13 August 2010

Dato Sak tells the truth

There are some of my blog followers asking me to comment on the 2 articles on Anwar Ibrahim which Sakmongkol posted in his blog last few days. I am eager to give my assessment on the issue writtenby this close friend of mine over the issue which incessantly occupies the mind of anyone with political traits.

Sak is a person who is blunt and has truthful political mind. He says what he should say. What he said about Anwar is not untrue but what he said about the consequent that UMNO faces with Anwar strong existence in Malaysian politics is also not untrue.

Let us agree with Sak that Anwar is not as what his close and avid followers claim as the savior of the nation and let us also concur to his opinion that this former Deputy Premier is no more or any less is an UMNO typical. He wants to be the PM just like Najib and he also wants to a PM and serves the position for lengthy episode like Dr Mahathir.

Mahathir, Anwar and Najib are feathers of the same bird. That is why they don’t agree to each other and the incongruity of Mahathir towards many of Najib’s policies is slowly becoming evident lately.

The unforgiving and remorseless quarrel between Mahathir and Anwar in actuality has nothing to do with party struggle and concerns for the race and the nation. It is all for their personal aversion for each other.

In actuality Mahathir didn’t have a breath of concern about Anwar’s private sexual habits and preference Anwar was deputizing him. By his (Mahathir) own admission the IGP Tan Sri Haniff Omar had informed him of Anwar’s sexual mischief’s in 1992. No action was taken by Mahathir against Anwar as he (Mahathir) took it as no offence and it is not immoral as long as everyone including Anwar supported him.

It was only when he realized that Anwar was becoming too strong and believing that Anwar was planning to unseat him democratically Mahathir took the issue of sodomy expediently as reason or excuse for him to depose Anwar.

In the end Anwar was taken to Sg Buluh prison on account of corruption at first. The sodomy case convicted Anwar and sent for another imprisonment. The 2 verdicts sent Anwar to the total of 15 years jail as the jail term was served consecutively. Subsequently Anwar was acquitted and discharged on the sodomy case after long appeal for technical reason.

In Anwar’s absence Mahathir became very strong within UMNO and his strength was rock solid. Before that he had systematically displaced Musa Hitam and Tengku Razaleigh with the help of Anwar. Anwar was the last of the list that Mahathir wanted to side line and the sodomy case was the most fitting excuse to oust him (Anwar).

BUT the public was splitting. BUT Mahathir is Mahathir. He survives very well in crisis. His communication skill and his non-stop politicking made all UMNO leaders and members minus the group that followed Anwar were all behind him (Mahathir). Everyone then believed all the truth and lies he said. Most leaders who are now in line up of power were Anwar’s followers who tuned coat.

Mahathir and his successors are now confronting Anwar’s influence and let us just be truly honest to ourselves that these leaders are all out for personal actualization.

So what Sak was saying is a plain truth. It is all personal struggles and they have their political parties for them to work on. Anwar has his PKR while Mahathir, Abdullah and now Najib have UMNO baru.

While these leaders are fighting for their personal glories, let us look at their respective parties’ strength and weaknesses. Don’t worry about their personal actualization as all, Mahathir, Anwar, Abdullah and Najib have lost all attributes of a Malay leader we found during the pre Mahathir era.

UMNO have failed the Malays since Mahathir era. Mahathir transformed the country to a reasonably big economy within the class of developing nations. Under him we have the tallest building the tallest flag post and the 3rd longest bridge and all are the world’s longest and tallest.

He (Mahathir) was also one of the world’s longest heads of government and to be experience that long episode, it was not without cost. It was very expensive that we are still paying and trapped by the cost of his over staying.

The nation has lost the decent democracy and there is no more separation of power between the 3 democratic pillars, the Legislative, Executive and the Judiciary. Almost all democratic institutions have been cannibalized and those institution purely become tools of party goons who are trapped in political and religious hypocrisy.

So what Sakmongkol was saying that Anwar was just playing personal agenda is very true and he (Anwar)does not have any difference with that of Mahathir’s, Abdullah’s and now Najib’s. But some of the PKR leaders are serious in trying to mend the problems the nation is facing.

