16 July 2011

Hanya RM24 juta

Saya ingin membuat pembetulan terhadap isu cincin yang sedang hangat diperbincangkan oleh orang ramai di mana-mana. Dalam posting saya yang lepas saya telah menyebut harganya sebagai USD24 juta. Tetapi mengikut dokumen Kastam DiRaja Malaysia harganya ialah RM24,458,400.00 (Ringgit Malaysia dua puluh empat juta empat ratus lima puluh lapan empat ratus sahaja). Saya mohon maaf atas kesalahan angka yang saya sebut di dalam posting yang lepas.

Mengikut catatan di dalam dokumen itu tertera nama si pemilik kepada cincin bertatahkan berlian ini. Nama yang tercatat jelas dan dikenali ramai.

Tetapi mungkin nama itu juga dipunyai oleh orang lain, kerana mungkin namanya sama dengan nama orang diperkatakan oleh rakyat ramai. Maklum sajalah, negara kita mempunyai 28 juta rakyatnya. Mungkin ada dua orang yang ada nama dan gelaran yang sama.

Apa cerita sebenarnya kita sama-sama tunggu. Saya berharap apa yang benar akan dizahirkan. Buat masa ini jika boleh, pihak yang berwajib keluar dengan kenyataan resmi dan muktamad supaya isu ini dapat dilenyapkan.

Sekian sahaja. Terima kasih.


Anonymous said...

tuan...yg betul nya USD24m

Anonymous said...

cover..jgn x cover....nanti gaji kena potong...keh...keh...keh...

jangan jadi agen fitnah said...

ini borang forwarding agent la bro. sesiapa pun bulih online, isi, print screen dan padam. aku pernah keja forwarding egent di pasir gudang dulu. taulah benda ni ada yg tak betul.

nick said...

Aslm Pak Aspan,

It really does not matter whether it is RM24 million or RM70 million. The issue is A RING that is worth MILLIONS owned by someone who normally (I would stress the word normal since ONLY Billionaire are logically able to buy such expensive and "menjolok mata" accessory) would NOT be able to afford MILLION RM trinket.

In the time that the government is drumming the people into changing their lifestyles (to spend even less due to the economic downturn), it is unbelievable that the wife of the PM who was never a BILLIONAIRE to start with, is able to find the money to buy it (I would presume paid in cash cos no finance company would provide an installment scheme for said purchase).

So the question should not be about the exact price but more to the point HOW can she and her husband have enough spare change to buy it and what is their real nett worth (with obvious implication to all ministers, past and present)? And don't tell me that the person was able to skimp on her allowances (given by her husband) and managed to save millions or even billions to indulge on shopping spree. Such reasoning and argument are doomed to failure as evidently clear with the case of the ex CM who was a dentist by profession BUT could afford to buy a mansion worth RM6 Million CASH!

ONLY those with a closed heart would not see the obvious "criminal and dishonesty" implication of this whole episode. Muslims who chose to stay silent and does not feel an iota of anger and disappointment on this matter should really reflect on the existence of their faith. This episode of tragic comedy should by now nudge the Malay muslim to question the whole purpose of UMNO Baru existence and whether it really is the place where muslim can look to uphold their religion or vice versa.


Salam and GOD bless.

jamari said...

Sdr nick,
She is a billionaire for your information.

Anonymous said...

jangan jadi agen fitnah,

Macamlah sdr sorang yang berkerja di forwarding agent. Jangan berselindung di sebalik jarilah bro.

Anonymous said...

Ingin tahu juga di negara ini ada orang yang nama dan gelaran serupa.

Ya tak ya juga ini tanah Boleh !

mad said...

melalui carian di internet, cincin yg dimaksudkan bernilai usd20 juta


walaupun saya tidak menemui gambar rosmah memakai cicin yg dimaksudkan tetapi saya terjumpa gambar dirinya memakai gelang yg juga dari rekaan jacob & co. dinamakan 'zebra safari bangle"



Anonymous said...

The true point is :-

The legend of "Imelda Marcos II" is remaking.

nick said...

To Jamari,

Looking at the price of the ring, I have no doubt that she IS a billionaire (with all the implication that word carries).


Anonymous said...

hadi said "video tak boleh jadi bukti sebab ia adalah besi sahaja"
so when it comes to UMNO, 2 pictures can now become an absolute evidence?

burn said...

will not speculate much on this issue. do not know if the pixs are true or false. it can be done easily for expert that are good in photoshop retouching. but i do know, many "bn" menteris and their cronies have become instant millionass overnight.


Anonymous said...

Mmmg lah hadi ada bagi fatwa tu tapi tu utk backing anuwar je. hal lain tak leh terima pakai.

Anonymous said...

Abg Aspan,

teguran2 abg tentang UMNO memang saya akui ada kebenarannya kerana saya juga berpandangan sedemikian, demi untuk survival jangka panjang.

tetapi bila Abg Aspan membuat posting tentang cincin berlian ini saya rasakan ianya tidak tepat kerana masih belum diketahui kebenarannya, menjadikan ianya seperti satu tuduhan yg melulu.

bagaimanapun terbaca di SINI tentang perkara yg jadi perdebatan dan komen2 yg terdapat didalamnya yg membuka minda saya untuk berfikir sejenak akan kebenarannya.

nick said...

