa by his mates in his hometown.

As space and time do not permit me to write with elaboration, I beg to terminate at this point.

See you soon.

Thanks……………………………………Aspan Alias



Salam Sir,

A Very good article sir! I do agree with you!

Anonymous said...

The leadership vacuum in Sarawak is at its pinnacle as all the potential successors are all in retirement and in political oblivion.... This is not very accurate. Its the the tactic to disguise the real successor. Many are prepared and in their prime namely Abg Johari, Awg Tengah, Douglas Ugah from PBB, Mawan, Masing. We never know that MIC sole rep whom is currently 1st VP of PBB, Daud Abdul Rahman also in the running.

BTW, send my warmest regards to UMNO VP who tried to comment on PBB and Dayak relationship, after courting friendship with anti Malays Dayak of PBDS, within newly formed PRS