19 May 2008

BN in doldrum

It’s enthusing to watch the supreme leaders within UMNO reacting to the dismal performance in the last general elections (GE).

Except for the two east Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, Barisan Nasional was heinously flattened in the traditional heartland of Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Pulau Pinang, and almost in total oblivion in Kelantan.

Adding to the injury Mohammad Haji Hasan had to come to terms that this time around he has to be satisfied with simple majority government in Negeri Sembilan.

To the voting public, they took the outcome of this GE positively to give the BN leaders in particular those from UMNO to undertake serious soul searching efforts as to why they experience these hurting consequences.

BN has always been mandated to power hands down for the last 11 GE’s and thus made them took everything and everyone for granted.

The contributing factor to the disastrous outcome of the GE was actually not unexpected, as the public has been gossiping against the government through the full term of Abdullah’s administrations.

Had UMNO took a little bit of pain to lend their ears to the grousing public the result could not have been this embarrassing.

There were numerous recipes of issues blended to make up the soothing ambience for the opposition parties to make sound inroads and stand to be the government of the near future if BN is still managed by this lineup of weak and crooked leaders.

Let us not revealingly analyze the reasons for the poor showings.

Every thinking politician admits the the accountability must be accepted collectively by all leaders at the supreme council, the liason chiefs and as well as the heads of divisions.

One and the only ethical step that these leaders should have taken was to call for EGM.

The EGM should be called at all party’s administrative levels expeditiously to allow members to get together and discuss the issues surrounding the party and to stand up immediately with viable recovery plans to keep the members together with confidence.

The sole leader who understood and came up with an instant call for EGM was Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (TR) and that reflects his maturity and finesse as a political leader.

He strongly believes that enhancement of democracy in UMNO is mandatory and has to be done speedily before we even think of recovering half of what we have lost.

As the head of Gua Musang UMNO division he himself acted swiftly as ethically needed to be done by calling for the EGM for the division on the 4th of April 2008.

The call by TR did not receive positive response from big leaders like Pak Lah and the rest of members of supreme council members even though many accepts TR’s suggestion that EGM can be called as it is within the ambit allowable by the party’s constitutions.

However, none among the supreme council members call their respective divisions to convene EGM, mainly due to the pressure from the party president not to do anything other than to listen to him.

All of them seem to take advantage to amuse the Prime Minister at this testing time by suggesting to all to give Pak Lah another chance to do the repair job for UMNO.

But one who thinks will not disagree with the opinion that UMNO would only be relevant until the midnight after next General Election if all those accountable in the supreme council still around playing the same politics.

But who cares for the party’s future? The main issue for those leaders in power now is how they can gain in the current state of confusions.

For Najib he thinks that he is the rightful heir to the seat which Pak Lah is seating on without realizing he is suppose to retire together with Pak Lah, instead of succeeding him (Pak Lah) .

But UMNO is still UMNO! We don’t really know how long the Malays can tolerate these idiosyncrasies.

I bet it's only a matter of time before the party bursts. We just pray that TR can make up with all the shortcomings in UMNO.

Thanks………………………. Aspan Alias.


Unknown said...

hopefully...TR bole maendapat cukup pencalonan...tetapi kalau ia pun TR menang......berapa lama TR dpt menerajui UMNO.....

for me muhyiddin yassin sepatutnya berganding dengan TR...muhyiddin got noyhing to lose......tis is the right time....

Pemikiran org UMNO seperti muhamad taib..dan byk lagi rasanya sudah
tak releven.....bukan zaman sekarang....UMNO should be rebranding...cara sekarang...


arcadia said...

I tend to agree with the choice of TR as the next PM ...but how long will he last considering his age and all, are we going to be changing PM in every election ..lets be realistic in our options ...

arcadia said...

we need leaders like mukriz and razali to spearhead the rawatan ...TR should only advice the young leaders ..

Mat Dargo Sombrono said...

Dear Tun,

After analysing the current political turmoil with regard to UMNO leadership, I think without the slightest shadow of doubt the best person to take over the new leadership of UMNO is Tengku Razaleigh. I think Tengku Razaleigh has all the ingredients to turnaround the present haprak and HP6 UMNO under the leadership of a lame duck President.How I love if you could work out something productive with Tengku Razaleigh to make this changing of the leadership to materialise. I am very confident that Tengku Razaleigh will get the support from UMNO grassroots. He will also definitely get the respect from other BN component parties. This is the only best alternative for the revival of UMNO. I am sure Tengku Razaleigh will win the contest provided you give him full blessing. Najib and Mahyuddin can contest the Deputy President position. When everything is stabilised Tengku Razaleigh could hand over the president's post to anyone of them.
The idea of having Presidential Council mooted by you is indeed an excellent idea.Tengku Razaleigh and few other respectable senior members of UMNO including yourself should be in the Council. The Council should be just acting as an advisory capacity to ensure that UMNO's policies are in line with the aspirations and spirit of UMNO party. This Council should act as check and balance so that the running of the party does not deviate from its objectives. Ini hanya satu cadangan sahaja, mengikut kemampuan fikiran saya as a concerned citizen.Frankly, I am not an UMNO member nor a member of other parties but just a layman who is keen to make comments. After all I am already a First Citizen or Warga Utama. I don't like to be called a senior citizen.

Aspan Alias said...

Dear Joe, it's nice reading your comments and appreciates your understsanding on issues.

We would be fascinated if Muhyiddin can come out in the open to be with TR but so far he is playing the game alone.

Somehow we must appreciate that there are still ample time to work on the suitable arrangements as tou suggested.

Thanks Joe

Aspan Alias said...

Dear Arcdia, TR is the best choice for the job of President of UMNO because he has been outside the system for a long while.

In other words he was not among the rejected lots.

The outcome of the last GE was the reflection of rejection for UMNO because of leadership credibility problems.

Ethically all of them should refrain from even thinking of extending their stay in the supreme council.

If Najib succeeds Pak Lah then there is no change and we are facing risk of being rejected in the next GE.

As for the Deputy, it should come in handy once we agree TR to be the leader with mission of revamping our ailing UMNO.

Thank arcadia. nice communicating with you.

Aspan Alias said...
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