But what we must admit, as I have said earlier, that the existence of Anwar is now giving UMNO a tough time. Anwar has a long list of issues that he can raise and those issues are not trivial for the people pay attention to. Those are real and legitimate issues.

That is why many quarters including my humble self always incessantly call for transformation in UMNO without which UMNO which I am a member will be dumped by the people and they have pressed the wake up call button in the last GE.

What UMNO needs to show is just a few leaders known to the people as trustworthy and be given the mantle to face the complaining public.

BUT the party seems to ignore the call and the voting public is now very crossed by the obstinate leaders of the party.

So I reckon they are more prepared to be sent to the opposition bench both at the Sate Legislative Assemblies and the Parliament in the coming GE than to improve ourselves. Don’t blame others but only ourselves to own up all the blames.


Anonymous said...

your line(s) of comments seem in-congruent to what you want to say.
on one side you would like to tell readers of how anwar's political agenda is the same of what najib and mahatahir's.
on the other hand, you were telling the readers that UMNO need changes of their members.
so which is which?
UMNO need a 'reset' and took away all the fats that has made UMNO look bad.
whether anwar exist or not, on how the issues he brought effects the minds and emotions of the rest of the country,is irrrelevant.
if UMNO failed to revamp itself, be prepared of shit to come.
no party (as of now) can replace the heart and mind of the malays and the country. but if UMNO is corrupted to the core (as it is now), may god bless Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Personal agenda fronts every leader since Dr M era.

They want to be powerful all the time but their deeds are atrocious.

They steal, they misuse public funds and keep on introducing taxes as they like.

They practice corruption and corrupt the people.

It good that we put them as opposition since they never attempt to improve.

joyce said...

As Aspan said, UMNO is a good opposition and that's what we need, a good opposition.

Hence just let UMNO from now on be an opposition in all legislative bodies.

Good day UMNO. We are not throwing you out. We want you to be a good opposition.

You have a good role to play.


Anonymous said...

Maybe yours truly can name/ suggest that few umno leaders...

and if they do not have one, what they should do.


Anonymous said...

"What UMNO needs to show is just a few leaders known to the people as trustworthy and be given the mantle to face the complaining public."

yes, and among the few leaders are dato sak and aspan alias... same plot as mahathir and anwar 30 yrs ago. ha ha

joyce said...

anon 13:27,

Is that the way for you to argue? That's all? Is that just yr capacity?

You can say anything sensible?


Anonymous said...

Dear All,
Where to find a few good leaders in UMNO?.

Susah la ini macam.
Penyamun and perompak easily find.
You can get ant any UMNO division and branches.

Tak bernama said...

Apa ni bro Aspan. Mula-mula cakap pasal Anwar.
Tiba-tiba bawa hal Mahathir dan Najib.
Janganlah hangat-hangat tahi ayam.
Neither here nor there. Berterabur your logic.
Teruskanlah mencari kesalahan UMNO.
Nampak sangat anda pemuja Anwar.
Itu memang hak anda. Tapi janganlah nak mempamirkan seolah-olah saudara amat adil kepada UMNO.
UMNO baru? Jika begitu kenapa masih berada di sana?
Asyik-asyik UMNO lama. Kan dah mati.
Kita dah talkinkan dia.
Nak buat apa lagi bro?

Aspan Alias said...

anon 6:00,

Thanks for visiting me in early dawn.

Sorry if I was not able to make you understand as I may be a poor communicator.

What I meant in this article is that Anwar and any other top leader in UMNO are the same.

i suggested that UMNO should find someone or somebody who is/are prepared to sacrifice his/their time and effort to rehabilitate UMNO, while PKR will go with or without Anwar.

PKR has good issues against UMNO, so does PAS. If we forget Anwar PKR should go ahead with its fight.

Thanks bro.

Aspan Alias said...

Tak bernama,

Jasad itu mati, dimamah tanah dan ulat. Tetapi roh itu balek kearash dan dia tetap hidup.

Itu sebabnya ada elemen dosa dan pahala. Yang menerima bahagia atau sangsara ialah roh.

Rohlah yang menanggung segala dosa dan noda kita dan roh jugalah yang akan menerima bahagia itu.

Pendaftaran UMNO lama telah mati, dan bak kata sdr tadi sdr dah talkin dia.