Anon 17:43,

Please bring your video or whatever evidence that you have and let the court of public opinion be the judge of who's wrong or right.

Using some out of context quotes to try to undermine someone else argument and thought is clearly childish and morally unacceptable. My pity on your handicap.


Alhamdulillah is my answer to your "poorah".

Anonymous said...

Suka hati depalah pak Aspan. Depa ingat negara kita ini depa punya.

Sekarang kita tau kemana perginya wang kita yang hilang-hilang tu.

Iylia said...

dulu,rumah imelda marcos kena serbu. sbb dpt taw die songlap duit rkyt.
kastam,polis pon patut buat mende yg same.

eh,lupa lak. polis kn anjing bn -.-
x boleh,x boleh.

Anonymous said...

Sdr Aspan,

Mengapa skrg ni org2 Melayu terlalu sibuk dan sensitif dgn 'duit rakyat'?

Pasal Bersih 2.0 Khalid Samad pun sibuk mempertikaikan berapa banyak 'duit rakyat' yg digunakan kerajaan utk menggagalkan perhimpunan yg dianggap haram disisi undang2.

Tetapi yg peliknya, mengapa pulak dia tidak memperincikan darimana sumber kewangan dan bagaimana ianya digunakan utk perhimpunan tersebut? adakah 'duit2 rakyat' dari negeri2 pemerintahan pembangkang yg digunakan spt Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Kelantan, Kedah?

Saya tidak mau terikut-ikut cara setengah pemimpin membuat tuduhan, tapi mengapa sebelah pihak saja yg dipertikaikan?

Begitu juga dengan cerita panas cincin ini, adakah ianya cerita benar atau rekaan yg dikaitkan dgn 'duit rakyat'? kerana saya juga terjumpa blog INI yg memberikan penjelasan. harap2 kita sama2 dapat mencari kebenaran ...

Anonymous said...

Issues against our ailing government appear day after day.

No one goes anywhere without hearing and confronting with deadly issues on the government.

To avoid the same old issues over and over again just vote them out!

So sick of being deceived through and through.


Anonymous said...

Sdr Aspan,

Saya terjumpa blog ini semasa mencari2 berita terkini tentang cincin berlian RM24 juta yg menjadi perdebatan hangat sekarang.


MUNGKIN ianya boleh memberikan gambaran yg lebih jelas tentang bagaimana ianya dibawa masuk ke Malaysia.

Dan saya percaya juga mungkin inilah link yg cuba diberikan oleh 'anon 16 July 2011 19:56:00' diatas.

Anonymous said...

Sdr Aspan

It matters not what the ring is worth in whatever currency. Even if the whole thing is fictionalised, the underlying issue is 'is the wife of the Malaysian PM an extravagant person?' It may be not be legally wrong to be extravagant but in our context it is morally questionable to say the least.

Even if people disliked Dr M then, I recall not of anyone bringing about Dr H's extravagance. Neither have I heard of the rakyat openly speaking ill of Tun Suhaila, Tun Rahah or Tun Syarifah Rodziah.

Leaders (be it govt or opposition) must not only be clean and trustworthy, they must also appear to be so and strive to avoid all forms of controversy.

the issue of the ring is more tongue in cheek than an assertion of facts. it may be proven untrue factually but that is not the point. the proponents are inviting us to think way beneath prima facie.


Anonymous said...

The ring was "inspection by" or "purchased by"?

There's a big difference...

~ OnDaStreet

Anonymous said...

The pro UMNO bloggers seems to demonize anyone who writes on this issue.
They appear in the cyberspace with harsh and low class kind of comments.
In this blog Aspan clearly suggest that anyone in the authority to come up with final statement to quieten to issue and he did not allege anyone outright.
Let us be civil about issues.


Anonymous said...

wah, hari ni pulak rosmah bersama najib pergi ke rom plk selepas lawatan ke uk.nampak gaya nyer berhabis la duit negara.ish2

Hanz Newman said...

Spot on...am with u all, Mr. Aspan, nick & rahimdaud.

Donplaypuks® said...

According to Milo Suam who broke the news originally at http://milosuam.blogspot.com/2011/07/cincin-rosmah-mansor-berharga-245-juta.html, the declared vaue of the ring is US$ 24,458.400 = RM 74 million including RM 750,000 for insurance!!

Even if the ring was unsold and sent back to Jacob & Co, USA, who in M'sia paid for the insurance of RM750K? Rosmah?

The same blogger also revealed Rosmah bought a diamond bracelet for RM 1.65 million.

Why is M'sian Association of/for Cows and Cars NOT rushing in and investigating to get to the bottom of this affair especially since Chegu Bard has made a police report?

Even for a PM's wife, we are talking about staggering amounts of money while ordinary citizens struggle with rising food, petrol and transport costs.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Bagi orang umnobn memiliki wang dan cincin semahal itu satu kebanggaan. Bila bercakap perihal wang sebanyak dada pun kembang megah dan ego. Jika ada yg mempertikai akan diperlekehkan. ' Itu duit mereka apa suka hati merekalah utk beli apa pun' That's how umnobn works.

Dulu hingga sekarang pembesar umno dan sukusakat masih tak faham-faham.

'Dunia kata pergi, kubur kata mari'

Drp; kubur umno