24 September 2010

PKR - UMNO in the making?

PKR is going through real and democratic goings and comings. As from this weekend some 450,000 of its members are going to vote for their office bearers and officials and it is sizzling and scorching affair. The voting process is going to end on the 21st of November.

I am very enthusiastic to see the ultimate outcome of this party election as the party is going to determine its future outlook and disposition and from there we can safely conclude how the party is going to fare in the coming GE. It is exceedingly exciting and fascinating as PKR for the first time is allowing all its ordinary registered party members to vote for the party leadership line.

This direct voting by its registered members is the mode of election of party leaders which I wish to see to be applied in UMNO for past donkey years as part of the effort to do away with money politics which is at the moment impossible to restrain. In UMNO there were some effort to get some 45,000 members to vote for our national leaders but the issue is now in oblivion and no leader is mentioning anything about it any longer.

Now let us see how it goes with the campaign. Attention is very focused on the Deputy President post which imminently going to be a contest of 2 fashinable leaders Azmin Ali a founder member of the party and a newbie Datuk Zaid Ibrahim a person who is known to me as a strategic minded leader. Zaid, despite of being new has hit a mark as a very popular leader as he has been the darling of ordinary members and he is known as a very hardworking and much focused with what he wants to do.

But Zaid can have lots of lofty intentions and some of it has been visually realized since his entry in the party. Let’s talk about it later, but what disappoints many party members is lack of magnanimity of Anwar the party’s de facto leader who is undetectable with Azmin Ali. Azmin gets everything he wants and Anwar just can’t resist all demands from Azmin.

If Anwar is truly serious to strengthen the party he should be impartial and allow the delegates to choose freely. Nobody denies that Anwar can have his preference but going all out in the open to campaign for his favorite is just unwarrantable. If he succeeds in getting what he wants and whom to win then the party is not a party for its members but for his own family and lovable cronies. So what is the difference between PKR and UMNO?

One of its members said, ‘Let support Kak Wan as President and Nurul as one of the Vices. BUT let somebody from outside the family to be in between and the person proposed to fit in the need is Zaid Ibrahim.”

If Azmin is put in the slot, than the whole top stratum of the party is laden with Anwar’s family members and there is none from outside to represent the members in the lineup and that can be very precarious for a party which has been led by someone who used to shout aloud against cronyism and factionalism while he was in UMNO (baru).

Can Anwar explain how is he going to reconcile his stand while he was in UMNO (baru) and what he does in PKR at the moment?


jay said...

Apa nak buat. Anwar and Azmin is inseparable. Anwar and Azmin is one.

many original party leaders left because of Azmin hidden claws.

His claws are soon going to prick in Khalid Ibrahim. He wants to control everything and anything. He only takes good care of his personal greed.


Anonymous said...

Aspan,PKR is UMNO in the making? It is obviously true.

pkr member,KTrengganu.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely.... since PKR founding members were mostly from UMNO(Baru)....


pejuang jembel said...

Saya penyokong PKR dari awal. Betul juga kata bero. Ketua UMUM, Anwar, Presidennya Wan Azizah, Anwar nak bubuh Azmin jadi Timbalan Presiden, dan Nurul Naib presiden.

Kepala bapak dia punya parti ke? Azmin tu bukan jujur kepada kawan.

Anwar! masa orang masih menyokong ni, jangan buat ragam.

Jangan kau ambik kelembutan dan kebaikkan ahli-ahli ini sebagai kelemahan yang kau boleh buat sesuka hati kau.

pejuang jembel

Anonymous said...

I believe in PKR, not to the full but much more than trusting UMNO.

PAS is definitely the best party to rest on as the party is matured enough after going thru the horror of BN battling for 5 decades.

UMNO and its supporters can try to damage the party, but not many believe UMNO anymore.

Aspan, do you agree with me?

nik sal, Kelntan

adam smith said...

Parti Melayu yang paling berdisplin ialah PAS. Untuk mempastikan politik yang aman parti mesti ada displin yang kuat.

Bagi orang Melayu pilih PAS bagi orang Cina pilihlah DAP dan India pilihlah sesiapa.

UMNO hanya untuk tokay tokay besar. Orang miskin macam kita PAS. Kalau nak pilih parti kepunyaan keluarga pilh PKR.

adam smith.

penjual cendul said...

PKR akan bertambah kerusi, PAS akan bertambah kerusi dan DAP akan menambah lagi kerusi diParlimen. Jika PKR tidak bersedia dengan menadi parti kepunyaan rakyat, maka rakyat akan kecewa lagi.

Berilah seorang Melayu yang lain dari orang dibawah ketiak Anwar duduk dikerusi Tinbalan Presiden itu.

Kalau Azmin jadi Timbalan dan Nurul jadi Naib, mesyuarat Biro Politk PKR boleh diadakan dalam dapur rumah Anwar sahaja.

vinnan said...

The fact that PKR are holding their elections on a one person one vote basis scares the shit out of the 200 odd UMNO divisional leaders. The UMNO leadership was NEVER directly chosen by the Malays. I can only imagine the disaster which awaits the top leadership of UMNO and the divisional leaders if the UMNO grassroot were to latch onto the PKR one person one voteidea. Moreover, you UMNO folks desperatyely want to believe that PKR is just another UMNO because you know that comwe the next GE UMNO may well be kicked out of power. You want another 'UMNO'
to get into power so as to keep your 'Ketuanan' rubbish alive. You UMNO people are truly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Give PKR a chance to go tru 1 people 1 vote and let see the out come whether the party will collapse or become stronger. Allow everyone to exercise their wisdom-right or wrong but that is the way democracy will flourish and as long as it does not interfere with other people interest, so be it.
The truth will soon reveal that a real democrat will accept the defeat when all branches have decided to nominate their candidates and those with the least nomination should declare as losers. Kita lihat quality kepimpinan yang ada dalam PKR dan baru lah kita bolih cakap sama ada mereka pun macam UMNO.
It is about the leaderships, whether they have the political will and not "cakap tak serupa bikin' macam pemimpin UMNO. Just hang on there whether mereka yang memimpin PKR ni sama sahaja.

Anonymous said...

Kalau Anak beranak bersih dari RASUAH, MENINDAS, apahal nya..
Kalau anak beranak "Capable and Qualified" what's wrong?

1st Caliph- Abu Bakar R.A Father in law to prophet
2nd Caliph- Omar R.A father in law to prophet
3rd Caliph- Otman Affan R.A son in law to prophet
4th Caliph- Ali K.W cousin and son in law to prophet

Rasullulah pun UMNO jugak ke?