Tak lama lagi sdr akan talkinkan UMNO baru pula.

Kalau itu saja fungsi sdr, iaitu menalkinkan UMNO, saya yakin tidak lama lagi sdr akan dipanggil untuk membaca talkinnya bro.

Nanti sdr lakukan lah. Dah itu sahaja yg sdr pandai, buatlah. Kita mesti lakukan perkara yang kita pandai.


Anonymous said...

Why can't u suggest your bro Sak as the person to rehabilitate UMNO that you love. After all Sak seems to know everything, otherwise how he can possibly measure others. Wasn't he an ex ADUN? Hmm, wonder why they left him out.

Aspan Alias said...

Anon 15:35,

You can't be answering that way. You should appreciate different views as the same views which is typical in UMNO does not bring anything good for the party. As you see UMNO is fast going for a crash if the leaders only accept views that only amuse them.

Give solid argument and don't come out with 'loyar buruk' like answers.

Anonymous said...

If the next GE UMNO is Defeated, then there be a strong chances UMNO will be revived with Fresh Blood and Corrupt free leaders..Thereafter the CORRUPTED Leaders will be sent to Sg Buloh Prison for their misdeed...

Hope this will happen and the only way UMNO can be REFRESH

Anonymous said...

There be a strong possibility if PR won the GE13 Anwar will most likely be appointed as 1st PM for PR ruling Govt.
Even if Anwar is bound to be as same as previous PM's characteristics, The chances of him to get carried away will be well CHECKED by strong PAKATAN COALITION's heavyweights such as TGNA, LGE..Anwar will not indiscriminately maneuver our nation into his own agenda. That's REST ASSURED...

What say you bro. Aspan?

Aspan Alias said...

Anon 19:26,

Yes, people may change after long suffering from their very own mistakes.

i am very open in this issue as my main concern is to see what role BN and PR can play in the national politics.

If BN should rule than BN rules. If PR rules than BN should be a good opposition as they have done well as opposition in Selangor.

I remain in UMNO and what concerns me UMNO must be able to identify its forte. If they are good as opposition than I will be a member of an opposition party.

If BN is fit to rule again than I shall be a member of a ruling party.

Quiet Despair said...

Salam Ramadan Bro Aspan

We have yet to hear your take on Anwar aside from saying Sak is telling the truth.
Please tell us. We are interested to know.

Anon 19.26

It will not be Anwar who is the PM.
It will be Ustaz Hadi Awang.
Are you happy with that?
It's fine by me.

Anonymous said...

Reply from anon 19.26

Quiet Despair,

I would be much appeased if someone who is not heavily inclined into religion doctrine as to acclimatise with multi racial/religious society..
In this regards choice of mine would be a technocrat candidate such as Nizar Jamaludin coupled with his multilingual skill will definitely lead to a better qualities LEADER...
Forget about Perak fiasco as its part and parcel of politicking.
My humble opinion he fits the bill

schenker78 said...

bro aspan,

i do believe peoples need and ambition changes as time goes and age advances....

while some people like Bung marries Zizie forhim to feel youns, some stay the same and play with grand children...

Anwar might have been the same crook as umno. But jail and beating by Mahathir (Rahim Noor) and the near death sometimes get people closer to God and away from Sins....

At age 62++ (nearer to death age), he might have a dream to become PM , but undo the injustices that happened to him and his family. I truly belief Wan Azizah is a great woman as does her daughter Izzah and can keep Anwar in line....Azizah is not Rosmah mansur and Izzah is not Niza Najib that screws white chicks in US and drinking....

As people get older , they either become worse...drinking, judi, screwing younger chicks, get more corrupt to maintain their lifestyle or...

they become wiser, better, stop the sins like Zaid admitted and said he stopped drinking long time ago.....Anwar hopefully is in this category too....

Our expectation from Anwar after GE13 is very modest....open tenders, no more direct nego, abolish ISA, independent Judiciary, strengthen the Opposition (UMNO-BN) in check n balance, Polis Mesra Rakyat, AG dan Ketua Hakim yang independent dan tak takut PM Anwar...

PS...at age 84, Mahathir still very afraid and doing a lot of sins....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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